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  1. HELLO!

    Welcome to the forums PandaNana! I like you already because WCS3 is indeed the best server!
  2. Gun control


  4. Gun control

    good gun control is best gun control I love that his YouTube name has "The Leaders in Gun Control" in it.
  5. is eugenics a good thing?

    Put in the time to see a section of the forums that appear to be long dead? Why? I have been around for awhile and have put in enough time* to gain a voice on the forums, not to earn the right to shit post. Also unless there is a log somewhere, all of my hours on the two WCS server quite some time ago. This seems to be about adding a NSFW channel in discord in addition to or to replace the current forum page. Which, per the original poll, was something that the people would like to see. As the self-proclaimed People's JCS, I would hope that you decide to support this endeavor. *enough to become a member/L1