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  1. I agree on the entire round for the interactions between players I'll see if it's an easy fix. The mod author has been MIA for a year and a half I assume the mod is basically dead. Many of the bugs I am aware of, seem like too much of a hassle for me to actually figure out and maybe have a small chance of fixing...
  2. Loser bracket match 12 was forfeited by washed up furies
  3. Team name: Team members: ZachPL, Ichalvl
  4. I'm not sure if anyone's account was fucked with but would have been in theory able to steal your browser session id which essentially make them look like they are already logged into the account thus bypassing log on. A much more likely scenario would have been someone posting a link that made people redirect to a phishing page that looked exactly like the steampowered log in page and when someone would go to log in thinking it signed them out it stole their pass.
  5. WARNING There is a huge steam exploit that allows anyone to execute any web code from their steam profile. It is strongly advised that everyone avoid viewing anyone's steam profile/workshop page/activity feed, from steam or web as this exploit can cause you do download any file or EXE, buy any steam item, redirect you to a steam log in spoofing page, do pretty much anything. I would avoid doing anything on steam currently besides just playing games. Be extremely cautious. More information can be found from this reddit link I'll post an update once I get confirmation that this is fixed, it is just too serious to not let everyone know.
  6. There already is one, the problem is everyone argues what killwhoring actually is and how much should be allowed so that rounds are actually fun.
  7. It's possible, but I don't want to add too many/bad maps.
  8. savage
  9. How much are the downloads currently for jailbreak? I still believe that part of the reason the old TTT gmod died was due to the fact that downloads got absolutely out of control and new players refused to wait for the download time. Also I know for a fact that there is some plugin on jailbreak that crashes me every time after I play around ~45 minutes, probably impossible to figure out what plugin it is and I havent really heard of it happening to anyone else. But I am able to play comp and anything else without any crashes whatsoever.
  10. I didn't mean the border wall was inhumane, it just won't work is downright stupid and that money should be put towards things that actually matter like education or infrastructure. What's inhumane is uprooting people that were born/have families here and have nowhere else to go if they were to be evicted which is basically a death sentence. It won't solve any, we will pay for it, the same amount will still make it into the country illegally, when there is a will there is a way, they will tunnel they will fly. It's just stupid.
  11. They shouldn't be, but building a wall is down right fucking dumb and accomplishes nothing. You have to be humane about it. The amount of people coming in has been less than the people going out for years.
  12. @Jeff The Flying Shark is still filling our affirmative action quota hopefully Trump doesn't kill it or there might not be anything holding him on
  13. Gaben is doing an AMA tonight and there is basically no reason given for it, I wonder what the questions will be.
  14. Don't worry I went out anyways