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Server Lag Reports

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We're aware and working on the lag issues throughout different servers. Each server seems to have different issues. We have heard most of the complaints, but some are slipping through the cracks as people are reporting to different people/locations and things are getting lost/not making it where they need to be. Any information that you can provide at the time of the lag would be very helpful. Please post here giving us as much info as possible as to what happened. There is an outline of information that will help us below.


Items to include in your report of lag:

  • Server
  • Map
  • Time (We can look at logs if we know when it was)
  • Player count
  • Activity what was going on at the time (admin commands ran, spawning, etc.)
  • Check console to see if there were any errors and copy them here
  • Anything else you may think could be relevant


I know that this lag can be frustrating, but without more information we won't be able to solve it. I've heard multiple reports of JB lagging at round end, or when certain events happen. I have been on the server quite a bit in the past few days, with player count ranging from 10-30+, and have yet to see a lag issue. So this is where reports come in handy, as we can't be there all the time and I have yet to actually see it.


Thanks for the effort to help improve our servers.


I've copied some reports below that are from the other thread that existed in JB. @skitt @Face These were particular to War3.


14 hours ago, Savage Princess Little One said:

war3 is also fucking up royally


i've tested it a couple times but i think somehow giving cash is crashing it, i could be wrong tho. stupid updates breaking stuff.


also crashes like every 5 mins



12 hours ago, Agrippa said:

for war3, sm_cash definitely crashes the server. I'm pretty sure it's also the auto balance plugin that's causing the crashes. seems to crash at the end of rounds whenever one team is stacked and the plugin tries to switch one or more players from the other team.  server crashed  on round end whenever i switched to spectate to force an autobalance.



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Just confirming that war3 breaks on giving cash

  • Server: Warcraft 3
  • Map: de_westwood
  • Time: 8/6/16 2:30ish
  • Player count: 3
  • Activity what was going on at the time (admin commands ran, spawning, etc.): sm_cash

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With the move of the database, hopefully some of the issues people have been seeing will get resolved. There was obviously going to be some lag issues with the servers and databases in different locations. Let us know if you continue to see problems.

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