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Exploiting and War3

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From the Global Server Rules:

  • No exploiting to gain an unfair cash, xp, or level advantage.
  • Do not cheat in any way, hack, or exploit any feature on the servers.

From the War3 Server Rules:

  • Unless you are a race tester, do not exploit races.
  • No loop-holing the rules. If you are caught trying to undermine the rules with picky language or in any way abusing them for personal benefit serious consequences will follow.


That said, what I am about to address shouldn't even need to be in the rules.


Anything that gives you an unfair advantage in any way is obviously wrong.

For example, if you found a way to

  • deal excessive damage
  • get an unreasonable amount of cash
  • get an unreasonable amount of experience
  • keep shop items through death when you should not be able to (I know there is a C4 bug but it isn't really abuseable)

If you abuse these things (or anything similar) you are obviously giving yourself an unfair advantage. If you get to a very high level in a very short time, you are ruining the fun of achievement for others. What is the point of all of Ghoul or dMech's hard work if someone else finds an exploit to get 400 levels instantly? Even if they themselves can use it going forward, they have put more than a year of work into earning what they have.


In no way, shape, or form is this fair or in the spirit of Warcraft. I (and I imagine most others as well) highly frown upon anyone abusing something that is obviously not intended. If something seems too good to be allowed, it probably is.


A list of signs that you shouldn't be doing something:

  • If you question what you are doing because an SO (or any other admin) joins the server
  • If your only defense is "but I wasn't breaking any rules" (when it isn't even true, see: above rules)
  • If you collude with other players "hey let's get on when nobody else is"
  • If you wouldn't do what you are doing with a full server and multiple admins on
  • If you have to do any fishy shit like swapping teams, suiciding, orchestrating kills, orchestrating who wins the round, etc.

If you are worried about an SO pm'ing me about what you are doing and you need to "explain how it isn't breaking the rules" then you probably shouldn't be doing what you are doing.


Keep in mind, this includes things like admins giving out HP and Negevs and people playing on CSGO Pro to gain additional xp. If it not explicitly approved by myself, skitt, or bulletford, admins can not and should not do anything in their power that helps players earn experience.


If you find big bugs, please tell me. I have given level bank before if the bug is significant enough and if the player comes to me without abusing it in any way.


Earn your levels. Don't do anything to give yourself an unfair advantage.

It isn't that hard.



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