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  1. @LunaBadger lmao just accept it "my dude"
  2. At what point did the thought cross your mind that this was funny at all Likewise, it would do you good to know that animal cruelty is considered a felony now-a-days So let's say for instance some sort of authoritative figure somehow sees these brainless posts of yours on a public forum, where does that put you?
  3. still a faggot
  4. If you have windows 10 you can reset your PC to default settings.
  5. Pretty sure I made one of these last year, and I figured I'd make one this year just as well. To all of sG's Dads out there, hopefully you're getting the appreciation you deserve today. I'm sure you're doing the best you can for your kids and family.
  6. And unfortunately your logic in this is in itself a fallacy. Simply because puberty occurs and our bodies have an inclination towards sex as a result, doesn't necessarily mean we act on that impulse to reproduce. You didn't see teenagers in high school talking about, "oh man, I want to fuck that chick to have a kid." No, to desire sex is to desire the pleasure that is brought with it. We have sex because it feels good. We wouldn't masturbate as a species if we had sex to just have kids. The stigma that our bodies make it feel good in order to reproduce is the idea that, "Well because A happens, B must be true." Can you prove it to be true? I can't. You can't exactly try to compare us to animals either because we are different as a whole. On the logic that puberty occurs because of reproduction, we also learn to hate people as we grow. When someone doesn't agree with us on something we feel strongly about, we are inclined to violence because that's how we react as a species. As impulse would have it, some people act on that and become violent. We've seen this same behavior for as long as humans have been alive. I'd argue that's what is natural for us, but does that make it right? Of course not.
  7. This is quite a far stretch to try to prove an argument with very little basis in today's society. Even if for some reason it were true, you'd have to be really pushing hard to try to prove something that may have been true several thousand years ago. If for some reason you could prove it to be true, which I doubt that you can, it's still irrelevant for what is true today. Your logic is that humans want to reproduce when they have sex. Your logic is flawed in that we have a plethora of things to prevent reproduction from happening when we have sex. I'm not sure how you think you have a plausible argument in the grand scheme of TODAY's society. Anyone could push an argument to say we didn't have condoms, birth control, etc ~100 years ago, but that doesn't have any application to the 21st century either.
  8. All I can provide is well wishes and some free Birthday rep Happy Birthday
  9. I'm not sure how you don't think this isn't a piss poor argument in essence. If we tried to argue everything should be considered to be done by how nature intends, we'd still be dying by the ripe age of 20, harvesting our own food daily, and haven't an inkling of a clue what civilized society today would look like. As it is right now, a good majority of us would die within the first week if we reverted to what is "natural." In other words, to try to define what "nature intends" is complete horseshit because clearly we've defied it time and time again as a species. We define our own societal standards because, unlike animals, we are sentient beings (Perhaps the wrong term, but hopefully you get the gist.) Of course, someone could argue different things about what is natural based on their personal bias, but I guess to each their own. All I can argue as a counter point is: if you think things should be done as nature intends, you can't get angry when you get mauled by a bear. T'is only natural. I'm sure some idiots would try to act like that's okay. I really can't say anything about the "ideal" that you posted where gays have something "wrong mentally". Clearly I have my opinions in the matter and they differ vastly from yours. All I can really say is you should consider reading up what a mental condition entails before you try to say something as stupid as that.
  10. I really only needed to read this to understand the one track mind your argumentative skills employ throughout the last few pages. As an FYI, the websites you use are a load of trash too. Your phone probably has a crop tool too if you're scribbling over it with a paint tool. Don't be an idiot. http://legalbeagle.com/6809407-female-restroom-laws.html I'd think the name itself should allude to some interesting implications to not trust anything it publishes, but our audience here might need more persuasion. Not only does the author, according to google, adhere to fiction; the only reference he gives on this page is a Washington Post article from 2005. To my immense displeasure, I decided to scour said article to see if it was worth reading at all. Surprise surprise, it wasn't. Just skimming through the news piece, it becomes clearly apparent it has next to nothing to do with female restroom laws. Interesting. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/05/26/AR2005052601470.html What does that tell me? Well, clearly I'm required to do your homework for you, and that's exactly what I did. http://www.ncsl.org/research/education/-bathroom-bill-legislative-tracking635951130.aspx https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Facilities_Privacy_%26_Security_Act Thus far, North Carolina is the only state to pass such a law. According to the source I cited, it's currently in the process of being repealed as well. Strange isn't it? It's almost as if the author of legalbullshit doesn't have a clue what he was talking about, and was simply hoping for a click for money. Almost like clickbait. Hmmn. But there's good news! My source ALSO shifts in your favor if you consider that quite a few states on that line up currently have bills PENDING in that list. Albeit.. There's on oddity as well. What city would bother using their precious time and money to go out of their way to catch this evil trans-gendered menace invading bathrooms? Next to none. There's already a few sources I've looked through that suggest cities in North Carolina pretty much ignore the bill's existence because this is essentially a non issue. It becomes an issue when people like you or I decide to argue stupid, metaphorical situations that you forget entirely about when you're actually using the restroom. When overpaid morons sitting in government have nothing better to do but ignore glaring issues in their states, and instead waste time on "pressing issues." If for some reason you've opted to try to look at someone else's genitalia while relieving yourself, it's likely you'll be the one penalized in the first place. All in all, this "issue" is fucking stupid. I'm rather ashamed in myself for even bothering taking the time to even look through any of this.
  11. If you actially didn't care like you have implied here, you wouldn't be trying to argue something egregious in the first place. If you're here to try to argue the semnatics of two words however, perhaps you shouldn't try to tout this bullshit before doing so. Make up your mind.
  12. I'm hoping that those who were no shows in this tournament will be barred from the next.
  13. Can't wait to see this enabling kids to sit and be lazy while attempting their dreams of becoming a professional gamer. Not that it hasn't already been a thing, mind you.
  14. From what I can gather, you're trying to get L2 some form of admin with a needless over complication of jargon. As our community would have it, if someone has proven themselves to be mature enough to be a server officer, they may apply as a member and receive such benefits should our esteemed staff members allow it. Far less complicated than.. this. I don't mean to shit on your idea so readily, but I feel as though it's more over a problem of a lack of players as opposed to admins.
  15. There's really nothing to think about. You said it yourself. Not to mention the fact that you never said in your post that "he thought it was pretty fine that he damaged those people". You're free to dismiss it as is, but the fact stands that you banned him because he insulted you. Which is fine by my standard, but a week is excessive considering the surrounding circumstance.