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  1. I was going to post something about this earlier, but I felt like I already up my weekly quota of posting new topics. There's a lot of news coming out of D.C. as of late. Honestly to people who want to say that the protestors had it coming, you can't even say they were doing this in the street blocking traffic or even provoking Erdogon's bodyguards in the first place. Erdogon's thugs that have absolutely no legal authority in the U.S. whatsoever literally broke past a police barricade without warning and began battering American citizens until they were bloody.
  2. Isn't that the crux of the issue though? That we aren't really that surprised the POTUS fired an important apolitical appointee like the FBI director and is now publicly threatening him because they wanted to escalate an investigation against them?
  3. I'm at a loss for words. Up until a few months ago, he was consistently praising Comey's leadership and decisions as the head of the FBI. Now he's threatening him at 8 in the morning on Twitter. http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/333081-trump-warns-comey-better-hope-there-are-no-tapes-of-our-meeting I don't see how he can possibly restore his relationship with the FBI at this point considering Comey was held in high regard by most of its agents.
  4. I'm more concerned that this show of force was more expensive than it was worth. Sure, 36 at least 90 ISIS soldiers have died, a cave system they used was caved in and this attack in itself isn't going to be enough to turn someone into a terrorist. But it was at a cost of $16 million dollars and there are still around 600 to 800 ISIS fighters left to in the region. There are obviously many more cave constructs being used by militant groups and you certainly can't wipe them all off the face of planet with bombing raids. It doesn't at all address the root causes of terrorism. I would be very surprised if ISIS or any other hostile group couldn't quickly replenish their loses by recruiting those who have lost family or friends to US air or drone strikes with propaganda. Trump obviously isn't the root cause of all of this, but his rhetoric is only making things worse. He's making it far too easy for these groups to depict the west as an enemy to Islam. The whole "we need to kill their families thing" that can be replayed obviously doesn't depict someone who genuinely cares about liberating populations from terrorists.
  5. AP has a more in depth article about this. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/19772be1238e49fbb62c509a5b659b3d/official-us-military-takes-extra-precautions-syria I don't think I even want to know what the repercussions of an allegation this serious will be. This isn't something you can shake hands over and forget ever happened.
  6. I hope you realize how difficult it is to make military grade chemical weapons, and sarin even more so. The rebels in Syria are fragmented and aren't a unified opposition the regime like ISIS is. To expect them to make and store chemical weapons the way a functioning government being backed and funded by a world power is utterly asinine. Everything suggests Assad's government is responsible because what's left of Assad's opposition does not have the capacity for this sort of attack. The guy is a despot who rules through fear and as a history of bombing hospitals. He could care less about public approval as long as he has the unequivocal backing of a nuclear power like Russia. It shouldn't be an earth shattering surprise Assad cracked down even further on his own populace days after Rex Tillerson declare that the U.S. will no longer seek his removal. Even this airstrike turned to be fairly ineffective as the Syrians were somehow able to evacuate personnel and equipment from the base ahead of time.
  7. From what I can tell, there is actually quite a bit of uproar on /pol/, InfoWars, Breitbart and Trump subreddits about this. He literally campaigned against the very thing he is doing tonight and even claimed the U.S. was overreacting to Saddam's chemical attacks against the Kurds at a campaign rally. It's almost as if he had no attachment to anything he was talking about while he was campaigning. I just searched Syria and saw you upvoting a comment condemning Hillary for wanting to intervene. Getting out of the middle east was a big part of his platform so it's really strange to see you claim you never had an opinion on it.
  8. So the first memorable thing Trump goes through with in his 100 days with that isn't rejected is to launch an attack against Assad after campaigning on "America First" and withdrawing from the Middle East. Still think you guys haven't been duped by Trump? To be fair, I was always for intervention in Syria. It's still ridiculous to see him immediately change his foreign policy after lambasting his opponents for wanting to do so without a shred of irony. Weren't you against intervention in Syria during the campaign on the basis Hillary was supposedly going World War III with a no fly zone, much less than outright attacking Assad directly? It's not a surprise Assad had chemical weapons considering he already used them against his own people awhile back so it's strange to see you change your opinion.
  9. The Jailbreak population has always dwindled during the months after the summer, but usually rebounds during the winter and is back to normal by spring. It's now an empty server that's not being played unless someone mass invites their friends list. The last time the problem was this serious was back in 2011, and it took a new game to revitalize our Jailbreak community. I would love to port more CSS maps and contemplated doing so, but the issue is that CSGO JB is mini game centric whereas CSS was usually warden antics. I've found that when an old CSS map with minimal mini games like Prison Break is nominated, it's almost always immediately RTVed because the warden can't find any mini games to use. I more often than not, needed to add new mini games to the CSS maps I ported because the map would otherwise be RTVed without them. On the bright side, the maps that we do have hand in are usually very well received. Maps created or edited by sG people have gone on to be the most popular maps by other communities.
  10. Jailbreak died in part because it was always the same select people doing literally everything to keep the server going. That's not healthy for the long term of health of a server and it's going to show when they go inactive or are too busy.
  11. I made a serious mistake. Pretty sure Tarik, JDM and Silent unfortunately came across the room last year on our server. Never in a million years would I have made the stupid room if I knew it would become the most popular map on other servers since it was supposed to be an sG inside joke.
  12. We all knew this plan was going to crash and burn the moment Trump's advisers began consulting slyfox on it.
  13. Thereby shifting it to the organization that does not have the authority to enforce those pesky privacy regulations that were imposed earlier. Senators that voted for this even cited the FCC's privacy rules as too burdensome so yeah, this is exactly what the vote accomplishes. What you're doing is the definition of intellectual dishonesty.