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Making my first app

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I know i haven’t been active very much lately but i’ve been very busy with real life things and getting a place of my own and not with my parents so I apologize for my inactivity.


So on to the topic, yesterday I had an idea for an app and I think it could actually go somewhere if it came together the way i imagine. I don’t have the money to just pay someone to make it and not sure i trust that they wouldn’t just steal it. I also want to learn how to do it myself just because i feel like i could enjoy it the same way i did when i learned python through codecademy or mapping in csgo (Kappa).  I did the basic google search last night because i had decided i wanted to do it myself and learned that if i want to make an iphone app i need to use xcode and learn swift. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with making apps or any tips for learning swift/xcode. My first issue i came across was to find a mac to do it on, but my mom has an extra laptop i can use so i plan to start once i get that. Any help is greatly appreciated :D



P.S. sorry if i posted in the wrong section, wasn’t 100% where would be the best place. Ideas, comments, and help said questions for staff and this was more for anyone who had knowledge on the subject

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