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  1. Post a picture of yourself

    Yo, lemme know when you guys decide to meet up again. I could use a vacation again!
  2. Post your desktop

  3. Mouse and Mouse-pad

    If you're looking for an XL mouse mat, nothing better than this for price/quality; https://www.amazon.com/Reflex-Lab-Extended-Stitched-Waterproof/dp/B00WY1BMDM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1499644245&sr=8-2&keywords=reflex+lab+mouse+pad As for mice, if you're going wired then my recommendation is the G502: https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Proteus-Spectrum-Tunable-Gaming/dp/B019OB663A If you want wireless, pick your poison, but I generally use a G602 for everyday stuff at work and light gaming when I don't want to deal with cables. There's also the fancy new charging mat that logitech has, but it's expensive as fuck and very small
  4. Post a picture of yourself

    Honestly, I wouldn't doubt this. Uhh, dead link bro
  5. Thank you Destin!

    Yeah, Destin
  6. My Final Build is Complete, Special Shoutout!

    exactly why I run a 500gb and no 3.5" drive, lol. Also, hooray for another slave to the Corsair RGB army!

    You exposed us to the PG-13 answer to youporn. :| Now all of our servers are going to turn into JB. RIP TTTGO
  8. It's happening...

    Not sure if it's just two pictures posted or if that's it, but the first mistake is buying parts separately. If you miss the return window on anything and it's DoA when you go to build, you're now waiting on a manufacturer RMA (5+ business days) instead of an amazon advance replacement (48 hours if you're a prime member)
  9. How Did You Come up with Your Username?

    Quiet, Mulletford
  10. How Did You Come up with Your Username?

    I traded the R for an M in hopes that the JCS M-afia at the time would accept me as one of their own. Still waiting on that one, @Mimic
  11. Post the car you are currently driving

    The BRZ is dead (to me) and I've gone to the dark side. 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, essentially a baby version of the Evo. Can't wait to build the transmission and start pushing towards my long-term power goal EDIT: Updated link
  12. Mouse Suggestions

    G602 if you want a budget wireless mouse that's good for gaming. G502 can be had for $60-ish on amazon +/- shipping & tax. I'm honestly thinking about making the jump to their new wireless charging mat, but it's too damn small
  13. Gaming Laptops

    fair enough. https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Predator-i7-7700HQ-GeForce-G3-571-77QK/dp/B06Y4GZS9C/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1497649213&sr=1-3&keywords=gtx+1060+laptop Still beats it handily, sold by amazon directly, aaaand is still way under budget
  14. Gaming Laptops

    Gonna have to say the 980m model isn't really worth it. It's only one game, buuut that's a pretty big difference in performance going from the 9xx to the 10xx cards. On the numbers side, the 1070 mobile card is around the same performance level as a desktop 980Ti, where the 980m is slower than a desktop 970. Also, sketchy seller is sketchy and not a certified ASUS vendor
  15. Gaming Laptops

    I'd say go with a top-tier Inspiron 15 7xxx Gaming series. Blah blah blah Dell bullshit blah blah, the reviews have been pretty solid from the tech youtubers, and it's well within budget at around $1000-1100. It isn't the thinnest laptop, but it should do everything you need to do while keeping a little extra coin in your pocket