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  1. Eek

    Happy Birthday

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  2. Eek

    Changes to R&R - March 1st, 2019

    Is it still possible to find out how many hours you had on wcs1? Nvm found it
  3. Eek

    Business name suggestions?

    I had my business plan and everything ready to go, but me and my gf ended up breaking up so I moved south scotland again and put everything on hold xd
  4. So, between July to December last year I was writing up a rough business plan to open my own Gaming venue (cafe/bar) which I presented to a few people and actually gained their full attention. In the start of January I ended up moving home again, to where I pitched the plan to my local business gateway a few weeks ago and now I'm in the first stages of actually making this thing come together. Now my only problem is coming up with a suitable name and would like your suggestions!
  5. Eek

    Aye whats up

    Welcome to SG. And when you say former admin of PG, do you mean the people who make the tea bags?