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  1. porknchili


    Happy birthday breh
  2. porknchili

    sG March Madness Bracket Challenge 2019

    If Zion is 100% healthy, Duke should win... But then again, Coach K has crappy defensive schemes and RJ Barrett is a chucker.
  3. porknchili

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    Best. Youtube ad. I've. Ever. Watched.
  4. porknchili

    sG Podcast #2 - Destin's Destiny. Script.

    Definitely a step-up in quality over the first episode. Nice work.
  5. porknchili


  6. porknchili

    Changes to R&R - March 1st, 2019

    These changes look pretty damn solid and fair IMO.
  7. porknchili

    happy valentines day!

    Happy Valentine's day to: @Clara - You remind me of Pantera, and that's a good thing. @Travesty - You are just about the only person I can actually talk basketball with around here @KiD Fearless - You made the Bhop server enjoyable enough for me to come back to sG @Beerman - Glad to hear your bones are healing up nicely. @Iherdcows - Because =(SGS)= is forever @fps_trucka - Just because you seem like a decent enough guy @Chaulklet.Shake(Elmo) - The blackest sounding Asian in sG @PANTERA - You won't even see this because of your Hawaiian turtle internet @SpartanSakaro - Keep the secret of bhopping alive @centran - For some reason I find you to be the most fascinating specimen in sG. Never change... @Swed - You live in a close enough vicinity to me And for the rest of you, here's some great advice:
  8. porknchili

    Post a picture of yourself

    Picture of me last year with former 2x Jr. Middleweight champion Cornelius 'K9' Bundrage and his massive fists.
  9. porknchili

    NBA Award Predictions

    Trade deadline is today. Curious to see who gets traded in the next 4 hours. In case anyone hasn't been following the deals (or so I have an excuse to post this): - Rodney Hood (CLE) for Nik 'Sauce Castillo' Stauskas & Wade Baldwin (POR) - Reggie Bullock (DET) for Svi Mykhailiuk (LAL) - Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanovic, & Mike Scott (LAC) for Landry Shamet, Wilson Chandler, & Mike Muscala (PHI) - Malachi Richardson (TOR) for the almighty cash considerations (PHI) - Tyler Johnson & Wayne Ellington (MIA) for Ryan Anderson (PHX) - Otto Porter Jr. (WAS) for Jabari Parker & Bobby 'Crazy Eyes' Portis (CHI) - Stanley Johnson (DET) for Thon 'At least 5 years older than listed' Maker (MIL) - Markieff Morris (WAS) for Wesley Johnson (NOP) - Harrison 'Got traded mid-game' Barnes (DAL) for Zach Randolph & Justin Jackson (SAC) - Iman Shumpert (SAC)/Nik Stauskas & Wade Baldwin (CLE) for Brandon Knight & Marquese Chriss (HOU) - Alec Burks (CLE) for Brandon Knight & Marquese Chriss (SAC)
  10. porknchili

    NBA Award Predictions

    TBH, the only reason I had Klay (and Lowry, for that matter) in my All star reserve list was because I KNEW they'd get in just on reputation alone. I'm not a Jazz fan, but I'm so irritated by the narrative that Donovan Mitchell is the reason for the Jazz success and Gobert is just some afterthought. Gobert makes that team so great defensively and has a near Ben Wallace type impact on defense (though Big Ben had better, GOAT level defensive metrics). Aldridge and Klay did not deserve to make it over Gobert, Doncic, or Tobias, and Siakam has clearly been better this season than Lowry. As for the Knicks trade: they only got 1 OK player in return. DeAndre and Matthews are most likely going to be bought out and, as someone who has watched every single Mavs game this year, DSJ is a low IQ player who gets by on athleticism alone. The reason the Knicks made this trade (aside from being the Knicks and being owned by James Dolan) is to have room this summer for 2 max contracts (i.e., Kyrie, Kawhi, Durant, Butler, Kemba, Cousins, Harris, Klay, etc.), but it's not like they're the only team with a ton of cap space this summer. The Clippers, Lakers, and Nets are all better teams and will have that luxury too and are clearly more attractive free agent destinations; especially considering the fact that the last "big" FA signing the Knicks had was an old Amar'e in 2010.
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