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    Rootbeer reacted to MistaChang for a calendar event, Stoned Zombie Run   
    sG | Zombie Escape
        This year to kick off our changes to the Zombie Escape server and to celebrate the changes, we are having an event!
        We will be trying out achievements for individuals rather than another Team Wars Event. Due to the nature of Team Wars events, a team could have a high probability of being stacked with certain people doing a lot of work for that team. This event will allow for competition between all players.
        April 20th at 4:20 pm CST until Midnight April 27th.
        HOW TO PLAY
        You must make a post in this thread saying you are going to participate. If you're not in sG, you must be wearing either the [JoinSG] or the sG ZE tags during the event.
        If you complete an achievement, please post proof in this thread and say which achievement you are claiming. For other achievements, we will announce winners at the end of the event!
            NUMBER 15:  Be the Sole Survivor of Icecap -- $25 Steam Card.              STOP STANDING IN THE FOOT LETTUCE: Kill the most Server Officers and/or Staff Members during the event -- $25 Steam Card.   [May be updated]         MAKO WARRIOR: Solo Extreme 2 -- $25 Steam Card.              JUST CHILL MAN [sG MEMBERS ONLY]: sG Member with the Most Playtime during the week -- $25 Steam Card.              STAR LORD: Most MVPs over the whole week -- 1st Place: Custom forum title. Second place: Premium Admin for a month.(If have both already E.I l3 they can have 50k credits because there wouldn't be a prize for an l3 member+.)         SPAGHETTI DADDY: Most damage done to zombies throughout the week -- First: 50k credits. Second: Premium admin for a Month.              I PLAYED THE MOST, WHERE'S MY PRIZE?: Most playtime of anyone on server during the week -- Supporter for a Month.              THE SUPPORTER THAT WAS EARNED: Get 5 Kills as a human in a round -- Supporter for a Month.              COVERED IN SWEAT [Winning Team]: As a CT, win sandstorm level five -- 25,000 Credits.              I GOT GUD: Most wins as a CT during the week --  First Place: Animated Spray. Second Place: 50k credits.         I TRIED SO HAAAAAAAARD [All can claim once]: Get at least 420 minutes played on the server -- 5,000 credits.           
        All winners of the Achievements will also win the ZE Event Badge  [Not 11]
        We will be doing a Raffle for ZE Supporter for a Month for all those who signed up and have at least 6 hours of playtime on the server!
            You are only able to claim one prize, with the exception of #9 and #11. Everyone can claim #11 once, even if you win another achievement. With #9, the winning team will receive 25k credits, and be allowed to win other stuff too.         There must be a minimum of 24 players on the server for your achievement to be completed.              If you are banned during the event you are unable to claim prizes.              All global guidelines must be followed (i.e. no griefing wall on Mako to get a solo, using a powerup for personal gain rather than helping team).              No boosting (under Staff discretion).          One round of Icecap must be played before someone may claim the prize. E.I. >One team has to lose so first person who loads in doesn't have advantage.
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