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  1. KiD Fearless

    Thanks vexer!

    Thanks for the pizza @vexer
  2. KiD Fearless

    Bunnyhopping Changelog

    Haven't done one of these in a while New TAS style added to the server, expect bugs and times to be wiped. Features: Autostrafe. Segmented Checkpoint Menu. Timescale between 0.0 and 1.0 using sm_timescale <value>. New method of strafehack that allows proper scaling between timescales. + The server has also moved to be a public whitelist since the last update. Previous times will be kept, and players will still be able to join, though new times will not be saved unless they have been whitelisted. + Restrictions on players connecting and playing have been loosened to allow more players to play, this will also improve server performance under higher loads. + Tapping your restart bind twice to restart has been added to the server as an optional client preference. Type !settings to toggle it. + Particles in maps should be shown properly, and a new aura menu added to the server. Type !aura to access this menu, donators will have access to more aura trails than non-donators. + Development of a stage system was started, and temporarily put on hold.
  3. KiD Fearless

    Weab Trash

    I remember seeing you on bhop earlier, welcome to the forums my dude. Stay away from @Fuzeee he tells lies.
  4. KiD Fearless

    Joined jailbreak recently and im loving it.

    Welcome to the forums! Stay away from @vexer he's toooxic.
  5. KiD Fearless

    Mini-Games Play test!

    Thank you everyone who came for the playtest. I think I marked down most of the people who completed the course. If you had at least an hour of playtime during the event message me for claiming your prize.
  6. KiD Fearless

    CS:GO Bhop Whitelist

    CS:GO Bhop Whitelist Moving forward our cs:go bhop server will be a public whitelist server. What this entails is that players who aren't whitelisted won't have their times saved on the main maps. Players will still be able to join, but their times will only be saved on bonuses unless they get whitelisted. All members level 1 and above will be qualified for whitelisting though only level 3 and above will be automatically whitelisted. Pre-Requisites No bans of 30 minutes or more within the past month (from when the ban ended) of submitting your application. Must not be banned for cheating of any kind from any other counter strike servers. 1 referral from a member of staff/SO. Or 3 referrals from currently whitelisted members. 12 hours or more of playtime on the bhop server. Template Example After posting your application make a request to join the whitelist steam group here: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sgwhitelist/ *whitelist can be accepted/denied/revoked at any point, by staff discretion
  7. KiD Fearless

    Those damn ghosts and their casual ghosting

    I believe those are sounds
  8. KiD Fearless

    The Bens step down thread

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.
  9. KiD Fearless

    Minigames Play Test

    Details Here:
  10. KiD Fearless

    found my new fav server

    Welcome to the forums, stay away from @Fuzeee he tells lies!
  11. KiD Fearless

    Everything we know is wrong

    bhop and war3 neck and neck
  12. KiD Fearless

    Fall TTT Event

    Gmod event round 2, let's go!
  13. KiD Fearless


    Welcome my dude.
  14. KiD Fearless

    Jailbreak Changelog

    10/07/2018 + Added sm_hosties + Thirdperson command for admins + Updated warden + Updated Collection_Fix Plugin - Removed voice fix plugin since sm_hosties handles voice comms
  15. KiD Fearless

    Zombie Escape Changelog

    Increased skillbot plugins max ranks to 100 Updated chat processor plugin Updated sourcemod