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Carl Sagan


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fav initial d motifs:


underdog destroying the competition


the 86 was only like a decade old when the anime came out

that's like a 2010 Hyundai Genesis destroying a Tesla



the music is all about getting power and like exhaust sounds and stuff so obviously it makes me a better driver and boosts hp

the more you know about SUPER EUROBEAT


no video, they all get taken down





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This complaint is mainly about clamps, the lack of discussion/dialogue about the matter and how it has been handled. 


I was never warned once. No one is crying victim. 

You were not even present and it is evident you didn't read the entire dialogue.


I posted a pirated movie that was a shitpost, and was never warned once, and there have been movie nights where links like that have been posted 10fold and were actually illegally used/distributed.


You already waste everyone's time by being inactive yet still coming in to make a mess with your decisions. Majority of members agree with me, and it is evident by people leaving and taking breaks or going inactive that something needs to be changed. 


You're insulting me yet I never even conversed with one admin since monday about this topic, and yet I am banned? It is obvious some dialogue and discussion needs to take place. If you're a higher up that is inactive and not present, it is more embarrassing to reply to a CD thread insulting someone rather than discussing the topic like what is supposed to happen.

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