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Post a Picture of Your Setup

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We had one of these threads a while back. But its pretty simple: post your setup.

IE: Room, house, gaming or music setup. You get the idea.






Yea yea. Thats right, cardboard blinds. Also, cell phone pics D:

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I like this one more, it's about any setup.

The other one was just the gaming setup.

This. I'd merge the other ones, but that would mess up dates. +sticky.

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Yo Jason, all yo pics are 404'd broski.

Here's mine, in it's ghetto glory...


Featured in this picture:

Fallout 3 Collectors Edition Pip-Boy Bobble Head


Dirty Dishes

A stolen hotel sign-out sign

Pokemon Cards

Magic Cards



Sennheiser HD 555s

A razor

A razer (Deathadder)

My ghetto keyboard

My ghetto tower


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Took these pictures around February when we had the old forums.

The little laptop on the left is what i use for interwebz browsing when im on a game so i dont have to minimize. Like facebook,and chating with bitches,and obviously the big alienware computer is what i use to game on,and i have a nice leather chair. I like my setup,its comfortable. With accessories,i have a G15 Logitech gaming keyboard,and a Logitech G7 Mouse with rechargeable batteries. The G7 isnt laggy at all,i like it alot. And it has these square batteries that pop in and out of the mouse when i press this button under the mouse and i just pop it out when it needs chargeing,take out the full battery,put it into the mouse,and pop the dead one in the charger. The charger also has a USB plug ontop of it and thats where i plug my headphones in.

The headphones in the pics are long gone. I now use the Logitech G35 Surround Sound headset.





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