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  1. rare puppers is waffles So apparently everyone that played last year wants to be in this year, not sure where that leaves sweetrock
  2. I don't remember who is who, we need to know who to kick who is rare puppers those guys peytons hgh forehead @Ironic @waffles @chaos4499
  3. I just like late draft days because getting fucked with an injury or something before the season starts is just dumb
  4. I wont be on tomorrow, but NFL.com completely redid the site + app it it looks so much better, part of the reason why I was leaning towards yahoo previously.
  5. I'm traveling quite a bit on sunday next week, but you can still do the meet if you want and give me summary.
  6. whats life without risks, picking duke like literally everyone else on the planet is boring
  7. I think it's impossible to reach champ 3 without queing with someone your use to. (although i kind of thought that about other ranks and managed to rank up solo)
  8. I think everything that needs to be updated is updated for this to work. Let me know if I can change anything else.
  9. I'll look at this tonight. I saw this last night, but was drugged and fell asleep at 9.
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