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  1. fatb0y

    Culture of sG

    This would be an analogy for the community culture.... which Destin didn't make an analogy for. Destin made an analogy for the way Staff runs things around here in terms of this place being a business. I noticed you have somewhat of a hard time forming grammatically correct sentences and spelling things correctly. Do you also have problems with your reading comprehension too?
  2. fatb0y

    Culture of sG

    delicate snowflakes are why we can't have nice things.
  3. fatb0y

    Culture of sG

    I'm just gonna say your analogy was bad. I'm not going to bother thinking up a better alternative, but just that yours was bad.
  4. fatb0y

    new car

    Sexually Transmitted Infection drivers up in here.
  6. fatb0y

    Server Hardware Build Recommendations?

    WD Red HDD 16GB ram, possibly 32GB i5 should be fine. depending on what you plan to do with it.
  7. fatb0y

    Server Hardware Build Recommendations?

    Is this thing just gonna be at someone's house? Or are you trying to like colocate somewhere?
  8. fatb0y


  9. fatb0y

    Issues with Anti-Cheat

    You guys are all hackers and should be perma'd.
  10. fatb0y

    Staff Leaks

    not really a staff leak, but i felt compelled to establish a pattern with klark.
  11. SpartanSakaro is a retard, why can't he be like a normal person. +1 ref 9/20 (or whatever the count is)
  12. Wonder why non of the ROs bothered to change Sandy's userclass to Recruit.
  13. fatb0y

    Does Swed Get Mad Over Video Games?

    Staff will just do what they want. I don't know why people seem to think this place is a democracy.