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  1. Centran is busy, I attempted to update it since the server update is out. That seems to have gone fine. I don't believe the client update is out yet and I won't be able to test it for another 2 hours when it does come out.
  2. Start using lastpass or something and have all unique passwords, problem mostly solved.
  3. Finally won
  4. You would have to do something extremely stupid to break anything while building a pc as long as you get compatible parts and a large case it is easy. Your budget should be fine for most parts, only the super super enthusiast parts would be over your budget. I just look to make sure parts are compatible with the motherboard you choose and check out the reviews on newegg. Use a website like pcpartpicker to see if things are compatible more easily.
  5. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/17/health/spirit-airlines-pilot-found-dead/index.html?sr=twCNN031717spirit-airlines-pilot-found-dead0657PMStoryLink&linkId=35583300
  6. Spirit is the worst and they cut every corner possible, I feel like the chances of your plane crashing go up 25% compared to other airlines. Spirit randomly put up an extra flight out of our airport for mid april for like 300 + (25 for each bag) to florida which is way better than the 650+ I would've had to spend any other airline so hopefully my plane doesn't crash.
  7. 3 people don't have their bracket in and have less than an hour to do so, @HardWyre @slyfox and some random
  8. I can almost say for sure it isn't a bug, my guess is it looked like it went to that person but was really on someone else. If this was a bug many people would have reported it and it would have been fixed by now.
  9. I'm gunna drop out, sorry most likely can't make it.
  10. Yes
  11. Slightly surprised i've only played 55 hours (or more), basically my last two weekends. Guess it's not bad considering i'm working full time. I've only been playing with the joycon grip, I thought about buying the pro controller, but there hasn't been any in stock and the joycon grip hasn't bother me at all surprisingly.
  12. My bracket might be a little too crazy for me this year, might have to make more conservative adjustments, i'll think it over today :l
  13. there is no way you did thunder or water within 15 minutes without cheating, they might be slightly easier than previous zeldas but I enjoyed them.
  14. may or may not make it, having family down and party that weekend