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  1. It varies depending on the product.
  2. We have to generate a link for every country unfortunately. I'll look into amazon.co.uk and amazon.de links.
  3. Hey everyone, I am pleased to announce that Syndicate Gamers is now a member of the Amazon Affiliate/Associates Program! If you are not familiar with the Amazon Affiliate program, when purchasing items through Amazon using the Affiliate Link, we will receive a small portion of the order's total cost. This in no way changes the total price spent on your items, rather we simply receive a percentage of the money spent for referring our users to Amazon. If you are interested in contributing to us through purchasing items on Amazon, please consider using our Affiliate link located on the side bar, or found at the links below. We hope that this new revenue stream will allow us to increase our contributions toward event prizes, as well as allow us to more freely expand into other endeavors such as more game servers. If you are a resident of the United States and are interested in contributing, click here. If you are a resident of Canada and are interested in contributing, click here. Regards, - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS
  4. Thanks guys.
  5. There's like a 10% or so FPS bump in some titles from the 480 to 580 series. The architecture is the same, but a lot of other changes were included on the PCB. Not only that, but the price-to-performance of the 500 series is better than that of the 400 series. If you are considering upgrading from a 300 series, I'd definitely consider the 500 series. If you're upgrading the from the 400 series, it's probably not worth the cost. That being said, myself and a ton of other people are waiting on Vega to release along with some benchmarks. If you're looking for high end or enthusiast cards, I'd wait for Vega. If you're looking for more mid to high end cards, I think the 500 series is a very good option.
  6. http://www.joinsg.net/announcement/137-fastdl-issues/
  7. Had to manually add the donation because it wasn't through the Donate button.
  8. Thank you, Mimic for your donation of 50.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  9. We are currently experiencing issues with our FastDL server and are currently working with our host on resolving these issues. In the mean time, you will experience issues downloading the files required to play on our Source servers. We will update the community with more information when it becomes available. Also added an announcement.
  10. Hi Everyone! It's been a while since we've created a Digest and with all the recent changes in the community we figured one was well deserved. It has been well over a year since our last Digest, so various changes throughout the year will be skimmed over as well as various Staff changes, Reformed Ranks and Recruitment, new members, and ranks and recruitment promotions. In addition, upcoming events will also be announced! News: Staff Changes Server and Behind the Scenes Updates Server Officers Server Updates Events Ranks & Recruitment Donations Staff Changes: Hey everyone, along with the other tons of information in this Digest we figured as though a Staff Update should also be included. As many of you are aware, recently one of our JCS stepped down to pursue his goal of becoming a doctor, and has decided to prioritize his education. While pursuing his goal, he will be available in a limited capacity to assist with the development of our servers and our site. Due to this, Fontaine / Fail Klark will be taking the role of Engineer for the foreseeable future. I would like to personally thank Klark for his continued support throughout the years in the community. He has been a huge asset, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. Please wish him the best of luck in the future! Moving forward, we are glad to welcome Bulletford to the JCS team! He has been instrumental in the development of our servers, website, and community in general throughout his tenure on staff. We believe through his past experiences and actions that he will contribute significantly as a member of the JCS focusing on Operations. In addition, we are pleased to announce Moose will be joining the Manager team in Bulletford’s old position as Content Quality Manager. To those who are interested in a position on Staff please visit our Staff Applications page located here. If you have already applied, feel free to apply ONCE FOR EACH POSITION YOU ARE INTERESTED IN after every announcement containing Staff Changes. - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS Server and Behind the Scenes Updates: Engineering team updates: Good Bye Driz Welcome Nugget Technically, Moose, Karma, and AntiTeal are all new since the last digest as well Welcome back Fontaine! So, there have been LOTS of changes since the last digest, but here's what's happened recently, and some things that we're currently working on. FastDL: You may have noticed a few issues with FastDL and the servers in general, all this along with a few server outages too. I am happy to say that those issues have been fixed, and the servers should be even more stable then they were before! What actually happened? For those interested, there was a series of hardware failures on the box that hosts the FastDL server; That took a few days to fix (originally thought to be only a motherboard issue, turned out to be more than that). Along with that, we noticed the servers would lag when a CSGO update came out (noticeable the most on all the GMOD servers due to them not going down for the update. The host has adjusted the update priorities and reinstalled a potentially problematic operating system; we are happy to say that issue should now be resolved. New Servers: Since the last digest, as many know (maybe some of our newer members didn't), we moved back to Chicago. This move saved us money, while also allowing us to provide a more reasonable ping to a larger majority of our players. For those of you that don't remember, we had originally moved to LA for reasons such as better DDOS protection, but we were able to get the same moving back to Chicago. Zombie Escape: Recently, there have been some major changes to help out the server! We're also happy to announce that the server has been upgraded to 60 slots, so happy hunting (running?) from more zombies! For those of you interested in what was done to improve performance (no, a new box was not the solution), our engineers were able to do two things: 1) Hitboxes were removed on Human models on everything but the feet, so they can still be hit by a knife. Essentially this reduces the calculations the server had to do with shooting thru teammates among other things. 2) Some server cvars were changed which greatly reduced the choke and other issues players were seeing. We're super excited about these, and this is what allowed us to up the player count. Sourcebans: Bulletford has been hard at work on another project. He has added to sourcebans a tab to look up CT restrictions in JB. Great job. TTTGO: Speaking of Bulletford, he also has done a great job revisiting TTTGO and fixing many of the game-breaking bugs that were killing the server. Hop on the server sometime and check it out! Changelog Threads: All servers should be maintaining a changelog, to keep everyone better informed about changes that are happening. Any major changes will obviously still be a part of our digests, but keep an eye on the changelogs for your favorite server(s)! Server Officers: We would like to send out a big thank you to all the current and past Server Officers. Our servers wouldn't be as popular as they are, if it was not for all of you making our servers enjoyable. Server Officer Roster: Jailbreak Dr.Pepper - Taz Trouble Terrorist Town Bluestreakid15 - Darren - DMODW - Wintergreen - Ian Kinsler - Krony - Lotmoshr - Sith - Mnkeydude Zombie Escape Dashe - Zerosz - MistaChang Surf HELP WANTED, Please apply here. Minigames BabyNicol3 - Tyrone - Demon Warcraft 3:GO Bear-man-thing - Swed - Wall KZ/Climb ajsimeon TTTGO Jodas - Lindsay Server Updates: This section is going to be a bit different than past digests instead of giving you crucial updates about some of the servers, we'll be giving you little updates on what's been going on with every server and any plans for future if there are any. Jailbreak: Jailbreak is, without doubt, one of sG’s most iconic servers. However, it is no secret that Jailbreak's recent population has been struggling. Why this has happened is still not concrete. Luckily we have seen an influx of people expressing interest in wanting to help the Jailbreak server grow again; although unfortunately most of it has only been discussion. Enough of that! It is time to take these discussions from Discord, Teamspeak, or the forums and move them to where we need them: the Jailbreak server! Anyone is able to help populate the server, it really doesn't take much. Simply grab a few friends, hop onto Jailbreak, and play around! There are already a few groups who have done this, and it has worked. I personally want to thank those groups for doing such a great job. Here at sG we are doing what we can to help this cause too. Because the population has been what it is, we decided to temporarily remove the store. Doing so will reduce the download time, which if you've never connected to the server before can be quite lengthy. Faster download times should bring about more players. Fear not though, as the store will be added back once population increases-- possibly with new skins! Stay tuned! Minigames: It's been a great couple of years on minigames. We've seen a lot of people come and go, a big thanks to all those who have stayed with us. We're hoping to get a new timer system set up sometime in the near future. The new timer will have more functionality and reward players more for completing maps. Along with some general bug fixes and new minigames. There are some event ideas being thrown around with more updates to come over the Summer. Surf: Surf recently was given an upgrade with the server moving from the old rpg system which was not supported, buggy, and outdated since the THC Plugin was made prior to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. To our current system which is extremely more manageable and is in the server's best interest. This wouldn't be possible without bulletfords help with setting up and implementing the plugin. With the new system we are able to add custom upgrades to the rpg menu, so if you have any please message @bulletford, or @iafunky with these suggestions. Also, the R8 has finally been added to the server. TTTGO: We are slowly arriving the two year marker for our TTTGO server. The server was released for sG in June of 2015 and has seen a major improvement from day one. We have had many ups and downs these past two years. TTTGO has seen some major improvements these past few months. The server has tons of new features we couldn’t even dream of having when it first released. This is one example of those features: We owe it all to our manager bulletford for his hard work and effort on the server! The server’s advisor Jeff the Flying Shark has been coming up with event ideas with some of the ROs of sG. We currently have a spring event planned for the server this April. The event can be viewed at this link here: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/75131-tttgo-spring-event-april-10th-17th/ We have more plans for the server and future events this upcoming summer, so keep an eye on the forums for those updates. We hope to see you all on the server soon! Zombie Escape: Thanks to the effort of Chewy, Crobat, Antiteal, Nugget, all of our ZE SO's, and most importantly all of you who play on our server, we have been able to increase our maximum slots to 60 players and have added tons of content to the store, and we've added benefits to those who purchase Supporter every month. Without you guys ZE would not be thriving as much as it and we hope to give back to the community in our upcoming ZE Challenge Event on May 1st with more updates to come over the summer. Hope to see you around! Trouble in Terrorist Town: As many of you already know, we decided to discontinue our custom TTT server after multiple attempts to revive the servers population. However, it has been replaced with a 2nd 24/7 Minecraft vanilla server that has been thriving in recent months. In other news, It's been almost 2 years since we've had an event, so I'm pleased to announce that we have one scheduled for late April/Early May, be sure to check the forums for more information in the following weeks! Warcraft 3: With the departure of Face, war3 development has slowed down a bit and we have suffered a bit of downtime recently due to FastDL. However, with the addition of @ATG_AGENT and with the help of events the server is consistently popped almost all day. Thank you to everyone who continues to play and support the server with donations/war3 supporter. We wouldn't be where we are without you. We have a few plans for the server, one of which will be announced soon - make sure to keep checking for updates! See you on the server. Quality of Life Changes since April of 2016 New races: Events: Here are some events you can look forward to in the next few months: Heroes Never Die Overwatch Tourney (April 8-9): After many trials, tribulations, and mostly delays, sG is semi-proud to host it's first Overwatch event! Organized by @Mark from Facebook and ran by @Reaper0470 this Overwatch event pits teams of 3 against each other to see who the best of the best is! If you think you've got it takes then you better sign up quick, registration ends on the 7th of April. Sign up here. TTTGO Spring Event (April 10-17): Now that some of the more annoying bugs have been fixed thanks to @bulletford we're proud to host another TTTGO Event! This is a more casual event meant to have fun and populate the server. Spring Poker Tournament (April 15): ZE Challenge Event Vol. 2 (May 1-8) Jailbreak Event (May 12-18) Here's a look back at all past events and winners too: Ranks & Recruitment: Ranks and Recruitment Changes (April 1st, 2017): On April 1st we announced some pretty big changes to our Recruitment and our Rank structure, this changes can be found HERE! We are aware some of these changes are controversial and we have been discussing possible additions to these changes, nothing is set in stone yet but when we have something ready for the community we will make a thread in members only asking your your input. Keep an eye out for the thread! - Eddy Member Updates: We would like to congratulate all of our new members: Also congratulations to all of our members who received promotions since the last digest: Level 2: Level 3: Level 4: Level 5: Veteran: Donations: October - $900 Krony - $260 Paul_Waffle - $209 Destin - $177 Yunki - $130.02 Dr. Vojislav Seselj - $95 TrinityCrush - $85 DMODW - $63.14 Arctic Freeze - $60 Sean - $55 Ctark - $50 Cthulu’s Penis - $50 Lindsay - $50 Noah - $47.66 Agrippa - $40 Mimic - $40 Sweetrock - $35.55 Ironic - $35.30 Grayson Levi - $34.00 Iafunky - $32.32 Tacky - $31.55 Anonymous - $30.00 Kordless - $29.20 Baked Potato - $25.00 Bbhblackout - $25.00 Elliott - $25.00 King1Arthur - $25.00 Moose - $25.00 Smash - $25.00 Tazmanianxdude - $23.40 Nagito Kimaeda - $20.99 A Horny Moose - $20.00 Piero - $20.00 RoseAmherst - $20.00 Sixheadkyle - $20.00 TheWaffler - $20.00 Bulldog - $19.91 Gemma - $18.00 Natsu - $15.00 Remi - $15.00 XbFTB - $15.00 Branden - $13.01 MistaChange - $12.10 Ajsimeon - $10.00 Apple Juice - $10.00 Avenger - $10.00 Booch - $10.00 Chet - $10.00 Cody - $10.00 Daft2thePunk - $10.00 DarkFalcon - $10.00 Don Juan - $10.00 FreeLancer - $10.00 Frosty_VooDoo - $10.00 Ian Kinsler - $10.00 Jodas - $10.00 Koriko - $10.00 Polky - $10.00 RandomDudeNumber005 - $10.00 Scaurs - $10.00 Skully-xs - $10.00 Tyrone - $10.00 Zip - $10.00 Albert Einstein - $8.45 Velo - $8.00 Nau - $6.69 Vexer - $6.66 David - $6.48 Birthday Senpai - $5.00 =Buring Legion= BoomJenny - $5.00 DiscoFiasco - $5.00 Owl - $5.00 DR3Y - $3.00 ...for a total of $3201.43! Because of all of the wonderful people that donated, we have been able to improve our services and increase our number of events as well as the quality of the prizes. We greatly appreciate all those that have helped financially support us!
  11. Ref. Super active on War3 and has been playing the server consistently for years. Overall is a great presence on the server and I believe he'd be a great addition to the community.
  12. There is no memes here, only dreams.
  13. I don't think the bird is saying "fucking legend". I think it's saying "fucking faggot".
  14. Finally someone posts the Tristan edition of Jizz in my Pants. I always lose it after he reports it.