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War3 Dank Meme Mega-Thread

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Dave comes on to nerf brewmaster.

"If you shoot me while i'm working i'll slay you."

-chilling in CT vents, Impulse turns corner and awps-

-Dave slays-

Impulse: "wtf? Are you stupid?"

Dave: "I said if you killed me i'd slay you."

Impulse: "How am I supposed to know which CT you are?"

Dave: "you can read names when scrolling over people."

Impulse: "you take the time to read who's name you're about to shoot?"

Dave: "no but i'm Dave."

Impulse: "Could you at least say what area of the map you're at?"

Dave: "why do I have to be the one to work hard."

Hornycat: "dave we have a dev server for this stuff"


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"That jaden is brutal race is so stupid he's just like zooming across the map getting deagle headshots"



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new stats:

[JoinSG] Vote successful. (Received 47% of 17 votes)
[JoinSG] The answer to has takeno gone too far? (press x for staff cash) is: yes, I am a faggot.

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