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  1. New Years Poker Tourney

    Actually should be here now, I just need to remember to show up
  2. #Oprah2020 will be your next President?

    I'd prefer someone with governing experience, although with that being said Oprah would probably be the best of the people with out such experience.
  3. Fretta-like map voting?

    That has always been the reasoning in the past.
  4. Post a Picture of Your Setup

    Inverse case, I assume it's fine that I installed the water cooler non inverse
  5. Dr. Vojislav Seselj's Application [DENIED]

    ref, havent heard anything bad seems like a good guy 12/20
  6. Burgham's Application [APPROVED]

    ref 12/20 good guy for ttt
  7. FoxCom's Application [APPROVED]

    ref 17/20 seems to play gmod a lot
  8. Battlemech7 Clan Application. [APPROVED]

    ref 19/20 seems decent in discord
  9. Fantasy Football League

    I said during the draft I didnt want odell, but he lasted till the 8th round so I had to choose him :/ I should've tried to trade more. I played a league on yahoo this year and honestly the interface is better than NFL's now, would anyone be interested in putting like 10 dollars down next year?
  10. AznNinja506 "SugarNinja" APP [APPROVED]

    They are counted at the end of the month ref