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  1. Welp, I guess i'll try again next month.
  2. Due to some stuff coming up in my life I won't be able to play video games or work on the server anymore. I'd like to thank the other staff members for giving me the chance to work on the server. I wanted to put more in this thread but whatever.
  3. 07/15/2017 Disabled Ackbar Barry Burton Domino Deathstroke Samusaran Zero Suit Samus Cortana Duke Nukem Orc Legolas Aragorn Gandalf Prison Guard Yuno Gasai Grim Reaper Predator Donald Trump Devil Suit HOmer Vertigo Zoey King Pink Panther Rosa Vanquish Drone
  4. 07/15/2017 In order to reduce download times to minigames some of the less used skins have been temporarily disabled. I have also cleaned up some textures and models that weren't being used on the server.
  5. I remember that day, That was a lot of fun. Glad to see that you stuck around.
  6. 07/04/2017 ADDED: surf_sportsarena surf_xpipe_csgo surf_pyramidduel_ice_csgo2 surf_superk_csgo surf_desertwaves
  7. We don't really need to removed any maps right now. After looking through the list, I added the maps listed below. ADDED: surf_sportsarena surf_xpipe_csgo surf_pyramidduel_ice_csgo2 surf_superk_csgo surf_desertwaves
  8. 06/29/17 -Increased sv_minrate from 7500 to 128000 to help reduce choke.
  9. 06/28/17 -removed surf ramp fix plugin. -added https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=2447959 for dropping accuracy -sv_maxvelocity set to 100000 -sv_airaccelerate set to 1000 -extended times for afk manager
  10. Time to get my surf rpg on!
  11. 06/24/2017 -added new styles for course maps (no limit, autostrafe, frog, low grav, low/high fov, slowmotion, and valium). -added /spec on course maps so players can easily spectate each other. -course maps now record strafes for times. -increased sv_airaccelerate to 1000.
  12. Normally to have bots maneuver through a map there need to be a nav mesh for the map. more often than not the map maker will put an empty nav mesh in their map, instead of letting csgo automatically build it. It can take hours just to build a single nav mesh for a map, and even then the bots won't do exactly what you want them to do. I don't know if @Chewy or @AntiTeal have read this yet, but might as well ping them.
  13. If you already know you like the mouse, and your comfortable using it, there shouldn't be any real reason to switch. I'm using a Corsair Scimitar for mine, which is by no means a fps mouse, but I find it pretty comfortable and land a ton of bhops with it.
  14. Bye funky, thanks for your efforts with surf rpg, best of luck with your schoolwork.