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  1. Racism

  2. Honestly, I have no idea what to make of this. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41463719 Catalonia has been part of Spain for more than 500 years now and is one of the wealthiest regions in the country. It's pretty evident the Spanish government isn't going to allow a region that's so crucial to their economy to peacefully secede. Additionally, I can't imagine all of those images circulating of police beating up civilians is doing the public approval ratings for the Spanish Government there any favors.
  3. Racism

    It's probably a bit of both, though the former is the more malicious of the two.
  4. Racism

    Educated people are generally aware what coded language is and how words can be used dog-whistles to carry connotations something outside their literal definition. They generally don't use the word "niggardly" anymore for the same reason kids aren't named "Hitler" these days and toothbrush mustaches have been out of style since 1945. We all know people online start giggling and feel so clever when they use words that are coincidentally etymological similar to "nigger". Because it's a way of making racially charged comments in a way that can't literally be called out as racist. There's only so many reasons why people would be reluctant to willfully ignore that.
  5. rip daca (not dakka)

    Same reason why the candidate of "Law and Order" pardoned Joe Arpaio and was unusually reluctant to comment on Charlottesville. Dogwhistling to his base. There is no other reason that would justify deporting 800,000 people, 90% who are employed, based on the faults of their parents.
  6. Populate sG servers and JB!

    It's a bitter pill to swallow, but I think it's time we finally admit Jailbreak is probably isn't coming back to life this time. If the server didn't revitalize in the summer, which is when our server populations are historically at their best, then I highly doubt it ever will at this point. For whatever reasons, we just simply don't have a stable player base anymore.
  7. Half-Life 2: Episode Three

    This is probably the closest thing to an official confirmation we'll ever get announcing that Half Life 3 has been cancelled because Valve determined there were more profitable ways of to make money. Though, it is relieving to see this series receive some form of closure. There's no way in hell this isn't Laidlaw criticizing Valve and their new business model of emphasizing micro-transactions in established games and getting teenagers hooked on digital skin gambling, over actually creating new groundbreaking games.
  8. Free Speech

    The economic changes of how to move on from a subsistence economy based on unpaid slavery, the constitutional disagreement of whether or not slavery should be outlawed, and the political upheaval of wanting to free the slaves. No matter how you try to spin it, the root cause behind the Confederacy was ultimately slavery. Their president Jefferson Davis was a staunch of supporter of slavery even by contemporary southern standards up 'til the day he died.
  9. Free Speech

    Honest question not meant in bad faith, how did your school curriculum cover the Civil War and the formation of the Confederate States?
  10. Free Speech

  11. Free Speech

    I'm just so surprised to hear the U.S. President draw a false equivalence between the founding father of the U.S. that expressed regret over owning slaves, freed his own, and the Confederates that betrayed the U.S. and attacked Fort Sumter without warning because they wanted to continue upholding slavery as an institution when the rest of the developed world had moved on.
  12. Free Speech

    It turns out Germany has a system that works out pretty well for suppressing white supremacists and they haven't become a totalitarian dictatorship that controls your every thought.