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  1. KiD Fearless

    Warcraft 3 Changelog

    westwood now has a secret button in ct/t spawn to disable round start music. skybox raised, and ladder fixed. castle reclipped to prevent flying races from getting outside of the map. militia remastered no longer has those black boxed. helicopter on cs_agency isn't as loud.
  2. KiD Fearless

    Warcraft 3 Map List (8/19/2018)

    Removed: -cs_motel Added: +de_ali +de_dust2_toon_16toGO +de_rails Updated: *de_westwood_07_2 *de_castle
  3. KiD Fearless

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    Cash is a privilege, bout to lower my bind again
  4. KiD Fearless

    Stepping down as SO

    No, you have to come back instead.
  5. KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    11/01/2017 -Added Changelog
  6. KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    08/03/2018 -Shavit-Mapchooser will now do runoff votes. -Added AFK plugin so that AFK's won't count towards rtv votes. -Slap style is now the weekly style. -Saved spawn points won't override track switching. -Removed nice little menu from setspawn.
  7. KiD Fearless


    all of these were tested and were found to not fit war3's play style. Sorry.
  8. KiD Fearless

    Warcraft 3 Map List (8/19/2018)

    added maps: +workshop/779308707/cs_cruise +workshop/122439431/cs_motel +workshop/129816764/cs_thunder +workshop/208579464/de_castle +workshop/152827986/de_ruins +workshop/401138553/de_resort removed maps: -workshop\309428549\de_astra_v2
  9. KiD Fearless

    New Maps 7/27/18

    Thanks man.
  10. KiD Fearless

    Warcraft 3 Map List (8/19/2018)

    added new maps: +workshop\199651111\cs_warmblow_beta01 +workshop\309428549\de_astra_v2 +workshop\674710867\de_cotroceni +workshop\842297085\de_portugal_rc1
  11. KiD Fearless

    New donation from SmugJack

  12. KiD Fearless


    Always high as fuck. 2/20
  13. KiD Fearless

    Bhop Map!

    Exodus is a big map, like 300+mb big, and while I don't mind adding maps that big, exodus is also a very long and difficult map to play. It was on the server before but only 2-3 people were able to finish it, so unless there's a bigger demand for the map on the server i'm going to keep it off the server.
  14. KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    07/02/2018 -Shavit-mapchooser updated to show cleaner names. -If you noclipped recently and try to leave the start zone you'll be automatically reset, instead of just stopping your timer. -Setspawn has a nice little menu now. -Fixed an exploit that would let people use checkpoints on no-limit. -Started transitioning shavit-mapchooser to use translation files (lets players see messages in their native language). -Slash is the weekly style. Hold crouch to activate the crouch sliding mechanics.
  15. KiD Fearless

    Warcraft3 Auto-disconnect

    Are you getting any disconnect messages? Are there certain maps that this happens on? What was the server pop. when you tried to connect? Do you make it past the loading screen and get booted when you try to join a team? Or is it before that?
  16. KiD Fearless

    Zero's App [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Your application has been moved to pending status. You may now put on your sGr | tag to inform members that you are a Recruit. In order to become a member of Syndicate Gamers, your application will need to meet at least 20 referrals from sG members who are L2 and above. Three of those must be from our Staff team. EZ Ref, 1/20
  17. KiD Fearless

    Hello Everybody

    Happy late birthday man! he also played mg a while back.
  18. KiD Fearless

    Greetings everyone

    welcome to the forums my dude!
  19. KiD Fearless

    sG 2018 World Cup

    Am I doing good?
  20. KiD Fearless

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    Posting these all together to make it easier to sort. If there's any that are interesting but have some issues then I can tweak them to work better on the server. @ATG_AGENT de_log de_dust2_toon_16toGO de_prodigy de_mist de_heat cs_minecraft_landscape de_depo
  21. KiD Fearless

    Community Update 6/28/18

    I've been waiting so long to post this. @The Ben@thew
  22. KiD Fearless

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    Added: de_log Might relook into de_mist later. The rest were denied.
  23. KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    06/28/2018 -Switched mapchooser, nominations, and rockthevote to shavits-mapchooser. Server shouldn't lag anymore when nominating maps. If there's any problems with the new map voting system let me know.
  24. KiD Fearless

    Weekly Style Thread

    Feel free to post any suggestions for weekly styles here.