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  1. No one tried to one up you in play time. You'd know that if you actually bothered reading what I had to say. Instead it was along the lines of, "You and everyone else don't play, and your arguments are weak comparable to the counter argument." Two years of play time mean nothing to anyone. But hey, you do you. It's a requirement in sG that you counter someone without actually contributing anything important.
  2. Initially voted "Keep it," but I changed my mind after reading through some of @Travesty points. I was under the pretense that the order for "no detours and delays" gave an opportunity to Ts to "rebel" should a warden mistakenly forget to say them. By this logic, it added an extra layer of complication to the game mode that felt necessary to keep it interesting. In hindsight, though, that reason is moot considering I rarely play JB anymore. The counter argument on the other hand is fairly strong, and it precludes that the removal of the necessity to saying "no detours and delays" could attract newer players to the server. I don't think I could do anything but reiterate @Travesty's points in the matter, so I'll leave it to those reading to reread the first page. Compounded with this, it would also remove situations in which people get into dramatic arguments over "he said, she said". I do see that the vote is heavily weighted in favor of "keep it." However I'd also implore @Iherdcows to look rather at the arguments presented rather than the vote. After all, we have 30 people who want to keep it, yet we sit under 10 players each day. Even on weekends. I'd like the think the majority at this point are irrelevant in the matter. Especially considering the only person who has argued for keeping it never plays the server. @Hay0ger.Tonee http://sg.gameme.com/player_histories/sessions/636908 Edit: Ahh, it was already said. I would also like to point out that, while I don't play the server often, clearly I care enough to donate $100 to try to see it populate.
  3. http://www.news.com.au/world/asia/marawi-city-militant-group-linked-to-isis-in-gunbattle-with-philippines-soldiers/news-story/f9976e839e9cf4b3150a3914b62c8a92 So hard finding a good news article on my phone, but I thought I'd make people aware. Manchester was bad, agreed, but there's a lot going on in the world today.
  4. Hard to believe it has been seven years since high school and three since college. Congrats to those who have made it this far.
  5. congrats on the sex
  6. Ayy, some of these are actually pretty hard. Since I'm footing a good deal of the cash for the prizes, I intend to making them harder .
  7. Down for an sG PUBG. Haven't played much because I'd like to play with friends in Squad.
  8. Hmmn. Slightly interested. My brother has most of the 5e books since he's a big DnD fan. Albeit I'm usually working 9am - 6/7 pm Mon. - Friday. Usually not doing anything over the weekends past 3-4 pm though.
  9. Who are you current members tho?
  10. Are you running 5e?
  11. Ayyyy Just got this game recently and I much prefer playing squads in possible. Truth be told, I don't think solo is that hard, but I've also only played five matches. Either way, I feel like this would be a decent place to find others willing to play. Post stats, times you're willing to chill, etc. I'm sitting at five solo games and one win. Eleven squad games and one win. Usually out of work around 6-7 est. Prefer discord for comms.
  12. ayy hbd gay boy
  13. Doesn't matter. Use them as you see fit.
  15. Ye np. This should be an incentive for people to play more for the raffle tickets for free $$$. Should see a good boost in the pop in the mean time I would hope. >2 x 20 dollar steam card (Thanks Rune <3) Note: It'll be 5 x $20 steam cards. That is unless you're planning to use them elsewhere.