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Warcraft 3 Changelog

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Reduced Dust of Appearance price from 2500 to 750.


Reverted Night Elf Elder change and made it take 0.25 seconds longer before you can attack coming out of shadow meld.


Reduced some of the previous buffs to Undead Scourge. 28 -> 25% leech, 35 -> 30% speed

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While we investigate server lag, a large portion of races have been removed.


Your total level will be drastically different, but your levels still exist, the races are just disabled currently.


The races will likely all be back in a few days if not sooner, if some of them aren't the problem.

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Restricted gloves on Zergling, properly made it so it cannot move (burrowed) during freeze time.


Probably fixed ammo regen regenerating up to 13 on a usp-s (instead of 12).


Fixed Cannibal ultimate text print.


Possibly fixed impale on crypt lord not working? Seems to work fine now.


Made Lobotomist print hints for the player instead of printing to chat.


Fixed Remember the Name being able to track people the following round.

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Fixed respawn on the first round. If you start a map as a race and are unable to respawn the first round, please tell me and I can fix it (I probably missed one, tbh).



On the grief nerfs from this week:


Golden Tail ult cd reduced from 1.1 to 1.0 (it was previously 0.9).


Pudge hook damage increased to 35 from 25 (previously was 30) and hook range increased from 1000 to 1200 (previously was 1600). Dismember damage was theoretically the same even though the ult duration was reduced in my nerf, so I lowered the damage per tick from 13 to 10. The goal with this change is to put more emphasis on hitting hooks and less emphasis on dismember being the key.


Increased Takeno's bonus damage on right-click crit slightly (still much lower than previously, theoretically should not be able to get 1 hit in the face with a crit if you have 100 hp).


Increased Doom damage for Teron'gor from 3 per second to 4 per second.


Zergling now also plays a sound when it enters burrow. There is also a brown burrow "entity" (circle) on the ground (only visible to enemys) where the zergling burrowed for ~10 seconds after they burrow. IT DOES NOT FOLLOW THE ZERGLING. It simply shows where they entered the burrow. The goal of these two changes it to make it easier for players to know there is a Zergling burrowed near by (or the player they were chasing rounded the corner and burrowed). Reduced all mutation costs by 1 (so, back to their previous prices) and gave Raptor it's 5% evade back. Made it so that you can lunge/attack after 1 second of unborrowing. This is really just to reduce the instagib on unburrow when someone is running right beside you, that is pretty un-fun (no sarcasm intended).




Hopefully we can have a little less of this and a little more of this.

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Pyromaniac and Ogre Stonethrower now restricted to 1 per team (down from 3).


Pyromaniac homing missiles no longer get "stuck" on players. As such, I reduced the speed of the missiles slightly. I always wanted to do this, but lowering the speed would make it get "stuck" more so I never did it.


Cursed Pharaoh: I went kinda nuts here. It may be really good now idk we will find out and I will make any adjustments necessary.

  • Bonus HP buffed from 150 to 175 extra HP
  • Regen while standing buffed from 15 to 20 per second
  • Damage reduction reduced from 50% to 40% 30% (overall survivability is going to be pretty similar)
  • Time to get smoke reduced from 25 (even though the skillsinfo said 30 seconds) to 20 seconds.
  • The radius for "standing in smoke" buffs is marginally larger and you have to be outside of that radius for 2 seconds to lose the buffs.
  • Altered the spawn location check to be more accurate.
  • Ultimate now lasts 4 seconds but you only get 90% invis instead of 100%
  • During ultimate you are immune to slow and bash.

Shadespawn can no longer swap with enemies while crouching (to prevent glitching out other players).

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Hopefully we should be back to normal for the most part on the server.


Some changes:



  • I fixed missiles not always exploding. They will still sometimes not track, but they should almost always explode.
  • Missiles can now travel a maximum distance. This is to reduce the effectiveness of throwing missiles directly in the air and them chasing people around forever (something that requires essentially no skill to do). The missiles travel quite far still, about half the map distance on compound probably. I might increase it if I need but it feels pretty decent right now.
  • You now resist 50% of grenade and incendiary damage from all players (including yourself)
  • The missiles should hopefully get stuck on players even less.
  • Removed the sound from missiles because multiple people have complained to me about how annoying and unnecessary it is.
  • Race is no longer "developer only" like it has been since yesterday.

Kil'jaeden: Fixed a bug where weapon drop didn't trigger when it should.

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We now log XP gains

If you find a bug, tell us. We will find out, and we will remove any benefit (and possibly more) that you gained from it.


May have already posted this but I couldn't find it so I'll repost it: I recently removed the spawn cooldown on ultimates for subsequent spawns. Any time you respawn your ultimate should not get a spawn cooldown.


Removed Devs from war3top10/war3top100 etc.


Fixed a bug (I consider it a bug, at least) where damage reduction reduced fall damage. Chain was O P on flying races. This is actually as decent buff to Gravitas vs flying races that buy chain


Restricted mask and boots on Cannibal, reduced invis slightly


Released Ares at 2000


Holy Juggernaut is now restricted to only the XM


W3 level backups are running every night now.

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Fixed a bug where rockets blow up in your face on some maps.


Hopefully made it so rockets always track (fingers crossed, haven't seen them bug yet)


Restricted all bet winnings to 16k cash. If you win a bet and you have over 16k, your cash will get reset to 16k.


Shopkeepers cash is automatically set to 60k if it is over 60k. Shopkeeper cannot give more than 32k at a time.

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As requested, the changes as a result of the Survey:



  • Bob is now ever so slightly more of a novice. I know I don't give values here, but I promise the change(s) is/are minor
  • Cho'gall's Hands of the Void now deal 10 damage over 2 seconds instead of 20 damage. Hands of the Void each last 20 seconds instead of indefinitely
  • Damoi Tui's regen aura is now 1.4/sec, down from 2.0/sec
  • Demon Hunter's chance to block respawn is now dependent on damage you dealt to a player. The "block respawn" triggers when the enemy dies
  • Devil Servant's regen was reduced from 2.5/sec to 2.0/sec
  • Gnomish Engineer's regen down from 2.5 to 1.5
  • Impetus has 15 teleport charges that regenerate 1 every 5 seconds. The chance to be knocked back when you shoot impetus was reduced slightly (33% -> 25%)
  • Lobotomist's ultimate now lasts 4 seconds (down from 8 seconds)
  • Orc is now limited to 4 per team (down from 6, 4 was the original War3Source value anyways)
  • Master of GO now has a tiny cooldown on his jump-to-heal effect
  • Molecule now has a blue ring around his feet. I might move it up to like waist level, but then it might be too obvious, idk
  • Shinobi Aruki now has 55% invis (down from 65%) and 80% invis when he vanishes (down from 85%)
  • Troll now has 2.5 regen (down from 2.75)


  • Flim Flam's chance to evade up from 15% to 20%
  • Machine Gunner has 60 bonus HP (up from 40)
  • Malfurion - fixed a bug where the regen timer ended the first time it healed an ally (if it needs more I can consider it but let's see how it goes)
  • Methodical's speed boost now lasts 25 seconds (up from 5 seconds)
  • Plaguebearer's Rabid Bite now deals damage over 5 seconds instead of 10 (so, it ticks twice as fast). Also, evade chance upped from 40% to 50%
  • Professor X now pushes his wheelchair around faster
  • Trickster Assassin can now place barrels every 5.5 seconds (down from 7 seconds)
  • Zergling leap timer down from 5.5 seconds to 5.0 seconds

Feel free to post about this in this thread

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I tried to reenable it on some races but I had to adjust the alpha values (how "transparent" the color is). If you notice something is particularly strong or weak, please tell me and I will alter it.

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added 3 shop items to server 1 (slightly altered versions of items I created for server 2)

  • Orb of Venom, $4,000, 35% chance to apply a 3dmg/sec 5 second poison (15 total damage). Does not stack.
  • Belt of Thorns, $4,000, reflect 10% of damage taken.
  • Prismatic Signet, $5,000, 25% magic resistance.

The items have already been restricted on many races, if you notice anywhere you think they should be restricted please PM me on steam.


Released Witch-King of Angmar at 3,153,019 total level.


When an ultimate comes off cooldown, the sound now only plays to that player (instead of playing to ALL players).

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Unrestricted Boots of Speed on Cannibal


Periapt of Health now only gives you 50 HP for one round or one life (whichever is shorter)


Blademaster is now 3% more resistant to damage during his ultimate (85% -> 88%)


Increased the distance for Elvish Enchanter's chain heal to try and make it a more competitive healing skill instead of a one-and-done at the start of every round


Human Alliance spawn cooldown on its ultimate is now 6 seconds shorter


Archmage Khadgar 

  • Frost Nova ultimate slow is now marginally less strong. It is still strong though, because you should think of this like entangle
  • Ice Block cooldown is now 18 seconds (up from 15 seconds)
  • Ice Block now blocks all damage up to 100 damage, the more damage the player deals the less ice block will block(e.g. at 99 damage you take 0, at 101 damage you take 1 damage, at 125 damage you take 31 damage, at 150 damage you take 75 damage)
  • Ice Block no longer blocks any magic damage

Night Elf

  • Ultimate duration increased from 2.5 to 3.0 (this is the duration)
  • Ultimate is now a 360 degree radius instead of a 120 degree view cone (this is how it used to be)
  • Ultimate cooldown from "spamming" is now 2 seconds (down from 4)
  • Ultimate cooldown on hit us 24 (up from 22, this is the old cooldown)

Fixed a bug where Professor X can launch bullets when he hasn't stopped any



I also did some stuff that will hopefully helped reduce the crashes that happened every so often.

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New command: racetop10

Typing racetop10 brings up a race menu where you can select races and see the top 10 players (by level) on each of those races.

You can also type racetop10 # (where # is a pagenumber) or racetop10 racename.


racetop10 20 (takes you to the 20th page)

racetop10 horde (takes you to orcish horde)

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Soul Reaper:

Upped the ability range by ~10%, increased the cooldown from 15 sec to 20 sec

Increased the Presence aura damage by 100%

Increased the range for getting healed by killed enemies by ~15%

Reduced the ult range by ~7%

Added visual effects for ability and ultimate

Made ultimate "viewcone" a lot larger, making it easier to hit (it was pretty small before)


The race is really fun, I think the lack of visuals really made it boring and confusing ("are my skills hitting?", "what radius is judgment even?"). I really suggest people give it a try, me and infested had quite a bit of fun for a bit.

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Server 2:

in the afternoons when Server 1 starts to get busy (20+) I'm going to turn on Server 2. You can add it to your favorites here:

If you see me on CSGO and not on Server 1, Server 2 is likely on.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed tome/book not working... really weird bug, probably because I have so many more items on server 2.
  • Fixed Server 1 Demon Hunter levels carrying over to the Server 2 race that just so happens to have the same name.


Server 1:


Soul Reaper limited to 1 per team (down from 2).

Probably fixed the bug where the aura sometimes made players "suicide"


Probably not be live until restart:

  • Made it so Ward effects (priest, shadow hunter) can affect players below them. This means if a priest jumps before ulting, his ult will still be able to heal people who are standing directly under it.
  • Fixed a bug where Signet didn't work at all on Server 1 (lol woops, still worked on Server 2 tho).

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Battlefield Pro is now tester.


R8 now works with wish, race weapon saving, ammo resupply, is properly restricted on some races, etc.


M4A1-S, USP-S, CZ75, and R8 now all properly keep reserve ammo. Sometimes the display will bug and it will show your ammo resetting, but in my moderately thorough testing you never actually lost the ammo.

Also moderately improved the efficiency of the "reserve ammo" code.


Fixed a bug where Wizard of New Tristram could reflect insanely high magic damage (which wasn't intended) and it could reflect kill ogres, gargoyles, gravitas, etc.


Nerfed the speed bonus from Avenging Wrath on Yrel so that when you ult your speed is essentially the same as before the ult (assuming you have 100 Holy Power when you ult).


(Slightly old but I never posted it) Witch King can no longer disarm teammates.

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Made Smoke 100% invis when in the middle of his smoke. Basically if you can't see, you should be 100% invis.


Fixed Musician (edit: and Jukebox) ult cooldown triggering on ability.

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  • 20% speed (down from 30% even tho tooltip said 25%)
  • 40% invis (down from 60% even tho tooltip said 40%)
  • 14% leech (down from 16%)


  • 20% bonus damage (down from 25%)
  • 25% movement speed (down from 30%)


  • Ult screen shake reduced some

Corpse Bomber

  • 40 bonus HP (down from 50)
  • 14% evade chance (down from 20%)
  • Slightly reduced strength of the corpse bomb explosion

Crypt Lord

  • Ultimate now hits a random enemy instead of hitting nearest enemy

Damoi Tui

  • 4% magic resistance per 10 levels (down from 6%) and resistance cap reduced accordingly
  • bonus speed cap reduced
  • Chance for nearby enemies to be bashed reduced from 50% to 40%, bash duration reduced from 1.0 to 0.75


  • Ultimate now heals for 20 (down from 25)
  • Ultimate cooldown on spawn is 20 sec (up from 15)

Exalted Sorcerer

  • Hat of Draining drains 3 (down from 4)
  • Robe of Redirection is 15% chance (down from 17%)

Exile of Wraeclast

  • 1.4 HP regen (down from 2.5)

Shadow Lurker

  • 10 bonus damage per hit (down from 12)

Shinobi Aruki

  • 75% invis on "vanish" (down from 80%)
  • Reduced strength of hook skill
  • Hook cooldown 5 sec (up from 4)


  • Katana chance increased (40% -> 50%) but damage reduced (should no longer be front stabs unless you are below max hp)
  • Ult cooldown is how 20 sec (down from 25)


  • Bonus damage reduced from 40% to 20%


  • Persuit now gives you 10% passive speed + 1-10% bonus speed (based on holy power) down from 10% passive and 10-30% bonus
  • Holy Shield now requires 50 holy power to reflect damage and reflects 10% instead of 30%
  • Judgment costs 25 holy power (up from 20)
  • Avenging Wrath costs 40 holy power (up from 30)

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Round 2: Mostly buffs



  • Suicides on death (if ult isn't activated) for a substantially less effective suicide bomb (less radius and less damage)


  • Chance to burn enemies increased to 56% (from 50%)

Frost Giant

  • Bash duration increased from 0.65 to 1.0

Human General

  • Bash duration increased from 0.85 to 1.0

Keeper of the Grove

  • Radius of ultimate slow effect increased from 550 to 700


  • Damage reduction increased from 6 to 8

Master Sniper

  • Can now buy boots of speed again


  • Ultimate cooldown decreased from 30 to 26

Night Elf Elder

  • Speed and evasion increased from 16% to 18%


  • Cooldown of hook reduced from 10 to 8

RPG Race

  • Pistol slow increased from 1 second to 2 seconds
  • Strength of LJ increased from 240 to 260


  • Ultimate cooldown reduced from 25 to 20


  • Fire damage per hit increased from 6 to 7

Super Soldier

  • Ultimate duration increased from 5 to 8 seconds
  • Ultimate cooldown reduced from 30 to 28 seconds


  • Bonus damage per hit (not per pellet) increased from 4 to 10


  • Ultimate cooldown reduced from 12 to 10

White Mage

  • Instead of simply converting 25% damage to magical damage, it now converts 25% damage to 30% magical damage.
  • e.g.: Player hits for 100 damage. Previously, they would hit for 75 physical damage and 25 magical damage. With the change, they will hit for 75 physical damage and 30 magical damage.

Wizard of New Tristram

  • No longer reflects magic damage with Storm Armor. This was actually intended but it isn't really necessary and does a couple weird things.

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Dazzle is now available at 5250.


Savage can no longer purchase Mask of Death.


Orcish Horde grenades no longer deal true damage. Previously, true damage was broken and they dealt magic damage. I fixed true damage a few months ago, and I don't think the nades really need true damage.


I also added some expertise to races. Wooo. Figure it out.

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Race limit per team changes:


FORMAT: Race Previous limit -> New limit

  • Blood Mage 2 -> 1
  • Dragon Knight 3 -> 2
  • Star Lord 3 -> 1
  • Methodical 3 -> 1
  • Bob 10 -> 2
  • Nature Wisp 2 -> 1
  • Archdruid 3 -> 1
  • Angel of Light 3 -> 2
  • Cultist 3 -> 1
  • Shadespawn 3 -> 2
  • Xian 3 -> 1
  • Terran Ghost 3 -> 1
  • Teron'gor 4 -> 1
  • Motoko 3-> 2
  • Exalted Sorcerer 3 -> 2

Items REMOVED from restrictions. Some of these will probably get reverted (possibly even as soon as skitt sees them Kappa)

If you have any items you suggest be unrestricted, feel free to tack it onto this thread: http://www.joinsg.net/topic/69403-periath-of-health-buff/

No promises, I went through every race twice so I'm pretty certain this is what I agree with. Some races I don't know as well as others, so that is where a suggestion may help.

Some of these are probably poor choices.


FORMAT: Race: items no longer restricted

  • RPG Race: Boots
  • Elemental: Jump
  • Ghost: Boots, Jump
  • Alistair: Holy Shield
  • Master Sniper: Claw
  • Naix: Chain
  • Frost Giant: Boots, Jump
  • Judge of Altana: Chain
  • Scattergunner: Claw
  • Super Soldier: Jump
  • Infected: Chain
  • Anti Mage: Jump
  • Swag7: Claw
  • Adventurer: Belt, Signet
  • Keldon: Jump
  • Motoko: Cloak
  • Dunpeal: Jump
  • Wizard of New Tristram: Claw, Jump
  • Exile of Wraeclast: Claw
  • Jaraxxus: Ring

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I removed racetop10 because it was delaying xp load at the start of new maps. It was fine when I originally added it but I think server lag + the queries were causing issues.

I'm going to try to address the server lag and plenty of other problems (no promises) when I'm working less, in about 2-3 weeks.


I know War3 feels like a redheaded stepchild and I'm sorry but there isn't much mental capacity left for me to deal with it this last few months.

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