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  1. Needs more War3 players who don't get mad because they died. 14/20.

    @Grayson Levi you're too nice
  3. JahIsLoved application [APPROVED]

    Ok I don't play much anymore, but I'll always remember Jah on War3. Definite ref. 24/20
  4. Willy's sG application [APPROVED]

    Was asked to refer you from @MistaChang Initially was skeptical considering I've never played with you, and I have been clearly inactive over the past few months. Never the less, if staff allows it, I think I will refer you. Reasons being: Your forum post history is still quite available to me, so I figured I'd throw you a bone and take a look. As opposed to most people who make a fool of themselves on here, yours are seemingly respectful and mature. Didn't have any problems with anything that I had seen, and I think the clan could use someone like you. 21/20
  5. Destiny 2 Ingame Clan

    Been thinking about picking this game up and have seen compelling arguments on both sides- All I want to know is: Will I get bored of this in a week if I buy it and should I wait until it's on sale during Black Friday.
  6. Had a good laugh until I read this, then the chill of reality sunk in.
  7. Thank you for this. I've been teetering on whether or not to pick this up, and I just might in the coming days. Perhaps this weekend. Lots of work to do in real life, so I won't be available until around that time.
  8. Free Speech

  9. Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    Ayy I'm down if I'm not working
  10. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    nah the drive up was 3 hours both ways though, so you bet your ass i saw this and opted to comment lmao
  11. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Ho boy. Tonight on sG complaint department cancer thread: Here's my opinion and why I think it's better than yours. More at 11.