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Warcraft 3 Changelog

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Released Black Market Dealer at level 3750


Air Elemental

  • Reduces gravity on hit by up to 75% (up from 50%)
  • Pocket Pressure now deals 25 damage to enemies when the smoke triggers
  • Eye of the Storm now deals 20% more damage than previously

Blade Master

  • Now moves 22% faster in windwalk (up from 20%)
  • Now respawns with 100 life from mirror image (up from 75 life)
  • Now takes slightly more damage during Bladestorm
  • Now has a lower chance for consecutive respawns from mirror image

Jukebox Hero

  • Shotgun no longer triggers effects multiple times


  • Cooldown of blink now works properly like overwatch (recharge 1 blink charge per 3 seconds instead of each blink charge regenerating in 3 seconds consecutively)
  • e.g. previously if you blinked 3 times back to back, you'd have all 3 charges in 3 seconds
  • e.g. now if you blink 3 times back to back, you have 1 charge at 3 seconds, 2 charges at 6 seconds, 3 charges at 9 seconds

Magnus, Link, Blade Master

  • Can no longer "return to spawn" while silenced

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Maps that are not compiled with HDR have been updated with those that are.  They also happen to be workshop, which is a plus for us all!


Fearless created a plugin that allows us to tweak lighting on maps which are compiled with HDR.  We can now either fix maps that are too bright or maps that are too dark.


The current valve update reset map rotation file.  Map list is updated with what is now true for what I wanted before the update.  If, for some reason, I missed a map that was not there before, let me know so I can fix that.  I should have gotten all maps accounted for.

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