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Official TTT:GO Server Rules

Welcome to TTT:GO, the gamemode where the innocents and detectives must work together to figure out who the traitors are. Will they succeed or will the traitors fill them all with bullets?

Global Rules To Note

I ask all of you to read these rules and to use common sense to the best of your judgement.

General Server Rules

These are the general rules for the server.

  • No RDM (Random Death Match). This includes killing Traitor buddies.
  • No False KOSing another player for no reason.
  • No ghosting (revealing who a traitor is/revealing player locations using teamspeak/skype, etc.)
  • No trucing. (Not killing a specific player knowing they’re a traitor.)
  • Do not use unpronounceable names, similar names to another player, or names pertaining to TTT.
  • Do not call out/kill fellow Traitors unless agreed upon in Traitor chat.
  • Do not use a voice changer/excessively spam your mic or risk being muted, kicked, or banned if you continue.
  • No being in areas where players have no clear line of sight on you or areas where you can see through textures. Boosting to higher areas is allowed (provided they do not break this rule.)
  • No delaying the round as a Traitor (not actively attempting to kill/find innocents.)
  • No prop killing as an Innocent or Detective. Prop pushing is also considered traitorous provided you are actively pushing a person with the prop.
  • Two people may agree to mutual combat and kill each other, but this will leave them liable to be killed.

Common rules on other servers that do not apply here!

The rules in this section are not on this server. If you try to do anything listed below, you will be punished.

  • There are no detective orders.
  • There is no force testing.
  • Do not kill on pure suspicion.
  • Do not kill a player for following you.
  • You cannot kill someone for entering your area (unless claimed in overtime.)
  • No killing of AFKs (until overtime.)
  • No revenge RDM/’street justice’, including calling a random KOS.

RDM - Random Death Match is the act of killing another played without an accepted, specified reason. The following list contains circumstances under which you are allowed to kill another player.

General Killable Actions

  • Killing an Innocent or Detective for ANY reason.
  • Dealing health damage to another player by any means.
  • Not responding to a Live Check during overtime.
  • Walking into a claimed area during overtime.
  • Passing/being near an unidentified body.
  • Having been called KOS by another player.
  • KOSing someone who turns out to be Innocent.
  • Seeing someone who is KOS.
  • Intentionally blocking players. (They must give two warnings before they can kill you, giving five second intervals.)
  • Goomba stomping (landing on someone’s head and dealing damage after a fall.)
  • Hanging around known traitors and not attempting to kill them.
  • Traitor baiting (claiming to have a Traitor weapon or claiming to be a Traitor.)
  • Hearing a death in another area and seeing someone emerge from that area. However, you cannot kill based on the sound of weapons being fired alone.
  • Carrying explosive barrels.

Grenade Rules

  • Throwing HE and Incendiary/Molotov grenades is KOSable despite where you throw them.
  • Throwing discombobs at players near ledges/in high places is considered KOSable. Dealing damage to a player with a discombob is also KOS.
  • Directly hitting and dealing health damage to a player with any kind of grenade is KOS. Damaging armor is NOT KOS.

Weapon Rules

  • Shooting at non-breakable objects (the sky and ground are included) is KOSable.
  • Targeting/shooting a known Traitor is not considered KOSable, so please use common sense when you witness gunfights and people shooting. Be careful of who you shoot.
  • Holding a Traitor weapon is considered KOSable, unless the person is proven Innocent. (Not hearing them being proven is not their fault.)
  • Purposefully shooting someone once and running away is considered KOSable (and can be punishable if continued.)
  • Shooting near people on purpose (even if you are shooting a breakable object) is KOSable.

Miscellaneous Rules

  • The only reason an Innocent should kill a detective is when they are clearly RDMing. Accidental shots/damage do not warrant a kill.
  • Falsely claiming to have killed a Traitor is considered KOSable (however, this tends to be difficult to prove, have caution when considering this.)

Once the round enters haste mode (overtime), a player is able to do two things.

  • Claim an area.
    • The area MUST be accurately named or described.
    • The area MUST have clear boundaries.
    • Players that were in the room during the time of claiming cannot be killed, they must leave and re-enter the room before you may kill them. You cannot kill a detective for entering your claimed area, no exceptions.
  • Call a live check.
    • Can be through either text or microphone.
    • Players must respond or face possible KOS.

Punishable Offenses

  • RDM - RDMing a player will result in a slay and a warning, continuing to behave this way can result in a ban.
  • Having a name with a racial slur/using racial slurs will result in a warning, a kick, and eventually a ban if continued.
  • Spamming Voice, Text, or Admin chat is not allowed. Yelling/playing music over the mic is not allowed.
  • Being in an area outside of the map/an area where it is possible to see through textures, this will result in a warning and a teleport.
  • Delaying the round will result in a current-round slay, and future slays if continued.
  • RDMing and leaving the server will result in a ban. (You must remain the entire round.)
  • Mass RDMing (three or more RDMs in a single round) will result in a one week ban.
  • Ghosting will result in a one week ban.
  • Trucing will result in a one week ban.
  • Hacking and scripting will both result in a permanent ban.

Game-Specific Keys and Chat Commands

  • /radio - Specific radio commands (I'm with [Player Name]), Leave blank for menu
  • /radio traitor - Shouts the targeted player is a traitor
  • /radio imwith - Shouts that targeted player is with you
  • /radio yes - Shouts Yes!
  • /radio no- Shouts No!
  • /radio suspect - Shouts the targeted player is suspicious
  • /radio see - Shouts that you see the targeted player
  • /radio innocent - Shouts the targeted player is innocent
  • /radio check - Asks if anybody is still alive
  • /shop - Shop menu where traitors and detectives can buy special weapons and items
  • /buy - Quickly purchase items (/buy radar).
  • /team - Allows traitors to check who is on their team and give credits to their teammates
  • /menu - Allows you to see all the other commands
  • /inv - Allows you to see what weapons you have bought from the shop and allows you to equip them.
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