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  1. Might be willing to donate for the 12 hour raffle prizes to create incentive to populate the server more. Just started working again though, so I'll need to tidy up my finances before I commit to anything. Appreciate any ideas that aren't outrageous to donate to the prize pool.
  2. fuck man, i teetered on whether or not I wanted to watch the video, and I did without sound honestly it didn't bother me because of that, but I know with sound I'd be thinking about it for days. Had a similar experience just listening to the video of a cop dying to some crazy vietnam vet a while ago- No thanks. I heard this crazy cunt has had his cellphone pinging up past the Penn area up to Buffalo, NY area / About near where I live. Hmmn.
  3. are you the guy riding away whilst clearly laughing
  4. i heard you wanted cringe
  5. i am so thoroughly confused with this series why do they keep renaming things
  6. Can't wait for my taxes to sky rocket- Maybe I should just consider moving to another state.
  7. You, myself, and everyone reading this thread know that is a crock of shit. If you watch the video you know that's horseshit. It's weird that it's united staff saying this and not the actual witnesses sitting next to him.
  8. Another video of a United Pilot heading to his plane http://imgur.com/gallery/c1Awm
  9. I'm sure a lot of you have heard about this so far, but here's a few interesting bits in-case you haven't heard. http://imgur.com/gallery/P7cCW https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/10/business/united-flight-passenger-dragged.html?_r=0 Graphic for those who don't like blood: http://imgur.com/gallery/GvamB United Airlines response: Pretty laughable given the situation. The TL;DR: Flight is overbooked, they ask people to leave and one dude said he can't. They forced him off and bloodied him up because of it. People are pissed off. Should be noted: The guy needed to get back home to attend to patients as he was a doctor. The people are also being asked to leave to accommodate their employees on said plane. This is also a common thing that United does apparently as they expect some amount of passengers to cancel. Likewise, a police officer told him to get off the plane as well. For whatever reason that warranted drawing blood and being forced off a plane is beyond me. Feel free to leave other insight if any information I've posted is wrong, or if you have opinions on the matter.
  10. Looking forward to this on Monday. Might be working a bit , and I'm sick af right now but I think I can pull through. Hope to see people there though.
  11. if for some reason this kid gets in sG, I take back everything I've said about the new recruitment system
  12. I'm actually thoroughly impressed at the amount of content in this month's digest. Good read, good stuff.
  13. Subbing in a reference because Sweetrock didn't give any reason. This dude is a decent presence on War3, and I can attest to voting yes for him on his first attempt in getting sG. Always seems to have a relatively positive attitude on War3, and I can confirm that he would probably make a reasonably decent addition to sG.
  14. As far as I have seen: Each Level rank has immunity to the ranks below. L4+ has immunity to Prem+ admin targeting, but less in terms of commands. L4 = Premium admin with no fun commands, but can respawn and the like. L5 and Vet = Prem+ admin which includes said fun commands. Vet has immunity to L5 and so on. Hope that helps a bit. Even I find it confusing to try to explain.
  15. @Staff If you can remove the facebook link from GameMe logs of which Gashbell posted, I'd probably do so.