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  1. Bear-Man-Thing

    Halloween War3 Event

    Face and I are pretty busy right now. We'll get to it at our earliest convenience.
  2. Bear-Man-Thing

    Those damn ghosts and their casual ghosting

    If it's that annoying, I'll go ahead and disable it.
  3. Bear-Man-Thing

    Reanimated Losing Money

    Reanimated is having their cash set to 800 when they get killed.
  4. Bear-Man-Thing

    Long time no see

    Glad you're doing better, dude! Hop on war3 if you get a chance once in a while. I wanna see old faces again. I got two kittens. They're adorable.
  5. Bear-Man-Thing

    Halloween War3 Event

    Warcraft 3 Halloween Event The Night of October 25 through October 31 Hello boys and girls, it's been a while. An event to get you guys going sp00ktacularly. We busted open the chest, battled the spiders which took it over, and pulled out old and new treasures alike. As we closed the chest, we felt a powerful magic which made us feel much wiser... 50% More Experience!!! A new being is being unleashed upon the town folk... The Necromancer is a force to be reckoned with. Beware! For he brings back the dead to fight for him. Look out for Pumpkins and Candy Bags scatter throughout the maps! ACHIEVEMENTS TO COMPLETE Highest Level as Necromancer (25 levelbanks) -- $20 Steam Card (Donated by sG | Bear-Man-Thing) Most Kills as a Reanimated -- Choice of Steam Game (Donated by sG | Sharpie) Top Pumpkin Collector -- 1 Month of Supporter and $20 Steam Card (Donated by sG | Bear-Man-Thing) Top 5 Pumpkin Collectors will receive 10 Levelbanks in a race of their choice! Top 6-10 Pumpkin Collectors receive 5 Levelbanks Most Survivals as Reanimated will receive 25 Levelbanks 2nd Most Survivals as Reanimated will receive 10 Levelbanks WAR3 SUPPORTER RAFFLE After the event has concluded we will be doing a raffle for WAR3 Supporters! The winner of the raffle will work with @Face to make an expertise in a race of their choice. In order to be eligible for the raffle, you must have War3 Supporter by October 31st. RULES Follow sG | Global Guidelines You must have a forum account to win prizes No Loopholing, Cheating and/or Exploiting
  6. Bear-Man-Thing

    Fall TTT Event

    Obviously TTTGo. I mean, that shit has been dead for years!
  7. Bear-Man-Thing

    Black Market's discount being sporadic

    I guess the entire team won't get discounts some rounds, even though it says BMD side it gets discount and player side says they got a discount.
  8. Bear-Man-Thing

    Undead Scourge Race Breakdown Video

    Look mah, I'm on the screen!!! This is pretty cool, dude. After you do starter races, you should just do one of your rotd's from that week. It would really spice things up with which races you cover.
  9. Bear-Man-Thing


    Are you retarded? 9/21-30
  10. Bear-Man-Thing

    Back at it again :-)

    I see you made an intro post Welcome my d00d.
  11. Bear-Man-Thing

    Gray Man Can Wield CZ75

    I cannot confirm, but I believe Zed just said something of this sort on Westwood. I'll test and update if it happens.
  12. [W3S] You did +0 damage to /Toad with AP Five-Seven [W3S] You did +0 damage to /Toad with Enchanted TMP No added damage whatsoever for either skill. He was playing Human Alliance. Not sure about the armor shred, though.
  13. Bear-Man-Thing

    Link and Orb of Frost

    Link can buy Orb of Frost. The race already has Ice Arrow, so I don't think it should be able to get Orb of Frost.
  14. Bear-Man-Thing

    Wish not saving MP5

    Wish currently doesn't save MP5. It gives you MP7. Probably just needs to be added to the list.
  15. Bear-Man-Thing

    possible exploding race damage rework

    Stop getting close to boom boom races. Problem solved. Let's go home, boys.