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  1. KiD Fearless


    welcome my dude come check out bhop some time, also don't listen to @The Ben least abusive staff member. bhop server
  2. KiD Fearless

    HelloJoe's Application [PENDING]

    15/20 hellojoe
  3. KiD Fearless

    sG 2018 World Cup

    Might as well go with number one on the list. Argentina
  4. KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    6/11/2018 -Purged a ton of maps from the server that were either bad, taking up space, or not being played. -sm_telefinder added for admins to teleport around the map -changed strafetrainers color scheme and added per player averages. (do !strafetrainer 7 to show an average of 7 ticks vs. 10) -added !guns to the server, currently available to everyone but soon to be donator+ only.
  5. KiD Fearless

    Happy Birthday Moose_

    Thanks for all your hard work @Moose! We all really appreciate what you do! I hope you enjoy your day with your son.
  6. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS OF OF THE MEMBER/NON-MEMBER RAFFLES: @FuFu@daniel_ First Place Raffle Winner: @Zero taking the month of premium admin. Second Place Raffle Winner: @krony taking the animated spray. Third Place Raffle Winner: @Sakarra taking the Custom Title. Final Raffle Winner: @FProz Won the remaining Donator. Thanks everyone who competed during this event. I'll see you next time.
  7. The event is over! I'd like to thank everyone who participated during the last week. Tracking of new raffle tickets and playtime have stopped, but the commands will still be available until everything has been sorted. It's late right now for me so I will be sorting through everyone's tickets, playtime, and map challenges tomorrow. If you would like to help make this process go faster you can post your steamid/steamid64, screenshots of your current playtime and map challenges that you completed. After i've sorted everything i'll probably post some stats about the event.
  8. KiD Fearless

    Stepping down

    Lindsay is actually being pressured from higher ups to "step down" due to the overwhelming evidence of her cheats.
  9. first. I'll try and post some questions and stuff here. Q: Who gets the map challenges? A: Map challenges will be available for everyone, regardless if someone else has claimed it. Q: How can I check my raffle tickets? A: You can check your own raffle tickets by doing !tickets, to see a general idea of the top10 you can do !top. Q: How many raffle tickets awarded? A: Each style will be assigned a certain amount of raffle tickets for completing maps, and some styles might not give you a full ticket. You take how many tickets you would normally get and multiply it by the values below: Tier 1: Multiply by 1 | Tier 2: Multiply by 4 | Tier 3: Multiply by 9 | Tier 4: Multiply by 16 | Tier 5: Multiply by 25 Styles:
  10. Tribes: Ascend - FTP https://store.steampowered.com/app/17080/Tribes_Ascend/ Blade Symphony - $5 https://store.steampowered.com/app/225600/Blade_Symphony/ Rust Legacy - FTP https://www.legionrust.com/
  11. KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    5/9/2018 -Updated timer -friction and accelerate changed to 5 and 4 -prestrafe cap increased to 288 -no movement styles will take effect while in noclip -ranks use percentage properly
  12. KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    4/23/2018 -updated oryx, should be less false flags -improved parkour -added unnamed parkour(perfect parkour) -added thirdperson style -added autostrafe style -strafehack has been switched to influxes strafehack which works more like both an optimizer and a strafehack -moonshoes has been put back as a ranked style since it's fixed -added sm_voicehud -ssj now shows timer status and speed loss per jump -no longer need to hold duck to teleport if you were holding it when you saved your location -updated timer/added new maps.
  13. KiD Fearless


    hi zero, nice to see you here
  14. KiD Fearless

    New donation from Fuzeee

    Thanks my dude!