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  1. Reaper0470

    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    I feel I've missed a lot in almost 2 months.
  2. Reaper0470

    New Years Poker Tourney

    You can sign up as soon as 2 weeks before the tourney start up to I think almost 5 min before it starts, but honestly anyone who wants to play should sign up asap and not wait until the last min in-case you miss it. If you sign up and miss roll call you get removed anyway so you don't lose anything signing up early.
  3. Reaper0470

    New Years Poker Tourney

    New Years Poker Tourney Time to kick off the new year with a poker tourney! The tournament will be on January 13th. Check in starts at 6:30 PM CST and the event will start at 7:00 PM CST. Everyone that wishes to play in the tournament MUST show up in Teamspeak for check in. You are not required to stay in Teamspeak AFTER the tournament begins. If you are not present during roll call you will be removed from the tournament. To CLARIFY, for one to be removed from the tourney you must be removed from the club. DON'T WAIT UNTILL THE TOURNEY STARTS TO SHOW UP AND TRY TO JOIN!!! If you're removed it's YOUR OWN FAULT! PEOPLE WILL START BEING REMOVED FROM THE TOURNEY AT 6:45 PM CST SO YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES TO SAY YOU'RE PRESENT!!!!! IF I CAN'T HEAR YOU DURING CHECK IN, YOU'RE NOT HERE. IF AFTER 15 MINUTES OF THE BEGINNING OF THE TOURNEY YOU ARE STILL AFK, REGARDLESS OF WHEN YOU RETURN, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WIN A PRIZE! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! PRIZES!!! If anyone would like to donate a prize to the prize pool message @Reaper0470 on the forums. Please try to donate only keys to games. Last tourney, because of steams gift policy, a steam inventory game couldn't be given like the norm because of region restrictions. Current Prize Pool: - sG donations Steam Card $20, $40, $60 - Devil May Cry - I am Bread - Wasteland 2 Directors Cut - PUBG - Sweetrock DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT attempt to renegotiate your prize or ask for a substitute. Any attempt to do so CAN result in forfeiting your prize. To win the Pocket Aces Award: Mystery Prize! - You must win with Pocket Aces via showdown (You had to beat another player, cards were shown on the table for the room to see, AND everyone didn't fold to you). If you're still confused ask me. A screenshot with a clock clearly visible is required to claim the prize. How to register: 1. Download pokerstars client (pokerstars.net) 2. Register your account 3. Click on the right tab that says “home games” 4. Click join a poker club. Type the ID as 709399 and the code is: UV > sG bitches! 5. An event staff will receive your membership request and validate it. MAKE SURE YOU ALSO REGISTER FOR THE TOURNAMENT 1. Sign in to Poker Stars 2. Go into sG's House of Poker lobby 3. Go to the Schedule Tab 4. Double click the tourney 5. Register Registration will open no later than 10 days prior to the tournament. Watch the forums for an update to this announcement. All are welcome to play, but to win prizes you must be: -Part of the poker club -Registered on the forums (for at least 2 weeks prior to the tournament) -Not banned from the forums or servers at the time of the tournament Also PokerStars has decided to force a minimum buy in of 20k chips. As time goes on they may increase it further. They want people to buy chips basically. If you make new account our current information tells us you start with 35k chips so new players will be ok in playing. If you already have an account make sure you have the needed chips. The client has a free chip button in the top right corner. It refreshes every couple of hours so you could log in once a day over a week and have more then the necessary chips to participate. Below is an email response I got asking about the changes. Hello (Classified), Thank you for contacting us. We can confirm that we have initiated some changes in regards to the play money offer for our Home Games. These changes were taken to align Home Games with the overall changes we made to the Play Money economy in the main lobby a couple of months ago. As of December 2016, we have removed all stakes below 20K for Home Game tournaments. The buy-in ranges from 20K to 1M. Please also note that we do not offer anymore an unlimited rebuy option for tournaments. For Home Game Ring Games, the minimum buy-in currently is at 20K/100K. The Home Games system is a premium format that provides a lot of value to players in terms of organizing and running games with friends, and charging a little for this service is quite reasonable. Please note that we offer play money chips bundles with huge amount of chips at very low prices. For as little as $2.99 you can buy half a million play money chips, enough to fund 25 tournament buy-ins even if you don't hit the bubble in any of them. We believe this is still a solid value, as it offers potentially hours of entertainment for just a few dollars (or just pennies, if you win more often than your buddies). Let us know if we can help you further and thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Dennis Stars Support Grats to Ivanns for 1st place! Sweetrock coming in at second! And oddly enough a tie for third with Rex and Sean!
  4. Reaper0470

    Post a Picture of your Pet(s)

    I've seen the post a pic of yourself and the post a pic of your desktop. Why not show off your pet/pets? Whether they cool, adorable, funny, whatever! This is my cat of about 8 years