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  1. Study tips

  2. Racism

    You can't use swastikas in sprays.
  3. Hi

    Hi CanadianBill, Respond to this for +1 post count.
  4. Racism

    I think that is kind of the point. If no one takes offense to the words, no harm done, goes unenforced. However, if someone is genuinely offended by some statements, complaints can be made and rules are enforced. This is a gaming community, we shouldnt have to police people on their behavior. However, if grievances and disputes arise we should try our best to settle them.
  5. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    But I do believe in what the founding fathers envisioned. I gagged at your analysis of their words. Anyways, in my view, gun control will never succeed in America unless an amendment is made adjusting the 2nd Amendment, in the vein of the 21st Amendment. I say this because SCOTUS's interpretation of the 2nd Amendment leaves the door open for most gun control policies to get challenged on its constitutionality.
  6. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    I'm just gonna say this.... Water.exe's analysis of the 2nd Amendment made me gag, and then it made me sad for America.
  7. Tips on buying my first car.

    Whats your budget @trigger.exe? EDIT: nevermind, no more than 10k. https://www.carmax.com/cars/chevrolet#Distance=all&ExposedCategories=249+250+1001+1000+265+999+772&ExposedDimensions=249+250+1001+1000+265+999+772&MaxPrice=12000&MinPrice=10000&Page=1&PerPage=50&SortKey=0&Zip=53224 Screw with the search options, and look for a car.
  8. China wants to deescalate. I feel that China will, at least officially, stay out of any NK/US conflict. I think firing back at North Korea is the point.... North Korea is a little turd of a country that no one will miss. I think the biggest issue is the safety of the South Korean and Japanese people, who are immediately under threat if a war with North Korea breaks out. However, in a perfect world, there would be no North Korea.
  9. So their threats are suddenly serious because we have an "antagonist clown"?
  10. Looking at Our Reactions: A Discussion.

    Woah.... slow your roll there butt pirate Fugner.
  11. Looking at Our Reactions: A Discussion.

    Why is this in Spam? Why isn't this being done ? @fontaine
  12. Racism

    Asians got color too yo.
  13. Racism

    I dont think people are reluctant to willfully ignore this. I think alot of people just dont care.
  14. Racism

    http://www.oed.com/viewdictionaryentry/Entry/126934 This is educational.
  15. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    I'm okay with this. Water.exe just needs to feel the Bern.