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  1. My Resignation.

    Hey guys, I think it's pretty simple to read the title and figure out whats happening. First off, before I tip my hat and say farewell, I would like to thank Mimic and the other staff who allowed me to obtain this position. To be able to help somewhat, make events, recruit, and help in ways I couldn't have even imagined. I am very thankful for the chance at being Staff, but I apologize for it being so short. I remember when I first started off here in sG. I was the obnoxious 12 year old kid, annoyed players, members, got on the bad sides of staff, and so on. But eventually, as a few years went by, I wanted to be apart of a community. I spent most of my days and whole summer playing JB on old CS:S. I remember being on until 3-4 a.m., then waking up at 10 a.m. just to play again. I think I've met everyone through JB. Influential people to me on JB were Meowmix, Wind.exe, Puff, Style, Dojima, Papa, SuperNova, Blob, Deltron, Jewinator, Marine, Detective nom noms, Tubbles, and there are definitely a lot more. Even though majority of them disliked me and hated me because I was obnoxious, I soon developed friendships here. So I thank you to the people who impacted my life, even though it's the internet haha. I remember eventually when I got SO, after years of wanting to help within the servers it was happening! I was given more than one opportunity to help the servers I love thrive and prosper. Then finally just this year, I was given the opportunity to give Staff a go. I'll tell you what, it was the best few months of my life. To finally be in a high position, making events, recruiting, and helping players with issues and problems. But also to figure out how to make the servers thrive. It definitely had its moments in staff. But definitely the most memorable moments. So currently, the cause for me stepping down is, I am unable to provide the game time to put into the servers. I had a TTT Event planned for October, but work just got in the way. Games are temporary and will always be there, but if I cannot invest the time, I might as well allow someone else a chance to pick up where I left off. Plus, I leave for BMT in February, so I wont be around as much. As well as that, I will be getting married next year, so I know my time in sG will decrease. I will still be on steam here and there, and the forums, and play a game with people here and there. But I've slowly been losing interest in CS:GO, and just an overall interest in playing video games. So, if I have stepped on toes of anyone here (or even had a beef with them), I hope there are no hard feelings. I am thankful for 9 years of this. It's always fun to look back on where I was then, to where I am now! ~Ruffles
  2. Army ROTC

    I am enlisted in the air national guard. The benefits for schooling are pretty spectacular.
  3. Toxic Server

    As a staff member, and as a player of war3, this behaviour is unacceptable. If people are belittling you or bullying you, please demo, screenshot, or message a staff member to get on. Then we as staff will be able to rid the players being toxic in our servers. Feel free to add me on steam. If you have any more problems, please message me on the forums, steam, or discord.
  4. Get Schwifty's Application

    Congratulations on being accepted! Please make sure you abide and follow the guidelines at all times!
  5. Get Schwifty's Application

    Confirmed! Was at work avenger, I was going to detail it on my break.. which is now. He's pretty decent. I mean, he's my brother so I feel obligated. Good admin. Enjoys ttt and genuinely wants to support the servers.
  6. 1v1 maps

    These maps would be a lot of fun. I think it would be good to have these maps added. In my opinion, I think people and players would enjoy these maps a tad more than the ones we got. Is there any other staff that can look at the maps and possibly add them to the map selection? @Moose, @bulletford
  7. yo

    You're not missing out on a lot! Haha, welcome back!
  8. Its been 10 years y'all

    It's been a long time since I've seen you pop around! Crazy stuff dude!
  9. Gmod event rewards

    Sorry for the long wait. I concur with Avenger. We tried to let a week or two go by to let other players ask SO's or get vouches from them about their achievements. But mainly, most people claimed to have "forgot" to screenshot them. So due to this, we only have a few winners. So, with that being said, here are the winners. @October won first @ADA_Deranged 2nd @Asarolol 3rd @tazmanianxdude So, going in order, October message me what you want, Ada you get 2nd pick from the high tier, Asarolol you get 3rd, and taz you will have 4th. Also, @Sith, you get anything from the low tier. I would like to thank those of who dedicated time to SOing the event, the staff that hopped on, Zach for trying with the plugin, Avenger for constantly being there when I needed to be gone, and the players who did play and made it fun. Also to those who donated prizes thank you. To sG for funding for some of the prizes as well. Since most of the prizes donated will not be used, we will donate them to another or event or save them for a later time to use. Again, thank you for all those who contributed/donated and put in the time for the event. I'd like to apologize on my behalf. I should have taken more time and effort to say I would be LOA/MIA during the event. Most of you know, well most of you don't probably, but a buddy of mine who I saw a week prior before died in a plane crash. I didn't take the time to post on the forums because during the time I was in Minnesota with my girlfriend visiting. Soon after, I made it to attend his funeral. After that I had a camp training learning the do's and don'ts as being a camp worker/counselor. I then left for a camp and worked a few days. I tried keeping in touch with Avenger during this time, but I was very limited due to only having my cell phone and not really being able to use it 85% of the time. I came home maybe a day or two and tried to get as much information with the event and figuring stuff out. So on my behalf, a lot of it or the blame is on me. I would just like to clarify that and apologize. But if you see Zach or Avenger, or even the GMOD SO's who were on, please thank them for their time and effort putting into the event as well.
  10. Trigger.exe's Application [APPROVED]

    Will ref. Definitely a great WAR3 player. Always fun to play with and have never had any problems with him. Chill guy. Deserves to be in the clan! Congratulations on being accepted! Please make sure you abide and follow the guidelines at all times!
  11. Stepping Down.

    You did a lot as staff Eddy. I remember you from going to SO, to getting RO and running events, soon after that getting SO ADVISOR, then climbed to SO manager, to JCS. You have accomplished much in such a short amount of time. And you were a valuable asset on the JCS team and to the rest of staff. Thank you for all you did and contributed to the community. Always trying to better it and fix something.
  12. Gonna be gone for a little while.

    Hmm interesting haha. I joined the AFANG. Don't have my dates yet, but BMT is only supposed to be 7.5/8 weeks for me. We don't get split either. After BMT, we go straight to Tech school. But good luck!