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    DNA Scanner Bug?

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    SO earlier today I was playing as a det on the TTT West server. So, i scanned a body and it led me to a person. I killed them but they were innocent. Thought they had rdmed but i checked the logs and they hadn't even been the one to kill them. Is this a bug, or am I using the scanner wrong?

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    I can almost say for sure it isn't a bug, my guess is it looked like it went to that person but was really on someone else. If this was a bug many people would have reported it and it would have been fixed by now.

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    There hasn't been an update to anything that would effect DNA for a long time. Like Zach said there is no way a bug like that would have been around this long with no one knowing.


    What could have happened... You scanned multiple bodies/objects and had previous DNA in the scanner. You need to right-click to set the auto scan and also remove old DNA. The Scanner can retain multiple DNA patterns so you can scan a bunch of things and when you remove the current item you will start to scan for the next in the list. Was the scanner auto-scanning or did it scan only once? Did you confirm with a rescan/autoscan that the person you killed still had the DNA marker on them? The DNA marker will stay in the world until the scanner rescans. As such if you are not near where the marker shows up by the time you reach the marker the person could have left and someone else could be in that area or even right on the marker. Also make sure to rescan if you don't see the marker pop up directly on someone. As a side note, the recharge of the scanner is increased with distance meaning if the marker shows up really far away you have to wait a long time to scan again. Conversly if you are right on top of the marker it will rescan almost instantly. 


    If bodies where stacked you could have scanned the wrong body. If a body was moved you could have scanned someone, made the mistake, double check the body you thought you scanned but someone was moving bodies around. Finally most people scan bodies but weapons have DNA as well. You could have mistakenly scanned a nearby item instead of the body. 

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