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  1. Custom TTT Feedback

    I added end round music this week, its very easy to add more just need an mp3 around 15 seconds. It's streamed so there isn't another download. I think the main thing is we need to figure out which weapons we are keeping now and then separate the workshop addond so we have all the models/materials and then upload them as our own workshop package.
  2. Racism

    I've always only kicked for any variation of the N word, and that's it. If someone is directing negative comments to someone specifically, that is a handled differently.
  3. Custom TTT Feedback

    I can probably increase the cooldown a bit more.
  4. Custom TTT Feedback

    I think the old media player that we used it broken, so would have to look into a new one. I don't have trainfuck files anymore, and I added kakariko last night. Yeah I was going to do it yesterday, but our server panel was down. It's currently on default ttt settings. We are going to be updating a lot of the weapons soon.
  5. In-game Name: ZachPL How did you find sG?: divine intervention Have you read, and do you understand the rules? Yes
  6. Fantasy Football League

    lol David Johnson lol
  7. Custom TTT Feedback

    Yeah those are default settings, it can be changed easily. EDIT: do we want to make the knife 1 hit kill?
  8. Custom TTT Feedback

    I think i can fix the sensivitity of the awp and silienced sniper, if you try the regular sniper it should be better. They updated the scope code since the servers ere last up so I just have to copy over some code hopefully.
  9. We should revive the sG Dark RP server

    It's not happening unless we get a dev with experience.
  10. Gaming Laptop

    Even though this is late I have a MSI gaming laptop it works great, probably a bit overpriced but at the time had the specs I wanted. I never use it though since whenever I game its generally from home, I probably wouldve been better off buying a surface.
  11. Idea to bring back Custom

    i doubt it, it can hardly handle 1 normal c4 without pings jumping to 200
  12. Fantasy Football League

    super glue on his gloves
  13. Fantasy Football League

    Are all the votes actually in the league?