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War3 Dank Meme Mega-Thread

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This is where you post dank war3 memes.


if I don't recognize a DANK MEME I will need someone else to vouch that it is in fact a dank maymay.


Ones I know of


I'm griefed - Unknown

Classic evade - Nani

Great Round, Great Experience - Behos

I'll see you on the forums - JMafia

Face AFK - Ghoul

Small dick bitch who looks like shit - JMafia

Sponsored by Infused Technologies - Nothing_but_fail / Vulcan

Hey <engineer name here>, can you fix my orc?" - author unknown

This is a Christian server- Unknown

Nerf Lawnmower - Everyone

 - Spicy Chicken

war3imba takeno - Everyone

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