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    Getting admin back

    I support that you want to help the server, the issue I had was the way you approached the situation, it just looked like you were demanding admin due to rank. Like I said this just brings to light the two core issues, needing active admins and the ranking system clarifying whether you get admin for just cs:s or gmod as well.
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    Getting admin back

    admins a privilege not a right. If the core issue is having active admins on Gmod TTT then that is a separate issue. Maybe sending Zach a message on the forums/steam advising that you were interested in server officer or at least basic admin so you can help monitor the server would've been a better route instead of making a thread demanding admin, but that's just my opinion. Either way the main issue is finding people who are available/willing to monitor a server. Also from the few current/former staff members I talked to about this issue all have agreed that admin from ranks has always been only CS:S/CS:GO and not Gmod. I'm sure it would've been better to specify in the rank system which game you got admin or at least saying that admin would be available for both games, that would've solved this issue.
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    --ZE Complete Rework-- (2/2/2019)

    Pappa Bless
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    Official sG Podcasts?

    @shikaku should host/co host the show, that guy is cool.
  6. 28/20 Said she will boost me in comp
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    I'm currently on it
  8. I'll carry you in overwatch with my 20 hours with Reinhardt and Junkrat Shikaku#11954