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  1. anyone who plays war3

    I did nothing but play war3 while I was a recruit in November. Look at me now.
  2. War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    I was going to suggest that in Discord, but I thought it wouldn't work. I'm all for it. I'd be OK with this.
  3. Item Purchases

    Don't get hit, hit other people. Got it. I honestly forgot about the two new items. I should buy them more.
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

    oshit. I need to add more to this. The movie is coming out a lot earlier than I expected. Thought it would be closer to Christmas, tbh. The 15th isn't too bad.
  5. Tips on buying my first car.

    Damn, you guys are bad at sensing sarcasm. Ofc you want to look under the hood. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  6. Tips on buying my first car.

    Don't look under the hood. That shows weakness as you won't trust the seller. Why would a car not have an engine?
  7. Restricting movement skills

    I would use SOS if I was in distress. Most maritime persons will know I am in obvious trouble, thankyouverymuch. If people ask questions, I will answer if I'm on. That's just my thing not only as an SO, but as a person. The community can do it when an SO is offline as well, as you stated. If I'm just hanging out, you guys tend to answer questions when I take a little bit of time to answer them. IMO, if you're not super toxic to that person, chances are they'll stick around. I've noticed quite a few new people coming back in the past few months. I think 3 or 4? Don't be a dick straight up. They'll see we're assholes to each other, but love each other. They all figure it out and soon dish it out as well.
  8. Hey everybody its Dr.Nick!

    What's up, dude. You made your way to forums again!
  9. introduction?

    This should answer any questions you might have about applying.
  10. The Great Debate - +Damage and Molly Damage

    I would very much like answers for this one. There are some pretty ridiculous things that can happen with fire nades. Would you then say that bunnicula shouldn't be getting the additional damage on fire? Cause that's the direction I'm hoping you're going.
  11. not alot of people on war3 server anymore

    That's when I get off work, but I'll be down for some war3 afterwards. That's usually what I do anyways heh. Also, we've been consistently getting 10+ people for the about hour or two when I hop on after work. Usually around 7-9pm CST. I think you fucks like to procrastinate with school work and play war3. I'm not complaining, though, cause I did the exact same thing.
  12. hullo

    You didn't get banned again?
  13. 0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    I believe you can't get xp or buy tomes with one person. You can with two. If I'm on by myself, it takes about 30 minutes to get about 6 people on. Depends on the map, though. Crack always kills Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  14. Spymaster's OBJ Alert and ESP

    It's radar ESP afaik. Does it not do radar ESP?
  15. The War3 Guide Reborn

    Not CSGO Pro. Confirmed by Jah.
  16. The War3 Guide Reborn

    I'm calling Holy Juggernaut and Link. They have expertise. Gotta get them to 500, boys.
  17. The War3 Guide Reborn

    Lemme add Link to that list. Still nothing at 250. I wanna say that Thor has another expertise at 250 which extends taser range. That would be fucking hilarious. Seeing a shit load of people yell at me and trying to level their thor to 250. There's a reason it took me a year and a half to get to 223.
  18. introduction?

    That's because you're never on it anymore D: At least my new graphics card lets me play
  19. The Derby and All-Star Game

    So, did anyone watch the HR Derby? Judge, Stanton, and Sanchez fucking KILLING it. Especially round 1. Holy hell. Judge with 4 500+ bombers. Jesus, hell of a show those guys put on. Anyone got their teams in the All-Star? No-one from the Cubs that are notable will be playing .
  20. The Derby and All-Star Game

    I didn't watch anything before the Derby. Were they showing BP? How 'bout that Celebrity game. NL crew fucking destroyed them in the 2nd. God, today is gonna be full of excitement. Beer, brisket tacos/sandwiches, possibly wings, and All-Star game. Leggo NL!
  21. When do you normally go to bed ?

    Tbh, I'm not that old. I just have an old soul. Only 23. But I guess to some of the people in the community, that's old. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  22. When do you normally go to bed ?

    Right? I have laundry to catch up on. Groceries to be bought. Bike needs to be fixed. House needs to be clean. I can recover from drinking while doing all that. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  23. When do you normally go to bed ?

    I go to sleep anywhere from 10-11:30 depending on how much I've had to drink that night. Wake up at 6:30, unless we have a Dive charter that's going 20 miles south from the harbor we launch from. Then it's about 5. I almost never sleep in because what's a day off. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  24. Abusing AFKS

    Look, we all have our own lives. If I didn't already have a full time job (40 hours a week), an on-call part time job over the weekends (usually working), and potentially another part-time weekend job, I would be on the server for much more. Hell, potentially 8 hours a day. With one war3 SO being on a LoA and another hardly playing, it is really hard for two SO's to play and monitor the server constantly. Especially with a potentially exploitative problem like we just learned we had. As far as I know, no-one tried to contact any SO/Staff to try to help resolve this problem. Sure, we could have been on the server for it (especially since it was a Sunday). But it's Sunday, we have our own lives too. However, that does not mean that you guys can't help too; either record someone breaking the rules and post it on forums, or contact an SO/Staff. We are in our positions because we care enough to respond to your requests or take action when we're there. Edit: This does not mean that I don't have time to be on the server. This just means I only have time at night. Just thought I'd make that clear real quick.
  25. Abusing AFKS

    If the people that were farming the AFKs were regulars, they know that's against the rules as it's exploiting something for extra xp. Hell, they could potentially be getting upwards of 200 xp a round due to this. That's excluding tomes. Even for 200+ level races (like my Thor), that's a good dent after 5-10 rounds. If I knew that this was happening, I would have jumped on and done something. Add me and if it happens again when I'm online, I'll take care of it. I don't have a problem stopping what I'm doing (even if it's pooping) to deal with it. If I'm not available, I can just let someone else know and pass it off to them. Don't be afraid to utilize the SO/Staff members, you guys. We're here for a reason. There's not much we do on war3 besides give out cash and yell "OBJ", but this could become a problem with the AFK Checker being down. Again, add me or other SOs and we'll take care of it.