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  1. Kung?

    I'm Back.

    Howdy! It's been years since we last talked. Welcome back! (I decided to say hi at Brofest last night)
  2. Kung?


    Happy birthday MistaChang!
  3. We're glad to be able to meet your standards for a classic/vanilla TTT: Go server!
  4. Kung?

    Stepping Down

    This post ruined my day. However, there is more to life than spending a vast majority of your day gaming. I hope life will treat you well and that you will find happiness along the way! Thanks for being a long-endeavored member to the clan.
  5. Kung?

    Stepping Down

    Thank you for your long-endeavored service to the community! It's sad to see another oldie say farewell. However, a farewell is only a phrase. It is not an end. Maybe, we will get to play on the servers with each other in the future! Here's hoping that the world will bring you happiness and joy! And of course, stay strong and keep fighting. I am here if you need me.
  6. Howdy y'all - I'm back from the dead
  7. Kung?


    I do the jailbreak thing when it's alive
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