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The New Leadership of sG!


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  1. 1. Who would do you see running the new sG?

    • Mimic
    • Rootbeer

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Hello my fellow sG members and staff, Syndicate Gamers Growing a community successfully means bringing people who share a common interest together and keeping them involved. It’s without a doubt that in this day and age, for a game to be truly successful you need to have a strong community that is going to keep your game alive and introduce it to new players, months or even years after its launch.One mistake that some gamers make with their community management is not making an effort with promotion. Putting yourself out there may seem uncomfortable or nerve-wracking at first, but if you don’t promote yourself, how will people know that you exist?A community that doesn’t offer value is not going to be of any interest to gamers, so you need to ensure that you are giving people a reason to stay. The gaming industry has it easy when it comes to the type of content that you can create for your communities and this is something that is worth spending some time on.Remember, retention is extremely important. Building a positive community where everyone feels welcome should always be at the forefront of your mind.

Table of contact

1. Choose the Right Game

2. Choose a Purpose

3. Work Hard, Cultivate Patience

4. Reach Out When You Need Help

5. Be A Strong and Reliable Leader

With that said I feel aas this time we really need to be thinking what is sG future, Mimic you step up and keep this community together mid way thro one of the toughest school a college student could chose and I give you mad props for it! You have come to my ad many times threw out this toxic community and I have nothing but up raising vibes for you as our leader, Due to times and your absence the thrive of the community has  gone a spiral down hill! I believe your seven year run has been great but I stand that a new leader with greater inspirement is needed as the spunkis no longer here! I am here to nominate SIR ROOTBEER as our new JCS!  I am life committed to this community but the toxic is louder then my voice! We all game together or not We stilll all remember the stander we once all was commit too!                     






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   sG|Warden Sweetrock (VET)

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20 minutes ago, Dakota said:

talk mad shit

This aint a talk shit to anyone! This was to improve the future of this community! Keep your toxic rants to your selves thanks! Good day sir!

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I don't feel like sG has "gone downhill" or anything, the priorities just shifted.

When I first joined, I feel that most the community was based off of our gaming servers, like for me it was GMod TTT, then I played some JB and TTTGO as well. While others did Surf, War3 (i think thats what it was called), etc.

Now and days, sG is more of just a community of playing different various games together and talking on discord. 


I do miss the constant forum shit talking and servers, but for me I kind of just transitioned into playing games mostly with my IRL friends.


But someone hit me up if GMod TTT or the "new sandbox" game ever comes out with a server (ditto)

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