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  1. Bear-Man-Thing


    If someone DMs.
  2. I know rayne won, but I'd just like to say I got 9 points as well :/ I thought that was pretty good.
  3. Thank you, Bear-Man-Thing for your donation of 5.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  4. Thor crashes server on round start.
  5. Maps that are not compiled with HDR have been updated with those that are. They also happen to be workshop, which is a plus for us all! Fearless created a plugin that allows us to tweak lighting on maps which are compiled with HDR. We can now either fix maps that are too bright or maps that are too dark. The current valve update reset map rotation file. Map list is updated with what is now true for what I wanted before the update. If, for some reason, I missed a map that was not there before, let me know so I can fix that. I should have gotten all maps accounted for.
  6. Added cs_italy_tactik2_v3 de_westwood_v2 de_office Removed de_westwood_07_02 cs_office de_mist I swapped which offices and westwoods are currently on rotation. Forgot about the offices earlier this month, woops. Mist is removed due to player hatred of B site. Again, please let me know if you want a map added.
  7. Don't even know the guy, follows me. K. Wassup, dude. Hop on war3 if you don't already!
  8. +cs_downtown +de_mist +de_biome Isku is now workshop map.
  9. +cs_office -de_office Want a specific map? Please message me with a link or post on the appropriate subforum. Multiples of maps will be swapped around on a semi-regular basis. Westwood is next
  10. Face and I are pretty busy right now. We'll get to it at our earliest convenience.
  11. If it's that annoying, I'll go ahead and disable it.
  12. Reanimated is having their cash set to 800 when they get killed.
  13. Glad you're doing better, dude! Hop on war3 if you get a chance once in a while. I wanna see old faces again. I got two kittens. They're adorable.
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