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  1. Thanks Smash!!!

    Np <3 enjoy it, it's amazing.
  2. War3 Supporter Benefits and Suggestions

    I like the idea of a monthly raffle, Shinn brought up some nice ones for it and I like the idea of extra level bank. Maybe do a quarterly drawing and include the Expertise and Race design in that so as to not over-burden yourself in the long run. ROTD re-roll would be . I think I'm pretty content with the rest of the supporter benefits, but also wouldn't mind something along the lines of a supporter+ or similar. Extra levels(350-400?) on top of your current level. Extra +1% exp total max to the supporter pool on top of the already current max of 10% up to 15%? So if there's 10 supporters and 5 supporter+ then you have 15%. For this if it's possible, make the amount per month a minimum of (insert dollar amount here) but allow people to change it to a higher amount if they'd like. I'm sure there are a few of us who wouldn't mind sending a bit more money in the servers direction. Possibly make the ROTD re-roll be a Supporter+ perk? I don't really think there needs to be a lot extra on top of it, if this is done. I think we've talked about it in the past, but it never really went anywhere. I would say Supporter+ should get two raffle tickets but I think that wouldn't be in the spirit of it being a supporter package and don't like the idea as much. These are my thoughts on it for now anyways.
  3. Player Feedback Needed

    Khadgar needs a nerf, and I say that even loving to play the shit stain of a race. Personally I'd like to see Ice Blocks cooldown increased, the silence either be removed or duration reduced on the ultimate and possibly the slow tweaked a bit. Also Fuck crackhouse, it's fun for about 3 rounds until people bring out all the cancer races and to counter it more cancer races are played; it becomes a cesspit of insults even worse than normal war3. Also we need both italy's so I can constantly nominate them back to back
  4. Potential Heroes, Get Inspired!

    Marzu gets hero on T side while buddha gets it on CT side. What a terrible turn of events that would be. But honestly, even taking that into account I still think it would be pretty dank. Just imagine the shenanigans that would go on.
  5. Jaraxxus Ult

    I still don't understand why we are still having this argument. This is probably the fourth time it's been addressed, as Face and Moose have both said, it's pretty much on one map. Even Khadgar's slow only ever does that what, once in a blue moon? If it was a continuous, not map related problem then I can see how the complaint would be valid. Complain about the map not the abilities, there's no point in doing a bunch of extra work to fix problems that only occur on one map(excluding some very specific areas on other maps.)
  6. Jaraxxus Ult

    So you are going to complain about jaraxxus but not Blademaster, stalker or SOUL REAPER? Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  7. JB Vote thread Part 1

    Should be applied just to games, if you don't include "no detours and delays" after the order to play a game. IMO It's just filler that needs to be remembered and added to the end of every order unnecessarily. That being said, it's really not that big of a deal either way, just a few extra words.
  8. Agency

    That's kind of the point....it's back...again. Sent from my SM-S902L using Tapatalk
  9. Agency

    Agency one of the maps for the new Operation. Next thing you know Valve will have Orc and Night Elf skins
  10. Hey

    hi? hi.
  11. Happy birthday fag

    Hbd Mr. Sir.
  12. CSGO Main Signup Thread

    http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/693731 http://steamcommunity.com/id/smashslice GN4 MG1 MG2 no captain my captain
  13. I enjoy the game playing with friends, but I can't see myself playing alone, ever. It's a game that's filled with bugs that allow hilarity with friends, but also frustration. Constant frame skips, drops and freezes. CPU usage is off the wall, and the general stuttering I get at times is a pain in the ass. The game doesn't feel like what I assume Ubi wanted it to be, and it would need a lot of tweaks to fill those shoes IMO. However I'll probably pick it up if a group of my friends does, as it's pretty fun playing with a group.
  14. Yes, the people protecting our day to day lives are all fucking bastards that deserve to die, obviously. To have any semblance of order, someone has to be there to uphold it. The laws are in place to keep the people, WE the people, safe. Speeding? That's against the law. You break the law, they are required, by their job description, to enforce it upon you and punish you as they see fit. Yes I'm sure that strong communities make police obsolete because the same people who would be cops are enforcing the rules set in place by the community right? The leaders of the group etc, or are you now talking about socialism? Honestly you've lost me here. You call cops bastards, but they are people. So in saying that, you are saying that any human has the capability to be a bastard. Now, in one of these communicates I don't see how it's possible to not have a single bastard in it, thus eventually causing chaos and anarchy. Pulling shit out of your ass about a coincidence, grow up. I could make a thousand different claims about men being treated poorly in comparison to women and vice versa. Why? Because anything can be viewed from multiple perspectives, when you twist that perspective and force people to look through it things become skewed. That's what you're doing here, and it's bullshit. EDIT: To actually weigh in the topic, I believe the cop was in the right, mostly. I can't quite tell where the gun was pointed when it discharged, which worries me. However he was well within his right to defend himself and as long as the gun was pointed in a safe direction when discharged I see no reason for him to be reprimanded. Cop or not, he did the right thing in defending himself without causing any injuries etc.
  15. For Honor and P2P connections

    Ubisoft as a company are fucking idiots, the game itself however is amazing IMO. I can count the amount of times that I have experienced lag like in the video on one hand, and the P2P is not as bad most would make it sound. It has drawbacks yes, but it also has some benefits. I'm not going to go into the whole thing or defend Ubisoft or their UI, microtransactions or even P2P itself. Cause fuck Ubisoft. But they made a damn good game this time, and I love the fuck out of it.