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    Thanks guys!

    Thanks =(UV)= for the past 3+ years! Tomorrow I go in for a heart surgery, and I have a 20% chance to wake up, so I just wanted to say good times with so many of you while I've been a part of this community. I'll be in vent for a bit, but I have to hit the sack a little early tonight. When I first started playing here, not too many many people knew me, obviously. It took me about a year to even post on the forums, but since that long ago a good number of you guys have chatted with me, let alone played with me. Tomorrow, I go in for a pretty serious surgery. I have extra bones in my chest that reinforce my thoracic cavity - but they also put excess pressure on my heart and left lung. Though my heart is extra protected, my heart is slowly dying. I'm like superman! But, seriously, I have enjoyed playing with almost everyone here. I've had a good many nights in-game and in vent (as of recently). My odds are pretty crappy, so any prayers are welcomed prayers! I hope to see you guys soon!! If not, best wishes and good luck in anything you may do! Sincerely, Konah A.K.A. Joseph S. G.
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