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  1. PPR sucks, it inflates scores and just makes the overall game less balanced. It's no fun trying to determine stuff every week just to have people get extremely dumb luck and skew the scores. The only time it sort of makes since is in 16+ leagues (because it makes more players somewhat viable) but since we lowered that, I see no reason to go that route.
  2. By randoms I mean people who play the servers a lot who are basically members but arnt
  3. I'd say 16 (if needed), but I don't think we should add randoms unless we know for sure they will not quit. With 16 thats 4 less teams and much easier to work with than last year. I manged to work waivers just enough to win last year.
  4. I don't think im doing anything that weekend http://steamcommunity.com/id/ZachPL/
  5. that's a darkrp addon
  6. Oh I forgot they limited how many you can do... I did like 10 last night
  7. I've made my decision and I will not be granting SO's the karma command. If you don't want your karma to be lowered then stop killing people every chance you get. Just because someone does something that is technically KOS doesn't mean you have to kill for it, use some common sense and try to make the game fun. The command is restricted because if it was allowed it would just be an excuse to RDM more in game, TTT isn't all about killing people and karma is there for you to discourage killing. RDM leads to more RDM and there is nothing fun about that. If someone is mingeing slay them, if they continue ban them.
  8. It's almost like the 3000 hours I have in sG TTT never happened
  9. No it isn't needed and only leads to abusing, it's next to impossible to get banned without trolling, there is no justifiable reason.
  10. Was it you that modified 67thway_v14? We could use some new minecraft maps lol EDIT: nvm that was toysoldier another guy that use to play and then disappeared
  11. Server is down till host fixes the oxide location. I have a ticket in with them, as soon as I get a reply I will put the server up.
  12. Yeah I did, seems to make sense and would stop admins from spamming it when they actually remembered to.
  13. Centran is busy, I attempted to update it since the server update is out. That seems to have gone fine. I don't believe the client update is out yet and I won't be able to test it for another 2 hours when it does come out.