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  1. WHY?

  2. [Race] Soldier of Sol

    I wanted something to break wish uses. Hurt them in the pocket
  3. [Race] Soldier of Sol

    Armor of Solaris ( 5 ranks ) Armor made from harnessing the energy of the sun. ( reduce the damage of attacks made against you the further away from you the enemy is and burn those foolish enough to stare directly at you ) ( each rank would reduce the damage you take from attacks the further you are from the enemy from a range of 50%-100% at max ) ( Rank range 10-50% and 60-100% ) ( burn players who look at you through zoomed weapons for 2,4,6,8,10 fire damage a second ) Blessings of Sol ( 5 ranks ) Blessed with the gifts of the sun you do not fear the burning and blinding effects it may cause others but embrace it. ( You become immune to flash bangs and fire damage. You also gain boosted effects when you are flash banged or would take fire damage ) ( each rank increases chances of immunity to flash bangs and fire damage by 20% ) ( when you are flash banged or prevent fire damage you gain a 5% movement speed buff for 5s per rank as well as a 5% damage buff per rank for 2s ) Solar Flare ( 5 ranks ) ( ability 1 ) ( 25s cd ) Explode outward with stored energy creating Solar flares in every direction ( create an explosion centered on yourself enemies hit by the blast take damage and are hit with a strong knock back ) ( each rank increases damage by 6 damage ) ( each rank increases the strength of the knock back by 10% ) Sword of Sunlight ( 5 ranks ) A sword forged with energy from the sun and mana crystals. It cuts almost anything. ( Chance to ignore all forms of damage reduction, evasion, and shields ) ( destroys enemies weapons on death ) ( your weapons have no damage fall off ) ( each rank increases chance to ignore defenses by 20% ) Dawn to Dusk ( 5 ranks ) ( on death ) When killed your vengeful spirit attacks your killer sending back the killing blow ( when killed you deal your killer the damage over your current health that killed you) ( Each rank increases the odds of this happening on death by 10% ) ( you have 10 health someone hits you for 100 they take 90 ) Ashes of Creation ( 5 ranks ) When you kill an enemy you store up their energy and use it to bring yourself back to life. ( when you kill an enemy you gain a counter ) ( when you die if you have counters you come back to life with health adjusted by how many counters you have ) ( each rank increases how much health you have when you spawn by 2 ) ( if maxed you gain 10 health per counter when you respawn yourself ) Super Nova ( 5 ranks ) ( ultimate ) ( 30s cd ) ( 5s fuse ) You offer yourself up to Sol and burn as bright as the sun to burn out all who oppose your cause ( When triggered you disarm yourself turn white and become immune to damage. ) ( you create a radius around you that if enemies are in they are slowed by 40% and jumping is disabled ) ( enemies in the radius take 3 damage per rank per second they are in the radius ) ( at end of timer you explode killing yourself and any enemy in the radius ) ( ultimate immunity stops the death blow and damage only )
  4. Gremlin

    The point of the race is to have a strong counter to sniper races and zooming weapons. We have strong counters to knife races and strong counters to magical races. We even have races that punish niche things. I don't see how this is any different. The race is designed to do one thing very well which it does. The stacking two debuffs this race cause are not the same and they spread differently. The ultimate just makes it global and blockable via necklace. **Edited the race after some feedback**
  5. Gremlin

    restrictions: AK/M4A1;pistols only Consuming Power ( 5 ranks ) Killing your enemies steals their power making you stronger each time and healing just a little. ( each rank increases ammo regeneration in your clip by .5 per 5 seconds and 1 per 5 seconds in your reserve ) ( every time you kill an opponent until the end of the map you increase these regeneration powers by .5 ) ( each rank increases health per kill by 3 ) Mechanical Jinx ( 5 ranks ) ( passive aura ) Your mere presence causes your enemies weapons to malfunction and waste ammo ( each rank increases the aura by 100 units ) ( While within the aura your enemies cannot zoom, double their primary ammo usage while firing, and secondaries have increased reload time ) Pocket Portal ( 5 ranks ) ( ability 1 ) ( ability 2 ) ( 15s cd on ability 1 ) ( 30s cd on ability 2 ) ( portal lasts 10s ) ( cannot be used while holding hostage ) You create a portal destination and then a door leading to it that stays open for a short while. Anyone can use but it will harm enemies ( each rank increases damage to enemies who use the portal by 5 damage ) Pariah's Touch ( 5 ranks ) ( attack ) Your cursed existence is spread through your attacks on your enemies and they can spread it to other enemies ( Curse your enemy causing them to not be able to zoom, doubling their ammo usage for primaries, and reducing their damage to you by 5% per rank for 10 seconds ) ( if an enemy is within 100 units of the initial victim they too will be cursed and repeated if any enemy stays within range of each other ) What is that? ( 5 ranks ) ( passive ) Your enemies can't get a good view of you through scopes and lenses your mere existence is hard to see ( when an enemies cross hair lands on you and they are using a zoom feature they unzoom their weapon ) ( each rank increases your invisibility by 12% ) Foul Ball ( 5 ranks ) ( grenade ) A collection of the foulest things found. So disgusting your enemies drop everything and turn away if they flat out don't die from it ( Your grenades cause your enemies to drop their weapon if the race allows and slows them by 30% for 3s) ( each rank increases grenade damage by 3% ) Howling Jinx ( 5 ranks ) ( ultimate ) ( 30s cd ) You howl in anger increasing Mechanical Jinx's aura to cover the whole map effecting every enemy player and you deal enemies damage per bullet spent. ( each rank increases the duration by 2s ) ( you deal 1 damage per smg bullet ) ( 2 damage per heavy ) ( 3 damage per pistol ) ( 4 damage per rifle ) ( 10 per scout/awp shot )
  6. An Opinion

    thanks for down voting me for an opinion bro
  7. An Opinion

    Igna is cancer and needs to be rebalanced. lady H is cancer and needs to be rebalanced.
  8. [Race] Yondu The Centaurian

    40% is higher then normal but the catch is the player has to be standing still for 2 seconds and stay standing still to get that damage reduction. The delay stops players from stutter stepping to get the damage reduction. It is more about baiting stand offs then anything else and channeling your ultimate.
  9. [Race] Yondu The Centaurian

    scout/knife Centaurian Bow ( 5 ranks ) A custom bow made for Yondu capable of turning anything into ash and penetrate any shield ( rank 1 for free ) ( Spawn with a scout ) ( Each rank gives 10 rounds in the first clip and 10 additional rounds in the magazine ) ( Each rank increases the chance of ignoring damage reduction and evasion chances by 20% ) ( if an enemy tries to pick up the scout it explodes dealing 5 damage per rank ) Holograph Belt ( 5 ranks ) Create a holographic image of yourself on both sides of you every time your stand still making it harder to target you ( when you stand still images of yourself will appear to the left and right of you ) ( while standing still you gain a damage reduction of 8% per rank ) ( 2s delay on damage reduction ) Grav Boots ( 5 ranks ) Control your jump height and your opponents ability to make you move ( each rank increases your jumping strength by 10% ) ( each rank decreases your fall damage by 20% ) ( each rank increases your immunity to forced movement effects by 20% ) ( knock up, knock back, pushes, pulls, slaps, and buries ). Dampening Field ( 5 ranks ) ( ability 1 ) ( 10s duration ) ( 25s cd ) Reduce the powers of others around you with a dampening field you stole from Thanos ( 300 unit radius of effect ) ( remove all immunities from enemies within the range of your field and destroy any enemy created props, wards, and mines ) ( also reduce the healing and bonus damage enemies do ) ( each rank increases the reduction of healing and bonus damage enemies by 20% ) Ego Boost ( 5 ranks ) Move with a little more swagger and deal a little more damage when you kill an enemy ( each time you kill an enemy you gain a permanent damage boost and movement speed boost until the end of the map ) ( Each rank increases damage and movement speed bonus on kill by .20 per rank ) ( so +1% at Max ) ( each rank increases the bonus cap by 5% for movement speed and 3% for damage) ( Max 25%/15% bonus stats ) ( Head Shots double kill rewards money and % boost ) Whistling Dixie ( 5 ranks ) ( passive on kill ) Whistle while you work and keeping count of your enemies ( every time you kill an enemy gain a whistle counter ) ( Gain immunity to silences ) ( each rank makes you immune to silences by 20% ) ( each rank increases how many whistle counters you get per kill by 1 and max counter by 10 ) ( Max: Kill 5 Max: 50 counters ) Yaka Arrow ( ultimate ) ( true damage ) ( 40s cd ) ( does not work on Dark Templar/Shadow Assassin unless they are under your aura ) Stand still and begin to focus while whistling sending your Yaka Arrow out to murder your enemies. ( Begin channeling on activation and is canceled when you take damage or run out of charges ) ( Every rank gives you 1 whistle counter each round ) ( each rank increases how much damage an arrow hit does by 1 ) ( every second you channel you spend 1 charge and hit a random first enemy for true damage. Every second you channel after that you hit another target. Repeat this process and hit a new target each time. When there are no new targets you start back with the first enemy you hit and continue ) ( MAX: 5 free charges every round ) ( MAX: 5 damage per charge used ) ( True damage )
  10. Pyro Fire damage resistance

    I was referring to his own damage sorry. Like if you stand in your own molotov you die
  11. Pyro Fire damage resistance

    You say it's immune I say it takes reduced.
  12. Name: Chris O'Shields Age: 36 Location: Huntsville, AL Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:1820799 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/571483 Favorite Server: war3 About Yourself: Been around forever some like me some hate me but it's ok. Majority of my contributions go into the war3 server and community. Do you use a Microphone? If provoked Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? JYD , Smurfs , Hells , and Cataclysm. Questions or Comments: Bananas Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @Face @Travesty @Rock I have a few others but they should be a start. Link to Introduction Thread:
  13. CS:GO Warcraft Races

    Sean your ruining the moment
  14. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    None of that is or should be relevant when coming up with and designing a community event. Just because you have a whore race doesn't mean the ENG needs to go out of their way to appease you. More often then not they have. This IS an entitlement issue instead of being happy that your even getting an event with really good prizes your nit picking at it because it is not giving you the rewards YOU want and what YOU feel it should be. Just to be clear when I say YOU I mean people that are complaining about the rewards. SO's are usually exempt from events in one form or the other let's spoil them for once? again sorry we don't agree but I think your way off on what events are about and why they exist. I am going to make this my last reply because the event thread is now drowned in us arguing. Sorry Krony