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KiD Fearless

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  1. Yo happy birthday to my boy @Midnightx turning 17! It's been a crazy four years man.
  2. Welcome to the forums, come by minigames sometime.
  3. hopefully i'll be free later tonight, I would have to hop on my smurf though.
  4. What rank are you exo?
  5. Sure.
  6. 05/13/2017 -Added 3 new categories of grenade skins (decoy, smoke, and flashbang). -Testing a new timer plugin on the server. The plugin is available to try on mg_Airmap_Run_Adventure1, let me know your thoughts on it.
  7. 5/14/2017 Added: mg_Airmap_Run_Adventure1
  8. 05/10/2017 -minigames now uses kz prestrafing.
  9. Ref Really great guy, first met him back in October on minigames. He's a huge goof ball, and great to have on the server. Didn't let his last application get him down and is back again. I Feel like he should be in the clan.
  10. 05/03/2017 -sv_turbophysics set to 1 by default, maps with vehicles and soccer are set to 0. -Players will receive a 1 hour ban that abuse name changing.
  11. Obviously getting enabling bunnyhopping on the server is more important, we also need more melons!
  12. Is it saying anything in console when you connect? is it just sg servers or is it all community servers?
  13. 4/26/2017 -updated configs and bspconvarwhitelist.txt. -learned how to spell bunnyhopping. -metamod updated.
  14. They're still working on it bro.