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  1. Mimic

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    I can still edit the post
  2. Mimic

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Hi everyone, With summer coming to an end, it’s time for another round of staff changes. We received and sifted through a lot of applicants, especially for the Jailbreak Advisor position. I’d like to remind everyone that our Staff applications are always open in case you are interested in applying. I would like to congratulate Travesty for being promoted to the Recruitment Officer Manager role following the departure of Fugner. He has shown himself to be an exceptional member of Staff, and I am confident in his ability to perform in the role. In addition, please give a warm welcome to the following new members of staff: Hawk - Jailbreak Advisor StarSlayer - Zombie Escape Advisor Bear-Man-Thing - Warcraft 3 Advisor Wolfshade - Recruitment Officer Sponsored - Recruitment Officer Vexer - Recruitment Officer Lastly, I would like to announce the departure of ATTG Agent from Staff in his role of Warcraft 3 Advisor. He has contributed significantly to the community in the role, and I wish him the best of luck in the future. I would also like to thank everyone who applied as there were a ton of good options for specific roles. Unfortunately, we can’t have everyone in the community on staff. That being said, I would like to encourage the people interested in a staff position to re-apply for the next round of staff changes. If you are interested, please click here. In addition, if you are a community member and are interested in a Server Officer position please submit an application to Clamps and Bulldog here. Regards, - Mimic
  3. Mimic

    App [DENIED]

    To clarify on the denial of this application: Destin was found to be accessing the SourceBans account of a member of Staff after guessing his password for personal benefit. This Staff member's password has since been changed, and further steps will be taken in the future to prevent this from happening in the future. Due to this, Destin has been banned, and his application denied.
  4. Mimic

    Community Update 6/28/18

    Quick update to this thread: In addition to the changes outlined in the OP, please welcome Beat on to Staff in the position of Recruitment Officer! - Mimic
  5. Mimic

    App [DENIED]

  6. Mimic

    Community Update 6/28/18

    Hi everyone, As promised (though later than I'd like), here is a quick Staff update focusing mostly on changes related to Advisors and Recruitment Officers. Our goal with these changes and changes in the near future is to maximize Staff activity on our servers and the community. In addition to these changes, we are hoping for more applicants to fill additional positions, mainly server Advisor positions. Lastly, we are planning this to be the beginning of a few incremental Staff changes, so please stay tuned for them in the (hopefully near) future. Next, I would like to go over the changes to Staff. First, I would like to thank Fugner, Dakka, and Lindsay who have stepped down for their time put into Staff and the community overall, and wish them the best of luck in the future. In addition, I am sad to announce the departure of the following members of Staff: Jeff the Flying Shark Pike Lastly, I am pleased to announce the addition of the following members being added to the Recruitment Officer team: Sakkara Beat Furthermore, I am pleased to announce the following members will be joining Staff working with ZachPL on our Garry’s Mod servers: The Ben Thew Henceforth, I am delighted to declare that we've reallocated resources in our staff team and put Karma to good use. She will be our new GMOD Engineer! - Mimic P.S. Staff Applications are also open and can be found here. We are always looking for Engineers as well as Recruitment Officers, so feel free to drop in an application if you are interested. In addition, if you are interested in assisting in a Advisor role for a server, please drop in an application as well.
  7. Mimic

    Community Update 5/31/18

    Hi everyone, It’s been a while since the last update, and I know a lot of you are anxious to see Staff changes, but due to the immediate need to make an announcement regarding a few of our servers, this announcement will be made in the meantime. That being said, expect a Staff update in the near future. In order to save server costs and due to them being largely un-played and underpopulated, it has been decided that the following public servers will be shut down: 1v1 Retakes Rust These servers account for 1 VDS and the Rust server, but do note that we are still looking into expanding into different games and/or servers in existing games. Keep on the lookout regarding these changes moving forward! Regards, - Mimic
  8. Mimic

    Step Down

    So long, and thanks for all the fish <3
  9. Hey Folks, just a quick update. Legend Update Firstly, during our quarterly staff meeting, we’ve decided that inactive and irrelevant Legends will be demoted. Realistically, the only person who fits that criteria is Junzou, so we will be setting him back to Level 1. Don’t forget to vote on his application this month! With demotions, come promotions, and I am happy to announce the JCS have voted that Sweetrock will be promoted to Legend! Sweetrock has been a rock in the community, and should be recognized as such. We will also be opening an Official sG Hall of Fame, where Sweetrock will be joining other enigmas of the past such as Longcat, Oracion, P2 and Coinstar. Staff Update I would like to welcome the following members to the role of Recruitment Officer Vexer Narwhals In addition, I would like to welcome the following member back to the JCS team! Eddy Furthermore, we are sad to announce the departure of Sean. We would like to thank him for hiis time and efforts put toward improving the community, and wish him the best of luck in the future. Lastly, we will be adding a new Minecraft server and a DarkRP server - you asked, we listened. Jason and Chicago Ted will be running these servers, respectively. To see more information, please visit reddit.com/r/SyndicateGamers
  10. Mimic

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    Hi everyone, It’s time for another round of Staff changes! This time around we are replacing two server Advisors, adding one new Advisor, and adding a new Recruitment Officer. First, I would like to thank both Avenger and Crobat for their time and effort put into the Garry’s Mod TTT servers and Zombie Escape respectively, and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Next, I would like to welcome the following members to the role of Advisor: Lindsay - GMOD Advisor MistaChang - Zombie Escape Advisor Nicol3 - Minigames Advisor In addition, I would like to welcome the following member to the role of Recruitment Officer: Dakka Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that Staff Applications always open for the roles of Recruitment Officer and Engineer. We are currently specifically looking for an Engineer or Developer focusing on the Zombie Escape server. You can find the Staff Applications page at http://www.joinsg.net/staff-application/. - Mimic
  11. Mimic

    Warcraft 3 Map List (1/22/2019)

    Added de_westwood_07, ported by KiD Fearless.