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  1. turbulance

    About my absence

    Some of you may have noticed or not but I haven't been on in awhile or seen me that much. Even fewer of you know that I had a car accident a few months ago that also made me have some time off the server. I just wanted to let you guys know I started having seizures from the car wreck trauma to my head. I had a bad one a few weeks ago that I actually ripped my rotator cuff so badly I had to have surgery and now I am going through therapy to be able to use my left arm again. On another side note I have a form of epilepsy now that has a variety of triggers and gaming is on the list. SO until my arm heals and I can use it again and they find the right medicine to prescribe to me to suppress the seizures no more fast paced bright colored games for me either. Just wanted to update the people who care. So now you know. I will see you guys when I can
  2. turbulance

    Sounds that are just too damn loud!!

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  3. turbulance

    New donation from Destin

    when 100 dollars can't save you from a bullet
  4. turbulance

    Crack house

    Connection Time:4 days 12:03:59 hours Banana Joes total connection time on the server. Connection Time:8 days 09:37:14 hours Dragon's total time. Your both slackers
  5. turbulance

    Crack house

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/177785 variation with a sewer route into the house https://gamebanana.com/maps/176719 a crackhouse like map that is popular
  6. turbulance

    Human Marine team limit

    I just want more ways to deal with damage reduction abilities/races I don't really care about the respawning because there are more ways to deal with that then there is to deal with damage reduction.
  7. turbulance

    Human Marine team limit

    Honestly I don't care much about the Human Marine issue only thing you really need IMO is a good counter play. I don't generally get too pissy about a race if there is another race to put it in check.
  8. turbulance

    Culture of sG

    I have complaints in the complaint department from the times I have had issues I go to Face if I have an issue or I go so a Staff member. Like I said I don't go after people in general unless they make it personal. I did not go after either of you as a SO BMT I called you and Swed out for bringing nothing to the table on this post and the way yall seem to have a ego when anyone tries to challenge anything you say or do. I did not call into check your quality as SO's I did not say you needed to lose SO I did not say you don't deserve what you have. This isn't about a no fun allowed I watch you guys slap each other all day and could not give a rats ass. To me it looked like you both didn't even read what I said or the points I was making you just barfed out a reply that made little to no sense in the context of this thread. @Sean sorry to hurt your feelings but if I want to call someone an asshole it's just gonna happen that's life no one here is going to curl up in bed tonight crying to themselves that I called them an asshole. Especially those two. My two cents was about SO's and staffers coming in using admin powers for no reason on random people or a player and laughing about it or doing it for the lols and how it can leave a bad impression on people. I had no pitch fork in my hand and neither did Agent he was just explaining his past experiences about how he TRIED and nothing ever happened and how I can relate to it and so can others. Again read what I actually wrote and put it into the context of the thread and what I have said previously countless times now. But then again I am glad to see everyone is still like the CD is the beginning and ending of solving issues within the clan. The whole damn point was...it isn't
  9. turbulance

    Culture of sG

    @Swed @Bear-Man-Thing hey look it's the two assholes who don't like to read and just spew shit out of their mouths like usual. Face has a plugin to look at the admin command log and second I was backing up and just giving an easy example of how people sometimes take things too far or are inconsiderate of new players or people not in the know. I was not attacking anyone or calling anyone out I was not throwing around names I was just giving examples to help elaborate on other peoples issues and concerns. I do try to fix things when I see them as a problem I just don't waste my breath or typing time to talk to either of you two because these are the kind of responses people in general get from both of you. I like both of you in general but BMT ( your newish nickname ) You have a ego problem and you bring it into the server all the time and so do you Swed. No one cares that your old fags around here no one cares about how big you E-peen is. This thread was people venting about frustrations and things that need to change and opinions of whats wrong with the clan as a whole and server by server issue. But nope look at your posts and see how little they contributed to any of the topics at hand or points already established.
  10. turbulance

    Culture of sG

    You missed the point I was trying to make @Travesty @SpartanSakaro . There is a lot of just casual bullshit that happens and people have reported in the past and people just got their hands slapped or finger waved at them and that is fine I don't honestly care getting people in trouble or losing them rank is not my objective. It is the feeling of uselessness and powerlessness this community gives to its own player base tagged or not. @Face take a look at your War3 admin logs and see all the slapping and admin usage lately a SO for the lols accidently perma'd a guy and that is the kinda stuff I am talking about going into admin tabs to fuck with other players or slap them because you can is bullshit. People get to comfortable with themselves and others then don't realize what kind of message they are sending to casuals or first timers. It is not someones objective to know why or understand the details about what people say or do but have every right to take it at face value ( no puns I promise face )
  11. turbulance

    Culture of sG

    My only opinion on the sG culture is bias, bad attitudes, favoritism, and lack of motivation. It is something that all communities deal with and is a major part of any large community. Older members become jaded or stagnant on their duties, friends will always be bias to other friends in some way or the other. sG does have a big issue with people being overly aggressive and when they do wrong or hurt feelings they tell you to suck it up and take no blame hell I have done that. Over the years I have become more mellow and relaxed having a woman and three kids will do that to you in some areas. All in all I like sG or I wouldn't have finally joined it. Does it have flaws and issues yes, is it a horrible place to be, I don't think so. My biggest issue is the bullying that happens I have personally over the years seen so many members be bullied the point of quiting their favorite games, servers, and obviously the guild/clan. The ambiguous don't say the N word or be a raciest but lets say it to each other in admin chat and discord teehee kinda mentality. I miss the forum nazis like Golden Tongue to keep peoples posts in grammatical order god knows he would foam at the mouth reading how I typed this. TL;DR sG isn't perfect no one should expect it to be, BUT some things do need to change.
  12. turbulance

    Item Purchases

    No my feelings are not made out of paper, I play on CE after all. I am however just tired of the way people talk to each other around here. I try really hard to be nice and constructive in my old age but you guys make it really difficult.
  13. turbulance

    Item Purchases

    CE doesn't do it that way either yes they are a little bit more organized but mainly because they have twice as many shopmenu items. No need to be an ass Zebra
  14. turbulance

    Item Purchases

    I think categorizing them into more specific sections might help some items see more purchasing and help get rid of some page 2 issues in some place create them in others. It could help people find more specific answers for specific problems. 1.Attack Items 2.Defensive Items>> > Physical Defense > Magical Defense > Movement Defense > Vision Defense > Weapon/Attack Defense chain etc If a catagory does have enough to validate its existence maybe brain storm a few items to give it validation or put it into a category that would be closest.
  15. turbulance

    Rule clarification for map DE_Icewerk

    That is one of the issues with SO's vs rules. UNFORTUNATELY even if you know your in the right do what the SO tells you get some S.S. of where you are what your doing get the SO's name go to complaint department make your case if it is more of a grief then a rule issue. If not do what your doing here state your case share some demos or S.S. tag face, skitt, thorgot, or another SO you trust. In the end you can hopefully get the SO in question educated or at best put them in their place ( I love doing that one ). Just remember everyone is human.