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  1. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    I forgot this thread existed until you posted.
  2. GCC PUBG Event Sign-ups

    Announcement says closing on the 10th so STEAM_0:0:37969382 Sounds like it'll be fun meeting new people from other communities.
  3. sG | Halloween Hide N Seek (Oct 26th to Oct 31st)

    I don't believe I have a shot anymore. I have night installs this week that start at 9 and end at like 7am.
  4. It's A Spooky Poker Table!!!!

    Woops my bad. FIxing. EDIT: Remade the tourney. I think I was on drugs when I previously made it.
  5. It's A Spooky Poker Table!!!!

    Spooktacular Poker Tourney The poker tourney is back! The tournament will be on October 28th. Check in starts at 6:30 PM CST and the event will start at 7:00 PM CST. Everyone that wishes to play in the tournament MUST show up in Teamspeak for check in. You are not required to stay in Teamspeak AFTER the tournament begins. If you are not present during roll call you will be removed from the tournament. To CLARIFY, for one to be removed from the tourney you must be removed from the club. DON'T WAIT TILL THE TOURNEY STARTS TO SHOW UP AND TRY TO JOIN!!! If you're removed it's YOUR OWN FAULT! PEOPLE WILL START BEING REMOVED FROM THE TOURNEY AT 6:50 PM CST SO YOU HAVE 20 MINUTES TO SAY YOU'RE PRESENT!!!!! IF I CAN'T HEAR YOU DURING CHECK IN, YOU'RE NOT HERE. IF AFTER 15 MINUTES OF THE BEGINNING OF THE TOURNEY YOU ARE STILL AFK, REGARDLESS OF WHEN YOU RETURN, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WIN A PRIZE! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! PRIZES!!! If anyone would like to donate a prize to the prize pool message @Reaper0470 on the forums. Current Prize Pool: 20, 40, 60 Steam Card - sG Dead Space 2 Alien Isolation Resident Evil 0 Remaster Dead Rising 2 Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Cuphead - Sean DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT attempt to renegotiate your prize or ask for a substitute. Any attempt to do so CAN result in forfeiting your prize. To win the Pocket Aces Award: Mystery Prize! (Because it's more fun if you don't know!) - You must win with Pocket Aces via showdown (You had to beat another player, cards were shown on the table for the room to see, AND everyone didn't fold to you). If you're still confused ask me. A screenshot with a clock clearly visible is required to claim the prize. Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope everyone had a fun time and look forward to the next tourney! Atari - $60 Jeff - $40 Turtle - Cuphead - Sean Sweetrock - Dead Rising 2 Reaper - $20 Pocket AA's Winner - Rex - Five Nights at Freddy's : Sister Location
  6. Spooktacular Poker Tourney

    Halloween Poker Tourney 28th of October at 7:00 PM CST. Check in at 6:30 PM CST
  7. Whitelist App[Approved]

    In-game Name: Reaper0470 How did you find sG?: A long time ago. In a galaxy far far away.... Have you read, and do you understand the rules? yes
  8. kingdom hearts 3 new trailer

    You only have to play KH 1.5 final mix and 2.5 final mix to catch up on the story. They have a lot of spin-offs that add more characters and backstory to the universe however are unnecessary to play (and mostly on the handhelds like ds). You can get both remixes in the same purchase for ps4 if you have one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M32FMUL/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 EDIT: Notifications say this was posted 6 hours ago. I'm confused.
  9. GMOD Custom TTT Server

    I'd like to say that their is a possibility that "Chicken Feed" may make a return to the server. @camelFun
  10. Custom TTT Feedback

    As far as I know anything that could give an edge in the game would never be behind a paywall. Only things that could ever be included for donators, etc would be cosmetics that have no effect on the game mode whatsoever. The idea of special cosmetic skins for donators etc is more of a thank you for supporting the server and community.
  11. Motherboard with max USB ports

    Yea I built my whole desktop around asus parts. I still have a laptop from 2011 my brother is using and it still runs things ok. Starting to clock out though for newer games but runs fine still.
  12. Motherboard with max USB ports

    I don't believe usb requirements is an option there. By max usb ports at 3.0 are you looking for like 6+ ports? Most boards I've seen seem to have 4 3.0 with a mix of a few others. My board has 4 3.0 but my tower case adds another 4. I personally prefer ASUS ROG boards like the maximus series. Has 6 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/VPGj4D/asus-maximus-ix-apex-eatx-lga1151-motherboard-maximus-ix-apex https://pcpartpicker.com/product/rTKhP6/asus-rog-maximus-ix-extreme-eatx-lga1151-motherboard-maximus-ix-extreme Ill update if I find more.
  13. Motherboard with max USB ports

    Mmm price range or brand specific? Also is this for gaming or something else? PC partpicker can sort what you're looking for as well. https://pcpartpicker.com/products/motherboard/#s=30
  14. Idea to bring back Custom

    Yea I've gotten a good idea on editing weapon statistics. Comparing different scripts to see what to add on certain weapons if you are missing lines to make it a traitor/detective weapon etc. A lot to read through and understand, but time will make it easier. I've edited a few weapons to see the different changes and make sure I did it correctly. Looking into how to add weapon spawns now which seems to involve rearming the map. It's actually quite interesting looking into.