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  1. hey everyone i am new here

    welcome to the forums my dude.
  2. cs_jailbreak_v1

    no @ATG_AGENT
  3. Bunnyhopping Changelog

    11/11/2017 -added autostrafe and parkour styles. -re-implemented kzjumpstats.
  4. Guardian's App [PENDING]

    +ref 16/20
  5. Ice's Application [PENDING]

    +ref Been playing bhop with me and helping pick out some new maps.
  6. Bunnyhopping Changelog

    11/01/2017 -Added Changelog
  7. Bunnyhopping Maplist

    An updated list to most of our maps can be found in our workshop collection below: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1170314034
  8. Bunnyhopping Rules

    The current rules for the Bhop server can be located on our MOTD page: http://www.joinsg.net/page/motd/bhop
  9. David's Application [PENDING]

    +ref Been playing on the servers a long time, also one of the first people to join the new bhop server.
  10. Happy Birthday Marine!

    Happy birthday my homie!
  11. Hi im Knightjs

    Welcome my dude!
  12. Wc3 Mapmaking

    Hi Lostman, you can submit maps to be added or deleted here: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/forum/67-map-suggestions/ You can find the template to make your post with here:
  13. sG CS:GO Bunnyhop Server

    autobhop fixed. though it would be nice to get some new styles. There's legit too.
  14. sG CS:GO Bunnyhop Server

    We are please to announce that Syndicate Gamers now has a B-hop server for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server IP: bhop.joinsg.net:27018 ( Many of you have asked for a B-hop server so here it is. The server will be all tier maps, with a little over 100 maps on the server already. The server features: Skill groups Replays Custom styles and modes Kz-Timer jumpstats 128-tick/1000 Air Accelerate Sixth Jump Speed Workshop & Fastdl If you have any map suggestions please message and I'll take a look. Here's a quick peak at what the timer looks like, With all the hud elements enabled:
  15. New donation from Tobi

    Thanks Tobi.