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  1. just for you sweet pea

  2. Race name change

    So in the newest themes of elemental races that exist and might ever be I am requesting that the race elemental be changed to elementalist. Besides that name fits it more then just elemental by what the race actually does.
  3. High Priest / On hit

    face knows
  4. did i get in yet

    we had Not one but two war3 players make it in one month on their first tries..Sharpie and someone else would be jealous....
  5. Toxic Server

    I don't know if it has gotten worse but whenever I am on with you rookie it's the same old three to four mouths as usual who are toxic in general but I didn't think anyone targeted you in general. We all sling shit at each other in general it's kinda a sG thing but like others have said stand your ground. In this day and age you gotta get a back bone and show people you have it or no one will respect you. Sad I know but that is just the truth of it.
  6. "Go To" Games (what´s yours?)

  7. [Race] Murlock Fowlomancer

    Restrictions: No guns / grenades. can only purchase armors Shop menu: Gloves of Warmth, chain mail Fowl Bawl ( passive ) ( 5 ranks ) ( spawn grenades periodically ) Pull eggs from your pouch to create fowl plays ( spawn grenades in your inventory over time each rank increases frequency of grenade spawns ) ( if the grenades hit walls or props they explode on impact ) ( if grenades hit the ground they spawn green color chickens that will slowly gravitate towards enemy players they can be shot ) ( chickens last 25s before self detonation ) Fowl Play ( passive ) ( 5 ranks ) Your fowls grow in strength as you grow in your own powers ( each rank increases the health of your fowls, how fast they track enemies, and how much damage they deal when they explode within proximity or death ) ( each rank increases how many bullets it takes to kill your fowl by 1 bullet , each rank increases their chase speed by 4%, each rank increases how much damage they deal when they explode by 4 ) ( your fowls cannot be fried...immune to fire ) Personal Fowl ( 5 ranks ) Uncorrupted fowls spawn around you at the beginning of every round ( each rank increases the number fowls that spawn with you by 1 ) ( spawn a un-corrupted fowl every 20s ) Fowl Aura ( 5 ranks ) Weaken all things that come near you reducing their effectiveness ( each rank increases your damage reduction by 10% from all damage sources ) Fowlanax ( 5 ranks ) ( ability 1 ) ( 20s cd ) Use your dark arts to temporarily boost your fowl army ( empowerer your fowls to increase their movement speed and damage reduction for a short period ) ( each rank increases duration by 1 second, increase movement speed by 2%, and increase bullet damage by 1 per rank ) MAX: 5 second duration of 10% increased movement speed and 5 additional bullet hits Fowl Temper ( 5 ranks ) ( ultimate ) ( 30s cd )( 1s-5s duration ) ( effects ALL chickens on the map ) Enrage every fowl within the map to destroy your enemies ( Reduce the health of all the fowls down to 1 hit, during duration increase movement speed by an additional 55% ) ( each rank increases duration by 1s )
  8. It's A Spooky Poker Table!!!!

  9. War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    maybe offer 3 tiers of donor status? 5 base for basic supporter 10 dollars for platinum supporter maybe give them higher rewards/perks additional raffle entries etc. Third could be like 15+ and it's just bragging rights and special forum badge and IG font
  10. War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    Thats a fun idea each month we raffle all the supports and they get "Super supporter" for the month. They could give money twice a map? give an additional 2-4% additional exp while on. access races 500-1000? levels above their cap.
  11. Question about suggested races

    No you don't. It isn't bitter sweet it means you gotta level. I have several races on that list I can't play and it's K. If you paid for the race or had some kind of special claim to it like an event maybe but aside from that all your really doing is inspiring the ENG to create something for the server you should feel special enough they took your idea and made it into something tangible
  12. Restricting movement skills

    Ok so a long time issue this server has had and we have discussed it and it always kinda just died off or nothing ever came of it. I think it would really make the server a better place for most smaller/open maps and newer players if we restricted movement skills for lets just say the first 10s after buy time. Races with LJ/teleport can reach almost a majority of the maps we play opposing teams spawn in the first 5-10s of a map and it's just not fun for the other team and players. I know some agree I know some won't but I am throwing my two cents in the hat. Do I like it no do I think it should change ehhh...to me it is more of a map specific issue and #winning mindsets that grief that issue the most. Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions on the thread
  13. Some War3 map suggestions

    Delete the mansion idea its horrid Also Dust3 looks pretty good I had a few error textures
  14. Some War3 map suggestions

    Its marked as a WIP because he is doing updates on it still from feedback but it is a completed map as is.