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  1. They're still working on it bro.
  2. 4/21/2017 Removed: mg_legospace_multigames (race was broken allowing 1 team to get a head start over the other. Constant spam of awp minigame). Updated: mg_hype_v2 (Players no longer can pick up pistols on headshot only).
  3. 4/21/2017 -Minigames now uses mapchooser extended. -Map extensions increased to 2. -Updated Toggle map music plugin. -Players who pickup weapons for the opposite team, receive their weapon skin based on their CS:GO weapon layout. (CT's get their ak skins, T's get their m4 skins). -Spectators talk talk to the server again.
  4. Can't wait to see wait people will come up with for this event. Hopefully my maps won't too awful for war3.
  5. main email back in 2008 for myspace. I'm pretty sure i've changed my password a bunch of times since then and turn on 2-step for gmail.
  6. Thanks to the effort of @fps_trucka Minigames will now give extra credits for playing on weekends!
  7. 4/16/2017 -Minigames now has bonus credits on weekends! -Thanks @fps_trucka -Cleaner added to the server. -Trying a new noblock plugin that shows promise.
  8. Rip bhopping, Can't wait to see the new hammer editor though.
  9. 4/12/2017 Removed: mg_lt_glacier_csgo_v2 mg_parish_course mg_mario_party
  10. 4/12/2017 -Removed the restriction on the Negev. -Fixed players being stuck in spectate.
  11. Time for me to rank up! Also you can buy revolver first round.
  12. 4/11/2017 -Added prestrafing.
  13. atta boy jodas! Representing mapping squad.
  14. 4/9/2017 Updated: mg_wl_multigames_sgedit
  15. 4/9/2017 -func_breakables now kill decoy and smoke grenades.