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  1. 0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    If you were to ask JT he would give his two cents on the topic. Also I don't think comparing two servers who run the same mod but coded differently is invalid. The bots are not meant to be a challenge but if you crank up their AI trust me they will do just fine. They are place holders and something for the players trying to populate the server something to kill and spend time with instead of going afk or running around in circles.
  2. 0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    So its an opinion ok makes more sense
  3. 0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    great words of wisdom. Care to elaborate
  4. 0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    I suggested it in the past when war3 was suffering from population problems and back in time we use to have them....BOTS....yep bots put 5 v 5 bots 24/7 and every time a player joined one would go away until all the bots went away. It has been proven in the past that if players abuse exp gains it can be detected and punished. If people were so worried about exp abuse a reduced exp plugin could be created to lower rewards for killing bots. I have never personally been against bots in a empty server I have been against players trying to figure out ways on how to abuse that time alone with them. Bots have feelings too
  5. Leaked Picture of Eddy

    Trav I didn't know you were so desperate for up votes don't you have enough green numbers underneath your name.
  6. OFFICAL - complaints of complaints in Complaint Department

    eh they could be right about what they are saying I am going to wait on the investigating. The only thing I didn't like is the all the shit talking and attacking that went a long with all the stories.
  7. OFFICAL - complaints of complaints in Complaint Department

    @LunaBadger I use to defend you somewhat over the mic shit you do these days but seriously Jeff was right. You use to not be obnoxious thug lite over the mic non stop and you know it aggravates people but you do it anyways and you found a SO who just was not going to put up with your shit. Today when you tried to call my woman a whore over the mic to get a rise out of me lost all respect I had left for you as a player on the server. Talk shit about me but leave others out of it. I can not even begin to express how happy I am watching you open your mouth again and again to get a mouth full of shit from everyone shutting you down. This is Karma and I am glad you are getting some. ( side note Karma posted hers as I was typing this..irony? )
  8. The War3 Guide Reborn

    at least I know how to get you to come back out of retirement *plots*
  9. PUBG - When Swed dies to a Camper

    Honestly I stopped after about 20 seconds and it reminded me more of Cows then Swed even sounded a bit like him too...
  10. Sunday Story-time

  11. Sunday Story-time

  12. Abusing AFKS

    my thread was hijacked in the most awkward of ways
  13. Abusing AFKS

    ya face noticed this thread figured out it was disabled and re-enabled it. He/Me didn't bother posting it was turned back on.