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  1. Thanks for the ram money!
  2. 3/20 lets get ur in! Referred List: zebra, daniel, Sweetrock
  3. Yes seems to be a cool kid just trying to fit in! 1/20
  4. join discord and look in shit post!
  5. I'm still toxic that post nudes in CS!
  6. Thanks for the Pizza money!
  7. Baby come back you can blame it all on me @KiD Fearless
  8. sweetrock


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @porknchili
  9. Welcome to the dead clan! I hope u enjoy ur self! if bhop breaks dont look for help no one around here does things like that!
  10. On behalf of JCS, I second that! --- JCS Sweetrock! Kid, U are the hards eng/Adv around here! It hurted a lot to to hear u left and didn't say anything! I was worried Im not going to lie! Please reconsider leaving! sG needs u more then u need anything in the world! Because of u and ur hard work most of the server run great!I truly appreciate all that u have done over the years and I just dont want to see it wasted! But what do I know I'm just a troll!
  11. sweetrock


    um hi and um no!
  12. sweetrock


    Welcome Nut!
  13. sweetrock


    https://urbanmilwaukee.com/2016/01/12/yesterdays-milwaukee-inside-the-grain-exchange-1880/ This the build now i work at https://www.bartolottas.com/catering/venues/grain-exchange
  14. thanks for the pizza money!
  15. sweetrock

    Rust is back!

    Its been killed!
  16. sweetrock

    Rust is back!

    Hey I wasn't the only person being toxic! Sorry kid!
  17. sweetrock

    Rust is back!

    aint that the point of rust? anyways, I raided everyone! not just the new people!
  18. sweetrock

    Rust is back!

  19. After being called out on DC, He makes a event!
  20. 2/15 OUT STANDING CLAN MEMBER! Did alot for the server, forums and events! YOUR THE BEST @Bulldog!
  21. Thank u BabyNicole, Dark Falcon, Nau, Karma for all ur hard work on keeping the server going! @Bulldog Thank u so for being a awesome staff member and help out when it was needed! I always would like to thank u for always sticking up for me when it came to my apps to staff or SO! You done a great job!I never thought this day will come that we will lost a good person on staff! Congratz to the rest!
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