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  1. Free Speech

    The economic changes of how to move on from a subsistence economy based on unpaid slavery, the constitutional disagreement of whether or not slavery should be outlawed, and the political upheaval of wanting to free the slaves. No matter how you try to spin it, the root cause behind the Confederacy was ultimately slavery. Their president Jefferson Davis was a staunch of supporter of slavery even by contemporary southern standards up 'til the day he died.
  2. Free Speech

    Honest question not meant in bad faith, how did your school curriculum cover the Civil War and the formation of the Confederate States?
  3. Free Speech

    I'm just so surprised to hear the U.S. President draw a false equivalence between the founding father of the U.S. that expressed regret over owning slaves, freed his own, and the Confederates that betrayed the U.S. and attacked Fort Sumter without warning because they wanted to continue upholding slavery as an institution when the rest of the developed world had moved on.
  4. Free Speech

    It turns out Germany has a system that works out pretty well for suppressing white supremacists and they haven't become a totalitarian dictatorship that controls your every thought.
  5. Free Speech

    The problem is that when you give White Nationalists a platform without opposition, you legitimize their arguments and allow them to gain traction. It's pathetically easy to say that they need to be given a platform without visible protest when you're not part of a group who are being targeted by white supremacists and anti-LGBT figures in general. You're never going to find reason with white supremacists and other bigots when to begin, as they did not reason themselves into these positions to begin with. They'll denounce anything that suggests white nationalism and it's ilk is repulsive as fake news, or part of some deep state conspiracy, retreat to their echo chamber of preference for validation and go even further down the rabbit hole. It's very similar to climate change denial. The U.S. and Australia are the only industrialized nation with a significant portion of the population relieving that it doesn't exist, and also the only industrialized nations with a large political party that presents climate change denial as merely an alternative view point and not horseshit. More importantly, it also doesn't take into account that openly allowing white supremacists to spread propaganda without immediate opposition will convert social outcasts, people who feel they don't have a stake in society, and economically disenfranchised whites. Not might, will. They'll say a few things that resonate with their victim-hood, make them feel like they're part of something greater, lead them into a bubble filled with white nationalist propaganda, and ultimately reshape their worldview. It's the same reason why conspiracy theorists that are obsessed with seeing a conspiracy in everything taken for granted are able to find common ground with the alt-right. It goes to show how frighteningly effective white supremacist propaganda is at radicalizing vulnerable whites that are unsuccessful either socially or economically and need to find some way to assert their identity. If "facts and logic" were so important to building support for ideas, then Trump would never have won the Republican Primary and he never would have won the General Election.
  6. John McCain was totally playing 8D chess this week to humiliate Trump for belittling him from the very beginning. He returned to D.C. and voted yes to move the bill forward. Giving Democrats the impression his brain cancer didn't bring a change of heart and Mitch McConnell false confidence that he could follow through bringing the bill to the floor so it could collapse spectacularly.
  7. Restoring Internet Freedom

    I'll just say that whenever he had the opportunity, Trump repeatedly attacked Net Neutrality as a government takeover throughout his campaign that punished conservatives. This has more or less been the stance of conservative politicians for nearly a decade and it's not exactly a secret that they've been trying to undermine it while the Democrats have trying to keep Net Neutrality protections intact. Both Hillary and Bernie believed Net Neutrality gave important protections to consumers and they vowed to protect it. While there a handful of Democrats that will vote against Internet protections, it's overwhelmingly Republicans spearheading this issue. If you want to protect Net Neutrality, it's wise at the very least to acknowledge who you're fighting against and who is on your side.
  8. jb_tower_b8

    For me, it really depends on how easy it is for the Ts to quickly access rifles and get within close range of the CTs. If there are only pistols within the vicinity of the cellblock or vents, then I like leaving the CTs unarmored to give Ts a chance to kill from a distance. On more compact maps where it's easy for Ts to break into the armory like Tower coincidentally enough, then providing the option of armor is not a bad idea.
  9. Huh, I guess it could be interesting to try and come up with something good. No guarantees. It would definitely be more compact than Dojo though. Yeah, I'll just say I think we're about done with those things now. Ifeelbadyou'refacetoseeithalfthetimeyougothroughvents
  10. Transgender Community

    The thing is that your interpretation is off because Zundel was found to have blatantly have an intention to expose Jews to hatred and condemnation on several occasions. Additionally, holocaust denial is based off of falsified history and isn't remotely close to the truth or a "differing opinion." You would be extremely hard-pressed to find anyone that suggests that holocaust denial is not antisemitic. He wasn't some poor sap who accidentally offended a Jewish person who wrongfully overreacted. He knew exactly what he was doing. Stuff like holocaust revision is kept suppressed and is universally condemned, because vulnerable disenfranchised people fall for it and become radicalized. Allowing shit like this to perpetuate on the scale Zundel was is extremely dangerous and can have serious repercussions on Jewish communities. It's not a coincidence that hate crimes against Jewish communities skyrocketed in Canada and the U.S. last year. The thing is that the guy had actively been spreading Neo-Nazi propaganda for 25 years or so I believe at the time of this case. It was later so severe that he was found to be a threat to national security and was deported for inciting racial hatred. To say he was jailed because he only believed the holocaust never happened is a massive understatement considering the role he played in perpetuating it and radicalizing people into becoming Neo-Nazis. He wasn't some ordinary denier who just so happened to say the holocaust never happened some one time. Again, I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to accomplish by citing these obscure holocaust revisionists when you say they're retarded. I mean, the women has no legal credibility considering she's apparently a model and an actress, not even a lawyer. How is she at all relevant? Can't you bring up some other political group besides holocaust deniers or petty obvious bigots that are having their rights infringed? That's all I'm asking for really. I mean, the fact the only people you can find that are being impacted are all holocaust deniers that think Judaism is a poison has to mean your country is pretty effective when it comes to only punishing people who are actually hateful individuals and not those who accidentally offended others. It's not like you're being jailed if you say something bad about Trudeau. Dude, you outright cited his own account in a holocaust denial case that, "Neither truth nor intent are defenses. Whether or not the speaker is speaking truth or believes what they are speaking to be true is irrelevant." as if that was official statement made by the CHRC. You peddled his argument as if it was a fact. I can understand wanting to protect Freedom Of Speech, but it was not designed as a shield to empower racists and very obvious bigots like holocaust deniers.
  11. Transgender Community

    I really suggest doing a little bit more than some "brief research" before peddling the words and claims of one of the most notorious holocaust deniers out there. Of all the possible things you could have cited from that, you decided to go with Zündel's own account and summation of the case he gave at a press conference, and not the CHRC's. For extremely blatant reasons, you should be taking his words with a grain of salt. I have no idea why you thought it was good idea to cite this as an example of a dangerous precedent. That case has very obvious evidence that Ernst violated just about every standard of decency. The fact that the best case you could find of freedom of speech being infringed was of a holocaust denier who spent his entire life denying the holocaust and promoting hatred of Jews should be enough proof that your concerns are seriously blown out of proportion.
  12. Transgender Community

    I was referring to that specifically. Maybe Canada has changed beyond recognition since the last time I've been there, but I'm finding it extraordinarily hard to believe that Canadian transgender community is going to explode and have people arrested enmass because someone innocently or accidentally used the wrong pronoun. Which Canadian law says nothing about as far as my limited knowledge goes. Even if they did, their charges wouldn't hold up considering you guys have things like defined hate speech laws that very specifically classify what's considered a hate crime. Unless you're advocating for transgender genocide or are being such a blatant asshole that it leaves no room for doubt, this law isn't going to adversely affect anyone. Well except of course, the people are who are upset that they won't be able to discriminate or deliberately harass people on the basis of their gender identity. The way I see it, you're overestimating the impact tumblr trolls have on real life but to each his own.
  13. Transgender Community

    I'm not a Canadian so I don't follow your country's politics as closely, but I was the under the impression the actual text of the bill only forbids your federal government and businesses within its jurisdiction from discriminating on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. The only source I've found indicating the bill does otherwise is some professor that already believes non-binary gender identities don't exist and unsurprisingly opposes hate speech laws in general. You probably shouldn't worry about being arrested over this passing unless you're planning on purposefully misgendering people with the intention of harassing or belittling them.
  14. I found OrdinaryGamer96

    In all seriousness, I'm surprised you're still willingly associating with these people considering they figured you were gullible enough to believe they secretly had an amazing healthcare plan just waiting to be unveiled.