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War3 Survey Results

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Thanks for responding to the survey!


In an effort to be fully transparent, 4 surveys were removed.

2 Surveys were removed for not selecting "2" for the bogus question. 2 Surveys were removed for answering "ALL RACES" to both what should be nerfed and what should be buffed - this is obviously trolling or not reading.


First up - balance ratings.


Average balance rating for the last year: 3.32



Average balance as of today: 3.45



Change in balance. This is a comparison of the first question (balance over the last year) to the 2nd question (balance as of today). If they rated balance higher today, that means balance has "improved" in their eyes. If they rated lower for today, that means balance is "worse" in their eyes.




Unfun races. 2 users responded with 5 races between them (while everyone else properly put only 1), so there's 3 more races present than the total number of survey responses.




Number of races that need to be buffed



Number of races that need to be nerfed



Level requirement that new races should be placed at



Player opinion on having races playable only via ROTD (like Witch King)



What war3 staff should focus on. Each response was weighted (1 = lowest importance, 5 = highest importance).

Below, you can see the average of all responses.




FEEL FREE to comment on the data with your opinion - I encourage you to even. You may see something I do not.


My opinion on it:

BOTH BALANCE QUESTIONS have 84% of respondents saying balance is at least a 3 - approximately 50% in both questions say balance is a 4 or 5! This to me says that although everything isn't perfect - the majority of players think we are at least "average" or slightly above average in terms of balancing races.


CHANGE IN BALANCE: 82% of players think balance TODAY is the same or better than it has been over the last year.


UNFUN RACES: We got some work to do with Hederine, Infected, and Ravinick. I already altered Hederine's screen flash in an attempt to make it less aids (while simultaneously helping someone with epilepsy not have seizures from it). I intend to do more with Hederine to make it less frustrating (I'm open to opinions) - as well as figuring out what I can do to Infected. I know the problem with Ravinick is the reflect - it was greatly buffed when physical damage was changed a couple months ago on the server, so it will be toned down to a more appropriate level.


# OF RACES TO BUFF: The vast majority of players agree - there's a handful (or two handfuls) of weak races. As always, I'm open to suggestions on these. I already have some ideas for a couple.


# OF RACES TO NERF: The vast majority of players agree 1-5 races need to be nerfed. I think if we asked what those races are - we would find some large disagreement though. I think to some extent I would expect to see the big "unfun races" (from prior question) to appear on that list for most people - which will be addressed.


LEVEL REQUIREMENT FOR NEW RACES: I still internally disagree with this question to a large extent, but over 50% of players want races in the lower range. I think the correct play here (for me and the server) is to sprinkle in some low ones more frequently, instead of only doing high (or low) level races.


ROTD RACES / WITCH KING: At least 34% of players dislike Witch King - so that's an interesting fact. The server is pretty split on the idea of ROTD only races - 43% said they don't like them, but 57% said they do. However, 16% (from the 57% that like ROTD races) said we don't need more. I think this is a "do nothing" situation based on these responses.


FOCUS OF THE WAR3 STAFF: I am honestly surprised how Bug Fixing received almost all 4's and 5's. I've always had a strong focus on it - you can tell from my institution of the bug tracker (thanks to Klark for setting it up - of course) and the # of bugs I have cleared from it. If people keep posting bugs as much as they can, I will keep clearing them as I have time. Balance also received a high rating, which tells me most people aren't content with every race on the server (no surprise there - though). I was surprised to see how low Supporter Benefits and Expertise ranked. I guess the traditional trifecta (balance / bug fixing / new races) reign supreme yet again.


I chose not to do any aggregation of data for the last 2 questions because they largely were free response.


Here are some ideas from the free response that I see that stand out - feel free to comment on them as it is largely 1 or 2 people's opinion and I don't really intend to make changes based only on that:

  • Add more hidden races
  • Need strong support races to offset the reliance on regen/leech to make races strong
  • Supporter cosmetics - skins (I'll go ahead and say no to this), tags, bullet tracers
  • Ignore Serif (lol)
  • Anti Knife races are out of hand (Molecule, Khadgar, Night Elf namely)
  • Shop menu is overpriced
  • Don't let infected respawn
  • Don't let "unfun" races be blocked from tomes (specifically mentions gimmicky knife races)
  • More Rats maps
  • More fun and interesting gimmick races
  • Focus on balancing and bug fixing - don't need more races
  • Kid Fearless uses scripts



Again - feel free to add any thoughts below. Obviously I'm not perfect and neither is the server - but the goal is to get it as close as possible.

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On the note of infected, it respawning should be fine. The big issue I found is the extra health (which could be dropped by 200, so a full clip from an ak to the head actually kills it), the number of infected per team (1 only pls), and the expertise (which I think is bugged to provide the armour but not the secondary extra armour effect).


Honestly, anti-knife races feel fine. They could be tweaked a little for their overall effectiveness (if they are to be directly anti-knife they should be weaker in other areas) but races like night elf really don't need anything different.


Honestly, it isn't that we think bad of your bug fixing skills. It is more that we want everything fixed. Better to have a wonderful running server yeh?


It would entice more people to get supporter if there were extra things. I'd say just add a little of this and that every once in a while.

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2 hours ago, Face said:

Ignore Serif (lol)

Wtf...bunch of NE haters XD


For reals though, overall the server balance is pretty good with a few outliers that maybe need nerfed and a few more that are underpowered and need buffed. I agree that Infected should be 1 per team instead of 2 now that it's been buffed (which was a very needed buff). 


I think the balance for Anti-knife vs Knife races is in kind of a weird but still kind of balanced place? The strongest knife races, depending on the players, do pretty well on their own against most of the anti-knife races now, but there are still a lot of knife races that get dumpstered by anti-knifers but buffing them might make them unbalanced against everything that isn't anti-knife. Then there are some knife races that are just weak in general which is a whole other issue.


As far as Lady Hederine goes and people complaining about that race so much, I think changing it so it doesn't prevent you from moving backwards would help balance it out (make it less cancer to people), and from what I understand the race technically has cooldown on the vision flick when you knife people, but that cooldown isn't affected by the ability or by other damage sources. I.E. a Hederine could catch you in a molotov which will constantly turn your screen, but then it could whip you and proc the screen turn regardless of how recently the fire did, and then it could knife you and cause the flick AGAIN regardless of the whip or fire damage which would essentially let it proc the flick 3-4 times in a row one right after the other which makes fighting that race way more difficult. But putting the flick on some sort of global cooldown between grenades and knifing and possibly the whip (the whip might not need this) would definitely help balance this out a little bit. To be honest the main issue with the balancing of this race is that the race gets crapped on by most players at distances, but once you're within a certain range it will crap on most players and because of the size and layouts of a lot of the maps it's not very hard for a Hederine to quickly get into that range to crap on you if played properly. The race can also purchase Chainmail and Signet to give itself base DR and MR on top of the ultimate. People should keep in mind though that there are 3-4 races that theoretically are hard counters to Hederine.

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Really in-depth survey you had there man.


Looks like you have the data you need to continue making war3 great.


I'm surprised there were not more troll responses.

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I like where the server is right now honestly. 


I mean there are around 1-5 races that need to be nerfed and around 15 need to be buffed.... BUT if there were just a more races that got added I feel that would help keeping the players coming back for something new? I understand they can't just keep pushing out non-complete races just saying in general. :) 


I also feel like more high level races i do understand the need for low lvl ones for new or even older players that dont have many levels but making some 9k or 10k lvl races would be cool for the people who tried to get that high. 



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With regard to balance being at 3, I feel like some of the more recent additions and buffs may have backloaded the score a bit with a lower average. Ravinick and Hederine specifically, I find myself extremely frustrated against ravinick as there's nothing I can do besides play counters to deal with the reflect which involves no input on ravinick's part to make effective. I consider myself to be on the upper end of war3 players and I'll make notes as I go with regard to balance but overall I think the server is closer to a 4 than a 3.


With respect to bug fixing, I think there's a lot of niche interactions between specific races that seem incorrect but ultimately are working as intended. It is interesting though that people will immediately tell me about bugs they found but either refuse to or don't care enough to go post them on the forums. They then go on to complain that the server (and community) suck but refuse to contribute constructively to it. I can name a few regulars who do this and its extremely frustrating for me (as well as you I assume).


Thanks for all your hard work Face, buff holy jugg pls.

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5 minutes ago, Swed said:

buff holy jugg pls.

Elemental :D 


But I am going to have to agree with Swed about Ravinick and Lady.

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On 2/3/2018 at 2:25 PM, Face said:

Need strong support races to offset the reliance on regen/leech to make races strong


Plz, I want to play a new support race. I am so tired of only have two GOOD options for a fun support

Edited by Mr.Thaco-Olmon
made good a little bit bigger

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On 2/4/2018 at 9:28 PM, Mr.Thaco-Olmon said:

Plz, I want to play a new support race. I am so tired of only have two GOOD options for a fun support

Two? You have Dazzle, Pyro, Malfurion, Holy Pal, and I feel like I am missing one or two more

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7 minutes ago, Serif The Sheriff said:

Two? You have Dazzle, Pyro, Malfurion, Holy Pal, and I feel like I am missing one or two more

Completely forget about Holy Pally, personally I don't really enjoy playing him anyways but he is a good support race.


Dazzle, Malfurion and High Priestess along with Holy Pally are the best support races and outshine the others by a large margin.


At the moment I can't even play High Priestess but that's w/e. I'm just pointing out that early levels lack any real meaningful support outside of Holy Pally

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