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  1. Bear-Man-Thing

    Link and Orb of Frost

    Link can buy Orb of Frost. The race already has Ice Arrow, so I don't think it should be able to get Orb of Frost.
  2. Bear-Man-Thing

    Wish not saving MP5

    Wish currently doesn't save MP5. It gives you MP7. Probably just needs to be added to the list.
  3. Bear-Man-Thing

    possible exploding race damage rework

    Stop getting close to boom boom races. Problem solved. Let's go home, boys.
  4. Bear-Man-Thing

    Family Vacation YouTube Video

    My degree is in Marine Science and I work in an aquarium in the Life Science (Husbandry) department. I better know my stuff!
  5. Bear-Man-Thing

    Family Vacation YouTube Video

    That's a moon jelly!!! Their tentacles don't hurt at all when you touch them. Back in California when they would show up, I would just boop them, grab them, play with them; they're cool little guys. You also saw what I think is a Southern Stingray. They're pretty chill and neat (at least the few we have at work). Shuffle your feet in shallow waters when you're in an area that's known to have rays. Also, those might be herrings? Some kind of schooling fish. I'm guessing herring. Nice video, makes me want to have a fun vacation that isn't just seeing family during Christmas.
  6. Bear-Man-Thing

    Sounds that are just too damn loud!!

    Not with the recent Panorama update. Naturally, when Valve updates things, shit breaks. Custom sounds was one of them. Previously, turning down in-game music was a fix, but that is no longer the case. So to combat this, we're doing this solution.
  7. Bear-Man-Thing

    Sounds that are just too damn loud!!

    Hey guys, we're going to put together a list of sounds that became just too damn loud AFTER the panorama update. I'll start the list off and update so Face doesn't have to work through too much. Ravinick lightning Jaraxxus ult Rocky adrian yell Lightning in general - Imperium Tyrande ult - Booch Musician/Jukebox songs Pudge ult Leveling up - Sharp
  8. Bear-Man-Thing


    Theivy, saw you on bhop when war3 wasn't working. Nice to see you, here!
  9. Bear-Man-Thing

    Mask of Death

    At least on Tracer, MoD isn't healing with every hit. It's procing about 20% of the time? That's what it seemed like when I had claws at the same time.
  10. Bear-Man-Thing

    Archdruid Ysera's gift

    It does not passively heal. Not sure if it'll heal allies when you're at 150.
  11. Bear-Man-Thing


    I lied, it's fine. I did some testing on it myself, debug proved otherwise.
  12. Bear-Man-Thing


    I was told the damage for the ult does not inflict accurate damage. Console states that it does +5 damage with Starfall, but does not actually do the damage.
  13. Bear-Man-Thing

    Quality desk chair?

    I got one of those nice manager chairs or something from Office Depot or Staples I think. It was in the $120 range and it's working out great so far; hasn't broke yet. I'm too lazy to wait for delivery on online chair shit. My back got super sore from my old chair to the point I could hardly do my job (requires lifting and bending over a lot) and I needed something better now.
  14. Bear-Man-Thing

    Hello Everybody

    Wtf you're 16. Ok. Welcome to forums! Put your cancer in any thread you wish!
  15. Bear-Man-Thing

    App [DENIED]

    Damn, it's midnight already. Will ref.