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  1. Transgender Community

    Causes severe dysphoria. Treated with hormones and surgery.
  2. Transgender Community

    Regardless of any laws, I'm going to pee in the men's bathroom. I look like a man, and I'd probably scare a lot of people going into the women's. IMO, being transgender is a medical condition that can be treated with hormones and surgery to alleviate dysphoria. There really isn't a way to accept what you were born as and ignore it if you're trans.
  3. Transgender Community

    I'm a young trans guy on testosterone. I can still get pregnant if I wasn't on birth control or Testosterone. I think a lot of transgender people usually want kids before they do anything major like that. I personally do. I'm not gonna get a hysterectomy till I have kids. Also, I know it may seem stupid that someone who has dysphoria about their vagina to have kids, but a lot of people just bear down and try to deal with it for 9 months to be able to have their own kids. It wouldn't make me happy but I'd do it bc I want my own biological kids. lmao I just want to add though, a full 'sex' change takes years on hormones and multiple surgeries. For example, bottom surgery for trans men has 3 phases. And before that a hysterectomy. Chest surgery is one or two surgeries. Transitioning is a slow process. It can take years to start looking progressively more masculine/feminine. So, if you ever had a kid/teen that was trans, it won't be a fast transition. I understand not wanting to lose a son/daughter in that aspect. Like my mom probably felt like she lost a daughter, which I get the mother daughter bond stuff could be broken, vise versa for you. Agree. I'm not 21 yet and won't get any surgeries any time soon. 100% agree.
  4. What To do

    i just realized i dont know how to have fun anymore either. so at least we're in the same boat.
  5. Transgender Community

    I know a lot of you guys have probably seen gender identity politics. I'm curious to see what opinions you guys have concerning the transgender community. Are you scared of questioning/criticizing the community in fear of being called transphobic? Are you unable to take the community seriously due to people who voice, loud, generally radical opinions? I'm curious to see what non-transgender people think of it, and if it's doing more harm than good. Personally, I've been out as transgender for about 4 years now and I've seen that generally most transgender people have the same views. People like Milo Stewart, and among many other people like them are hurtful to my community. People, like me, who have 'wrong' political views have to self-censor to not face exclusion. If you are transgender, you're expected to hold their views. Hell, I have been called transphobic by a group of trans people for stating that I can't date/be attracted to other trans men like myself. I see the community becoming a fight for subjective identities, rather better healthcare, more accessible ways to transition, ect. I feel as if calling yourself transgender is almost an accessory at times, because many people see it as an aesthetic, and not how it really is for most people which is having extreme dislike/uncomfort with our bodies. I feel it's being forced to not be seen as a medical condition, but rather an identity that deserves respect regardless if they don't have dysphoria. The equality movement should be focused on ending discrimination, rather the sense of self-entitlement that has been becoming of my community's politics. I think it has a long lasting effect on non-transgender people who have become fed up with it. There are many ways I think credibility has been diminished, but I am more curious about hearing your opinions and thoughts, even if you are transgender. What is your opinion on the community? Is it doing more harm than good, based on your current opinions and experiences with trans people? Have you ever been called transphobic although you don't seemingly hate transgender people?
  6. hey, reintro

  7. Post a Picture of your Pet(s)

    ' Monty and his ugly faces
  8. hey, reintro

    i guess i should elaborate? i was like 11, when i joined the forums. i have a pretty embarrassing history on here haha.
  9. hey, reintro

    csgo, off and on.
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    i dont know if the forum rules still apply, like replying excessively, but thanks lmao
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    hey, been a long time. im a dude now.