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  1. Following on what OG96 said, not sure there really is a need to use the forums when a platform like discord is around. At least in my opinion.
  2. 7/20 Yeah, pretty good at war3. You have my vote sir. Referred List: wolfshade, chaos4499, trav, Patron, Sweetrock, zebra, fps
  3. 13/20 Seems like a nice guy from what I've seen on war3 Referred List: yunki, wolfshade, trav, patron, Natanskybudder8, Timeassassin, OG, Sweetrock, beerman, Derpy, Mark, zebra, fps
  4. 13/20 dmech is a cool dude Referred List: Rock, Mark, Rayne, trav, Sharpie, Derpy, yunki, vexer, camel, timeassassin, zebra, Natanskybudder8, fps
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