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  1. AznNinja506 "SugarNinja" APP [PENDING]

    They are counted at the end of the month ref
  2. Guardian's App [PENDING]

  3. Willy's sG application [PENDING]

  4. JahIsLoved application [PENDING]

    ref seems good from the rest of the comments
  5. Updated dust 2

    It's fine I like it, almost exactly the same except a few small things, the biggest being the car space at long. Might be bias due to my first game performance.. went for 40 last round and we tied cause of it lol
  6. It's A Spooky Poker Table!!!!

    I'll try to be there, but i'm traveling that weekend.
  7. Custom TTT Feedback

    I added end round music this week, its very easy to add more just need an mp3 around 15 seconds. It's streamed so there isn't another download. I think the main thing is we need to figure out which weapons we are keeping now and then separate the workshop addond so we have all the models/materials and then upload them as our own workshop package.
  8. Racism

    I've always only kicked for any variation of the N word, and that's it. If someone is directing negative comments to someone specifically, that is a handled differently.
  9. Custom TTT Feedback

    I can probably increase the cooldown a bit more.