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  1. KiD Fearless

    Minigames Play Test

    Details Here:
  2. KiD Fearless

    found my new fav server

    Welcome to the forums, stay away from @Fuzeee he tells lies!
  3. KiD Fearless

    Everything we know is wrong

    bhop and war3 neck and neck
  4. KiD Fearless

    Fall TTT Event

    Gmod event round 2, let's go!
  5. KiD Fearless


    Welcome my dude.
  6. KiD Fearless

    Jailbreak Changelog

    10/07/2018 + Added sm_hosties + Thirdperson command for admins + Updated warden + Updated Collection_Fix Plugin - Removed voice fix plugin since sm_hosties handles voice comms
  7. KiD Fearless

    Zombie Escape Changelog

    Increased skillbot plugins max ranks to 100 Updated chat processor plugin Updated sourcemod
  8. KiD Fearless

    Respawn toggle bind

    alias +toggle "say /respawn_normal"; alias -toggle "bind f1 +toggle2"; alias +toggle2 "say /respawn_spawn"; alias -toggle2 "bind f1 +toggle"; bind "F1" "+toggle"; fancy formatting
  9. KiD Fearless

    WAR3 Map Suggestions

    From what I was told respawn races wouldn't get teleported to the map or something and be trapped in the start room. Remind me this weekend to look into that.
  10. KiD Fearless

    bakkaneko app[DENIED]

    I don't think @Wolfshade said he was actually going to ref him, just help him make the post. @Rockspoiled infinity war for me.
  11. KiD Fearless

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Still not demoted, damn...
  12. KiD Fearless

    danielyeetman's Application [PENDING]

    4/20 Daniel has been with bhop since I first started it up. I haven't had any problems with him and overall a pretty cool guy. So if you don't mind please ref him for me
  13. KiD Fearless


    SHIT, HE GOT PROOF! Mine would probably be when i first joined mg in csgo. I had no idea how to do anything except bhop, and konemo still played
  14. KiD Fearless

    Hello World!

    Welcome to the forums my dude, don't listen to them they have no proof of my cheats
  15. KiD Fearless

    Missing Mini Maps

    Yeah, you need to add the scale, position, and zoom settings that were used when you took the screenshot, as noted here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Creating_a_working_mini-map The images themselves look pretty good, and as a side note, speedcastle and dust_css are also missing a radar. Though i'm pretty sure a radar came with dust_css and was never added.