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Average sG player MM rank

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I have taken it upon myself to determine the average MM rank of all players willing to share their rank that play on sG / JoinSG CS:GO servers. If you haven't passed 4th grade you may be thinking "How are you gonna do that Craze?". Well, it's pretty simple. I will number the MM ranks from 1-18 (Starting with Silver 1, going until Global Elite) and once I feel I have enough ranks to determine the approximate average I will add all the numbers together from the data collected and divide the total sum by the number of ranks received. This SHOULD land me somewhere between one and eighteen so i can then match that number with the rank attached to it. Of course we have to have a couple rules for this so people don't just spam the comments with lies.


RULES:  (Read before posting a comment!)



1. Please don't just spam the comments with "I'M GLOBAL NOOB" or "LOL I'M BRONZE 7" (Unless you are actually Global Elite in which case you may say so).

2. To prevent an incorrect average please only post your rank once so I don't get confused.

3. If your comment is irrelevant to what this topic is for then it would be appreciated to keep it to yourself.

4. Don't be shy to post your rank in the comments. I won't judge you just because you are Silver 2 :D

5. You can post the number affiliated with your rank as long as you are sure it's the correct number. Otherwise just post your rank.

6. Any +rep to a comment with a rank in it won't be counted as a second of that rank. Please just post your own comment.



If you have a recommendation for better analyzing the data or just something to make my life easier feel free to share. Also if you want to share this Topic across the CS:GO sG servers to help me get more data it would be appreciated. Thanks, -Craze (BTW it's my birthday thanks for noticing <3)




EDIT: We have 30 ranks so far (Probably won't get any more due to the long period of time since this was posted) and I sorted through all the data to get an average player rank of Gold Nova 2 soon to be Gold Nova 3 (For those who want it the exact number was 8.93). This seems about right with the current overall matchmaking ranks chart worldwide.




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To establish a current conclusion from the data received.

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Depends on how you see it, I was 16.LEM but then I stopped playing csgo for a while and got unranked. I dont really bother getting ranked on main. My smurf is 13. MGE though.

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