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  1. Had a good laugh until I read this, then the chill of reality sunk in.
  2. Thank you for this. I've been teetering on whether or not to pick this up, and I just might in the coming days. Perhaps this weekend. Lots of work to do in real life, so I won't be available until around that time.
  3. Free Speech

  4. Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    Ayy I'm down if I'm not working
  5. nah the drive up was 3 hours both ways though, so you bet your ass i saw this and opted to comment lmao
  6. Ho boy. Tonight on sG complaint department cancer thread: Here's my opinion and why I think it's better than yours. More at 11.
  7. Idk what think you know about denial of service, but having an admin on the server isn't going to do shit lmao Likewise, welcome to the sG forums. Maturity is something I'm still working on and beating a dead horse is something that we consider a past time here
  8. " I used to be a sever owner, and if there aren't admins on that's how you get dosed" Hahahahaha
  9. @LunaBadger lmao just accept it "my dude"
  10. Plz no h8

    At what point did the thought cross your mind that this was funny at all Likewise, it would do you good to know that animal cruelty is considered a felony now-a-days So let's say for instance some sort of authoritative figure somehow sees these brainless posts of yours on a public forum, where does that put you?

    still a faggot
  12. Rainbow Six Siege won't launch on this computer..

    If you have windows 10 you can reset your PC to default settings.