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  1. turbulance

    anyone who plays war3

    I have kinda stopped playing because I am waiting on face to get back into things and I am tired of being fucked with about my personal life 24/7 when I am in there.
  2. turbulance

    Abaddon, Lord v Blood Hunter

    Isn't blood hunter loss of life like Soul reapers AoE. I like the idea of one thing still effecting abaddon.
  3. turbulance

    Lets make a story only two words!

    she screamed
  4. turbulance

    Post your favourite Dish's or recipes.

    Poor Mans fridge cheesecake: 1 small container cool whip +1 can condensed milk +1 16-20oz cream cheese. any flavor cool aide into condensed milk then MIX all ingredients together and pour into premade pie crust shell stick in fridge for 4 hours then eat it. usual cost 5$
  5. turbulance

    0.0000001% WAR3 PLAYER CLUB

    Both I bet were using Dante at the time
  6. turbulance

    [Race] Zealot of C'thun

    Like I said on the server I design and Face/community can adjust. Bringing new race ideas and concepts are just as a important part of designing new races as it is the numbers/coding. If this race doesn't get made *shrugs* if face takes just one idea from it I feel productive. As a side note. For the maintaining a Rank 5 C'thun you would have to start a round with 50 souls transfrom and if your maintain skill is maxed you would need to get 3 HS kills or 5 regular kills then a mix and match of points. So staying as C'thun can be a bit more challenging then one might assume. Ya you could say "well I could do that every round" well ya you could so could a lot of people but your not. IDK I don't really see the OP'ness of the race. I think the healing on ult and remove from radar are its two strongest factors. But you can only heal once per summoning and if you maintain the form you don't get to resummon or heal off the skill again.
  7. turbulance

    [Race] Zealot of C'thun

    AUG/pistols only Eye of C'Thun ( 5 ranks ) ( ability 1 ) ( 25s cd ) ( 100 life totem ) Place the eye of C'Thun on a crafted totem to punish those who dare use magic around it ( the totem can take bullet/grenade damage to be destroyed ) ( the totem has a 200 unit radius ) ( enemies within the radius are dealt 3 damage per rank every time they use an ability or ultimate successfully ) ( if a player takes damage from the eye they are silenced for 2s per rank ) One and Only ( 5 ranks ) ( passive ) When an ally dies your powers grow to strengthen your cause ( 20% chance on ally death to gain benefits per rank ) ( when an ally dies gain 10 health, gain 1% movement speed, 1% damage reduction, 1% bonus damage, and 1% lower gravity ) ( if you are the last player alive on your team you become immune to ultimates ) Chaos Bolt ( 5 ranks ) ( chance on hit and on kill ) Your attacks have a chance to leap from one target to others splitting the damage between anyone near your target ( 10% chance per rank to split the damage evenly between your initial target and any other enemy within 20 units of that target ) ( on kill deal 4 damage to each enemy around your target in a 20 unit radius ) He is Calling ( 5 ranks ) You can hear the call of C'Thun as you near death bringing you closer to your goals ( As you lose health you gain more and more abilities ) ( each rank increases how close to death strengthens your bonuses along with benefit ranges ) Rank 1 100-76 health no bonuses Rank 2 75-51 health 50% increased reload speed Rank 3 50-26 health 25% increased rate of fire Rank 4 25-6 health become immune to slows, roots, stuns, and fire damage Rank 5 5-1 health become immune to magic damage Ritual of Summoning ( 5 ranks ) ( on kill or assist ) ( gain 4 counters on kill 2 on assist ) ( 8 counters on HS kill ) ( persists through death ) Collect the life force of those you kill in his name and use that power to Summon your god ( each rank increases the cap of ritual counters you can hold at a time by 10 ) Vessel ( 5 ranks ) ( ultimate ) ( 30s cd ) ( 5s channel ) ( once per life ) Sacrifice yourself along with all of your collected energy to summon C'thun onto the battlefield ( become C'thun and gain special abilities ) ( each rank increases how many souls you can consume to power the ritual ) *** This skill unlocks after hitting level 15 Maintaining Form ( 5 ranks ) C'thun can stay in this realm as long as he can feed from its inhabitants ( at end of round consume ritual counters to stay as C'thun into the following round ) ( each rank reduces the amount of ritual counters needed to remain in the form ) *** This skill unlocks after hitting level 30 on this race Rank 1 50 Rank 2 45 Rank 3 35 Rank 4 25 Rank 5 20 ***Becoming C'thun heals you to 100 HP, gain all perks from He is Calling Ranks you have unlocked, and different benefits according to how many ritual counters you used. *** If you used less then 10 souls upon activation C'Thun refuses your Vessel and you explode in a gory death. ( you do gain counters while you are C'Thun ) Rank 1 up to 10 counters; 10 additional health gained, 1HP/1Armor per 5s, immune to flash bangs, Rank 2 up to 20 counters; 20 additional health gained, 1HP/1Armor per 4s, 10% additional damage reduction, Rank 3 up to 30 counters; 30 additional health gained, 1HP/1Armor per 3s, 1 clip/reserve ammo regeneration per 1s Rank 4 up to 40 counters; 40 additional health gained, No longer show up on radar in any way Rank 5 up to 50 counters; 50 additional health gained, Gain true damage
  8. turbulance

    Second Wave Ability damage

    Sure I am that guy but when something comes along and is just absurd I throw the nerf the fuck out of this what the fuck is this shit chatter everyone has a line and ya I let people cross it when they feel something is retarded and they just have to vent about it. This race has too much shit going for it and has an ability that is just too god damn strong. Only strong magic resist races really put a dent in this races damage and those are few and far between and the way damage has been reworked with that class the grenade still does 30-50 damage I know I have tried counter picking that race. I know we go back and forth on stuff and that is fine but I am standing strong on my stance about this race. I have let go of my opinions on things in the past by Face and others talking me down from it but not this race and not that damage.
  9. turbulance

    Second Wave Ability damage

    It's rare damage. If you get hit by it point blank it deals 80 damage. 50-80 damage from an Ability on a 25-30s that tracks players and can do AOE 50-80 damage is in fact super rare to the point of unique. People always say "well you can shoot it so shut up" as an excuse for it dealing that kind of damage. That is not an excuse and I would easily say many more victims are hit with corner/stair hits then it running straight at them while they spray at it and miss. Compounded by the fact this race has a massive heal on the same CD, choice of evasion, bonus gun perks, and a variety of other nifty tricks at its disposal.
  10. turbulance

    Second Wave Ability damage

    Because he literally camps in a corner with heal and shits them out over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Shooting them is cool when the hit box lets you and if your not walking around a corner or upstairs.
  11. turbulance

    Second Wave Ability damage

  12. turbulance

    Second Wave Ability damage

    Damage Taken from "¢løudStrife" - 80 in 1 hit Why..why the hell does that god damn chicken mine deal 80 damage. Why the hell is that fair and balanced.
  13. turbulance

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    no Fy's need OBJs.