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  1. ZachPL

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    All schools should be turned into prisons, that way everyone is safe and any extra space can be used by the inevitable increase in prison population.
  2. ZachPL

    Issues with Anti-Cheat

    Yeah I checked all the bans I removed some that I wasnt sure about
  3. ZachPL

    Rocket League - 1v1 Solos Tournament

    I'll play
  4. ZachPL

    Issues with Anti-Cheat

    I've gone through and removed a few bans there were likely false positives. I know for a fact that this has been quite a few cheaters in the week that it has been up. The guy that is coding it is updating it almost every day and I'm updating as soon as the updates come out, the cheating in gmod has really gotten out of control recently since people bypass our other anticheat. For now I disabled the check that seemed to be giving false positives.
  5. ZachPL

    New Years Poker Tourney

    Actually should be here now, I just need to remember to show up