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  1. Bear-Man-Thing

    Old UV Member looking for his old friends

    Wait, the Ghoul Squad Espy? Yeah, that guy is around war3 every once in a while. He goes by Duck.
  2. Bear-Man-Thing

    Rule clarification for map DE_Icewerk

    Or you could just follow the motd. Like we've done since forever. If it's not in the motd, let em' fly.
  3. Bear-Man-Thing

    Rule clarification for map DE_Icewerk

    Mmmmm, it was changed a few years back stating you can go up there. Dragon even posted the current rules. It states you can be up there if as long as you're seeing through textures. The area you can see through textures is on top of the garage area on the overpass. You can check yourself.
  4. Bear-Man-Thing

    Rule clarification for map DE_Icewerk

    Changes in war3 have been told to war3 supporters and SOs. Guess what I haven't heard about...this supposed rule change! If the rules were changed, all SOs would have known about it and would have told the population every time we would go to icewerk that it had been changed. The cool thing, the rules for icewerk haven't changed in a long time. There was a time when being on the cliffs was illegal, but that changed a few YEARS ago. Yes, the area above the garage part of the overpass where you can see through the texture is illegal. That is the only part of the cliff area that is illegal. If people are causing you grief, let me know. Add me on steam and I can hop on if I'm not at work.
  5. Bear-Man-Thing

    Hi everyone

    I missed you
  6. Bear-Man-Thing

    BMD Discount xp

    On the 3 round wait period for swapping or new map, BMD still gets the experience for the discounts. Teammates aren't getting discounts even after the 3 round wait period. It says they get the discount, but does not apply.
  7. Bear-Man-Thing

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    I find that regulars don't generally stoop to using hacks after a while. There are exceptions to this, but 99% of the time, they don't. You gotta see what race they're playing, listen for noises they may be hearing, and be on your best game when trying to catch them if you aren't sure what to be looking for. Clamps has said this before, he has our backs. Don't be afraid. Ask for help or second opinions when needed. We're here for you, fam.
  8. Bear-Man-Thing

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    For one, experience. Two, it's kinda knowing how natural gameplay looks. If people are keeping enemies in their FOV when they're behind walls, that's kinda suspicious. If their crosshair is flicking towards an enemy when they're on their screen, that's kinda suspicious. It gets harder when they have better hacks than some people. The more you see, the better you are at spotting these kinds of things.
  9. Bear-Man-Thing

    Happy Birthday Moose_

    Happy birthday, dude! That was a few days ago, btw.
  10. Bear-Man-Thing


    I have not heard otherwise, so I'm going to assume yes. Terran ghost is pretty much a human marine just with an auto sniper that shoots a little slower than normal. All gun spawning races are restricted from their rifles until round 3 for obvious reasons. They can generally buy any pistol, so they're not pieces of shit as a race.
  11. Bear-Man-Thing

    PUBG/Fortnite Killer

    Hah, I saw a different "zombie" survival game by them about a year ago with the same looks. This looks more fun! Btw, Landfall games makes some great games. I played a good bit of Air Brawl when Wilnyl was still working on that. Cluster Truck is another game by them; never played that but it's really good. These guys make good games.
  12. Bear-Man-Thing

    BMT Ult again

    ult is forever not enough allies. No matter how many allies are alive or dead.
  13. Bear-Man-Thing

    BMD Ult

    bmd ult is abuseable or something
  14. Bear-Man-Thing

    BMD Ult

    i think discount stopped working after level 110ish.
  15. Bear-Man-Thing

    Waylon's Application. [DENIED]

    Yeah dawg! Cool guy! 11/20
  16. Bear-Man-Thing


    I'm extremely passionate about zoos and aquariums so I'll stick to that. Sorry, but AZA accredited institutions do not do animal testing. That may have been a fault in my wording. I apologize. Here, you can see the basics for accreditation status for zoos and aquariums. Being either accredited or certified by AZA, animal care and welfare is the top priority. No animal is subjected to negative things while they are in the care of the institution. There are not just a few cases of animal rescue, there are a TON of cases. There are no cases in which animals can/are exploited. The animals on display in an exhibit are expected (and do) have plenty of space to have a life of comfort and stimulation. If they don't, the institution will lose accreditation until the needs are met. I don't know of many zoos or aquariums in the western world that would not fall under the category that would not be able to be follow AZA guidelines and practices. We strive to educate the public about the status of animals out in the wild that we exhibit behind our doors. A ton of research is done to ensure we help conserve the animals out in the wild. The animals that we may exhibit, when grown and are ready, are generally released back into the wild to help their local populations.
  17. Bear-Man-Thing


    I don't care for being vegan, cause I like to consume animal products. But this is the first I've heard of avoiding zoos and aquariums because you're vegan. I work at an aquarium in a husbandry department. The animals eat better than me. If the zoo or aquarium you're going to visit isn't AZA accredited, I'd highly recommend not going. Most zoos and aquariums in western society do their absolute best to ensure the animals are cared for both nutritionally and mentally. Enrichments are made on a regular basis and they are provided with vitamins and supplements that ensure they are well cared for and have a diet that simulates their natural environment. Please, just because you care about animal well-being, don't not go to zoos and aquariums. I'd love to tell you about the work that most AZA accredited institutions help to ensure wild populations are in balance with their natural environment. Research and care goes into exhibiting and protection of both the exhibited animal and their counter parts in the wild. We do a lot to conserve our friends out in the wild through research and education. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  18. Bear-Man-Thing

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    No, from what Face and Skitt have been saying there will be no expertises on the race pool. You will be maxed on the race, that's all.
  19. Bear-Man-Thing

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    I posted this event idea on the server. There are a number of people that are interested, but with logistical questions that I'll put on here. Do we know the logistics of how the event would take place? How many maps per round? Amount of times to choose a race? etc. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  20. Bear-Man-Thing

    War3 CS:GO 5v5 Competitive Tournament - Poll

    LET'S DO IT Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  21. Bear-Man-Thing

    Archdruid Ult

    When you use your ult, Tranquility I think, you will become perma-stunned. Unable to cast, move, or shoot. Does not persist through rounds.
  22. Bear-Man-Thing

    Lets make a story only two words!

    self pleasure
  23. Bear-Man-Thing

    Games to play?

    Ooooooooooooooooooh man, that was my jam back in grade school. Played the shit out of that game. O Canada!
  24. Bear-Man-Thing

    Games to play?

    Splatoon 2
  25. Bear-Man-Thing

    0.0000001% WAR3 PLAYER CLUB

    THIS IS COMPETITIVE WAR3, OF COURSE WE'RE SERIOUS Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk