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  1. Hey Folks, just a quick update. Legend Update Firstly, during our quarterly staff meeting, we’ve decided that inactive and irrelevant Legends will be demoted. Realistically, the only person who fits that criteria is Junzou, so we will be setting him back to Level 1. Don’t forget to vote on his application this month! With demotions, come promotions, and I am happy to announce the JCS have voted that Sweetrock will be promoted to Legend! Sweetrock has been a rock in the community, and should be recognized as such. We will also be opening an Official sG Hall of Fame, where Sweetrock will be joining other enigmas of the past such as Longcat, Oracion, P2 and Coinstar. Staff Update I would like to welcome the following members to the role of Recruitment Officer Vexer Narwhals In addition, I would like to welcome the following member back to the JCS team! Eddy Furthermore, we are sad to announce the departure of Sean. We would like to thank him for hiis time and efforts put toward improving the community, and wish him the best of luck in the future. Lastly, we will be adding a new Minecraft server and a DarkRP server - you asked, we listened. Jason and Chicago Ted will be running these servers, respectively. To see more information, please visit reddit.com/r/SyndicateGamers
  2. Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    Hi everyone, It’s time for another round of Staff changes! This time around we are replacing two server Advisors, adding one new Advisor, and adding a new Recruitment Officer. First, I would like to thank both Avenger and Crobat for their time and effort put into the Garry’s Mod TTT servers and Zombie Escape respectively, and I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Next, I would like to welcome the following members to the role of Advisor: Lindsay - GMOD Advisor MistaChang - Zombie Escape Advisor Nicol3 - Minigames Advisor In addition, I would like to welcome the following member to the role of Recruitment Officer: Dakka Lastly, I would like to remind everyone that Staff Applications always open for the roles of Recruitment Officer and Engineer. We are currently specifically looking for an Engineer or Developer focusing on the Zombie Escape server. You can find the Staff Applications page at http://www.joinsg.net/staff-application/. - Mimic
  3. Abandonment

    wtf is this
  4. C++ Coin Counter!

    I mean any number mod 1 is zero, and any number divided by 1 is itself, so other than placing cashVar1 into pennies, they aren't necessary. It's good to note that they follow a pattern though. Also, I wouldn't say this is C++ (more like C, other than iostring stuff and namespaces) but is definitely necessary for learning the language! Good job
  5. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    Hey guys, As promised, we are delivering another quarterly community digest providing updates on the community, servers, and Staff. In this digest, we will be discussing some new Staff changes along with some major changes to our Recruitment and Ranks system! We will also provide you guys with the latest updates on our servers. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy the digest! News Staff Changes Recruitment Changes Server Updates Server Officers Donations Staff Changes Hi everyone, We are delivering on our promise to make additional Staff changes to further assist with our goal of keeping Staff active within the servers and the community. This time around we are pleased to announce the addition of one new JCS, and welcome back an old one, as well as pleased to announce the addition of several Staff members to assist in the development and overall upkeep of our servers. I am pleased to announce the following members will be joining Staff: ESDaman - Recruitment Officer Swed - General Engineer KidFearless - Minigames Advisor In addition, I would like to welcome Moose on as a member of our Joint Chief of Staff roster. Throughout his time on Staff he has proven to be diligent in both a technical role and a community role and we are glad to welcome him into the fold. In this position Moose will be overseeing Ranks and Recruitment as well as Public Relations and Community Affairs. Lastly, I would also like to welcome Eddy back to his role as a Joint Chief of Staff after an extended leave of absence due to personal issues outside of the community. As a JCS he will be overseeing the community financials and ensuring the delivery of our subscriptions. Regards, - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS Recruitment and Ranks Changes New Recruitment System Recruitment is returning to Open and Closed Recruitment! Applications are Open during the first 7 days of the month and Closed for the rest of the month. Recruit Application Requirements: At least one referral from an sG Member who is Level 2 or above. 100 hours* playtime on any of our game servers. 15 posts* on our forums. Created an Introduction thread in the Introduction subforum. No bans of 30 minutes or more within the past 3 months (from when the ban ended). *Applicants may substitute server playtime hours for posts by adding the percentages. In order to be accepted as a Member Level 1: After application is made, the Recruit will go through a one month long Recruitment period. Recruit will be able to wear sGr | tags until application is accepted or denied. Recruits must meet at least 20 referrals from Level 2 members and above, Three referrals must be from Staff. sG | Member Referrals, Comments and/or Concerns: Members will have the chance to refer the Recruits during the month long Recruitment period. Members can also voice legitimate comments/concerns with the Recruit without referring. Members must make it clear as to whether or not they are referring the Recruit. Members may not rescind referrals. So please do not be hastily with your referrals and make the right decision the first time. Any referral is heavily encouraged to have an explanation, but is not mandatory. New Rank Changes: Ranks are also Open during the first 7 days and Closed for the rest of the month. Rank Application Requirements: Must have played on our servers within the past month of application date. No bans of 30 minutes or more within the past 3 months (from when the ban ended). If your application reaches 8 No Votes from Staff, your application will be automatically denied. sG | Member Voting: Members may only vote Yes or No. No detail explanation required but encouraged. Example: 1/20 [Yes: +1] Ctark, Moose, Clamps, Fugner [No: -1] Mimic, Bulletford, Centran Member Level 2 Requirements: 6 months clan tenure. 250 forum post count minimum. 200 hour minimum requirement on our servers. 20/20 Community Vote from Level 2 and above. 2 Yes votes have to be from Staff. Member Level 3 Requirements: 1 year of clan tenure. 500 forum post count minimum. 450-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 18/18 Community Vote from Level 3 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. Member Level 4 Requirements: 2 years of clan tenure. 1000 forum post count minimum. 700-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 16/16 Community Vote from Level 4 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. Member Level 5 Requirements: 3 years of clan tenure. 2000 post count minimum. 1000-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 14/14 Community Vote from Level 5 and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. Veteran Member Requirements: 5 years of clan tenure. 3500 post count minimum. 1500-hour minimum requirement on our servers. 12/12 Community Vote from Veteran and above. 2 Yes Votes have to be from Staff. These changes will take effect immediately. Any Open Recruitment or Rank Applications will continue with status quo until application is accepted or denied. Recruitment and Ranks applications are closed as of the 7th. Along with these exciting changes, we have also been looking at rewarding our existing members, however those details have not been finalized just yet. Please stay tuned...! Changes to New Users on the Forums Thanks to Bulletford, we've added a new automated PM that goes out to new members who join the forums! This PM has information such as Global Guidelines, how to apply to sG, how to appeal a ban, and a ton of other incredibly useful information. Along with this, we are working on rewarding players on specific servers that sign up on our forums and link their steam account. Details coming soon. Server Updates GMOD Custom TTT Through much hard work from our staff team, namely ZachPL, Moose, Avenger, Jeff The Flying Shark and Reaper, we have brought back our GMOD Custom TTT Server! Come hop on the server and try it out if you haven't yet. Server IP: Warcraft 3:GO People who purchase the War3 Supporter package can now join the #war3_supporter channel on the sG discord. This gives them exclusive access to staff discussion and server changes multiple days before they take effect. Pick up War3 Supporter and join the conversation today! See more information here. Face is back, guns blazing. With changes coming every week, be certain to keep up with the changes on this thread. Over 80 races have already been buffed/nerfed, and we expect to see Air Elemental, Warrior, and an unannounced race released in the near future! Zombie Escape With the help of fps_trucka, Mimic, Bulletford, Moose and Crobat. The server is stable once again and has gained quite a bit of population. As always, a big thanks to the regulars and sG members that helped populate the server. As well, a big thanks to AntiTeal for working hard for our ZE server, he's not with us anymore sadly, but he is still willing to help us, just not as a Staff member. He also coded the ZE Supporter perk, which includes features such as extra cash, reviving at the middle of the round and immunity to AFK Manager. TTT:GO The Newton Launcher is finally on our TTT CS:GO server! Get your hands on this puppy and launch the enemy into space! Populating our servers We know the population of our servers has been less than optimal. However, we have seen dedication, not only from our Staff and Server Officers, but also from the Community Members to try and get the servers repopulated and back to their former glory. We'd like to send a special shoutout and thanks these following sG | Members: sG | Bluestreakid15 sG | Chowder sG | Cman sG | Crobat sG | Dr3y sG | DrNarwhalsNumbNuts IV sG | Dr. Pepper sG | fpstrucka sG | Groot sG | KidFearless sG | Krony sG | Lindsay sG | MistaChang sG | Noah sG | OrdinaryGamer69 sG | Rock sG | Rootbeer sG | Sean sG | Sweetrock sG | Tazmanianxdude sG | TheOrangeGrape sG | Velo sG | Vexer sG | Yunki Server Officers Thank you to all of our Server Officers! The community would not be the same without any of you! You guys are the backbone of our servers. Thank you for all of your hard work and continue representing our community in the best way possible. Server Officer Roster: Jailbreak Don Juan Dracula - Chowder - Groot - TheLowki - Papyrus Trouble Terrorist Town Get Schwifty - Lotmoshr - Sith - SpecialBrownies - Wintergreen Zombie Escape Chet - Dashe - Freelancer RPG/Skill Surf Cman - TrinityCrush Mini Games BabyNicol3 Warcraft 3:GO Bear-Man-Thing - DarkFalcon - Dash - Sharp KZ/Climb HELP WANTED - APPLY HERE TTTGO HELP WANTED - APPLY HERE Donations Dr. Vojislav Seselj - $30.00 Krony - $15.00 Leeroy - $10.00 Nagito Komaeda - $10.00 YouGaveMeASpook - $10.00 Birthday Senpai - $5.00 Bluestreakid15 - $5.00 Codenick - $5.00 Crobat - $4.00 Sweetrock - $3.00
  6. The Great Debate - +Damage and Molly Damage

    Also, Banshee has a similar bug with Bash and molotovs. I guess when Coolness wrote Banshee he wrote his own Bash routine into the race.
  7. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Probably be waiting a while for Nugget
  8. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Hi everyone, It’s time for another round of Staff changes, this time with a goal of maximizing server activity and interaction between Staff and the community. With these changes we are looking to begin making the changes on Staff necessary for maximizing Staff’s overall presence on our servers and improve Staff’s communication overall with the community. Since we are looking to improve the overall activity on our servers, Recruitment Officers will no longer be focusing on hosting community events (but are greatly encouraged to do so), rather community activity, moderation, and recruitment will be their main goals. Please note that there will be further Staff changes coming in the near future, so stay tuned for them. With these changes in mind, we will be welcoming 6 new Recruitment Officers on to our ranks. Each of these members have proven themselves to be dedicated to our servers and community, and we are glad to welcome them aboard. Please welcome the following new Recruitment Officers: Krony Travesty Lindsay Sean Ironic Grayson Levi Furthermore, we are sad to announce the departure of the following Staff members. We would like to thank them for their time and efforts put toward improving the community, and wish them the best of luck in the future: Hawk Mark From Facebook Chewy Nuggetthenoble Next I am pleased to announce the following members will be returning on to Staff with a focus on server development and activity. Please extend a warm welcome to both Face and Crobat who will be working in the positions of Warcraft 3 Engineer and Zombie Escape Advisor respectively. Last, I would like to point out that the Staff Applications page has been updated for positions we are looking to fill, or are constantly accepting applications for. If you are interested in a position, please submit an application at http://www.joinsg.net/staff-application/. Please note that we do clear applications after every Staff Changes post, so feel free to re-apply if you’re still interested in a position. - Mimic
  9. MFW years later sG Media Team is becoming a thing We can make a badge for it and possibly have it stack kinda like the poker tournament ones.

    Not sure if serious

    You forget the login to your old account?
  12. Hey guys, As promised, we are delivering another quarterly community digest providing updates on the community, servers, and staff. In this digest we will be discussing the status of our current servers, the addition of new servers, Staff and Server Officer changes, upcoming events and previous event winners and prizes, rank updates, and donations since the last digest. A lot of focus and work has been put toward the addition of a few new servers such as 1v1 and skill surf. In addition, a few staff changes have been made to help with the development and progression of a few of our servers that are falling off (Jailbreak, Rust). Enjoy the Digest, and for you Americans, enjoy the fourth of July! News Staff Changes Server Officers Server Updates Events Ranks and Recruitment Donations Staff Changes Hey everyone, Now that Summer has started we have decided to put some major efforts into expanding the community into more competitive and relaxing servers including Skill Surf (Easy and Hard Servers), 1v1, Retake, and Dust 2 Warm Up/Deathmatch. Hopefully, with these servers, we can increase the visibility of our community on CSGO and leverage that to populate other existing servers. To accomplish this, we will be re-purposing some of our permanent development servers as well as our CSGO tournament servers, and will purchase servers where necessary to host events and/or develop servers. If these servers are successful we will consider further expanding into more competitive servers. In order to help with the development of our existing servers, we have decided to welcome the following members back on to Staff: fps_trucka - Jailbreak Engineer Karma - Rust Engineer Note that Karma will be returning to Staff after a ton of discussions regarding her prior dismissal which ultimately led to both parties agreeing for her return to her previous position. In addition, to help out with the community expansion into these new servers I am pleased to announce that Destin will be looking over the new Skill Surf servers in an Advisor role. He will be working with the community to determine the best configuration for the server as well as with the engineers to implement more technical changes where necessary. Next, Iherdcows will be stepping away from his role as the lead of Jailbreak giving the reigns to Pike. Pike will be working with both Moose and fps_trucka on the development and upkeep of the Jailbreak server and community going forward. We hope to see great results out of this trio! Lastly, I am sad to announce the departure of both Will.Alaska and Paul_Waffle from Staff, and I wish them the best of luck in the future. - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS Server Officers Thank you for all of our server Officers, the community would not be the same without any of you. You guys are the backbone of our servers. Thank you for all of your hard work and continue representing our community in the best way possible. Server Officer Roster: Jailbreak Don Juan Dracula - Grayson Levi - Groot - Papyrus - Scrub - Sponsored Trouble Terrorist Town DannyShr - DMODW - Husky - Krony - Lotmoshr - October - Sith Zombie Escape Chet - Dashe - MistaChang - Terumi - Zerosz Surf HELP WANTED, PLEASE APPLY HERE Mini Games BabyNicol3 - Dash - Dr.Pepper - Tyrone Warcraft 3:GO Bear-Man-Thing - DarkFalcon - Swed - Wall KZ/Climb AjSimeon TTTGO Lindsay - Rose Server Updates New Servers: Skill Surf We are pleased to announce that your dreams are no longer memes, and we will be introducing two skill surf servers (one for easier tier maps, and one for harder ones). We hope that all of you enjoy it, and it is able to draw in a population that we have yet to reach out to. Stay tuned for updates as these roll out to the public. As of today, there is one server up and running here. After the other server is completed, this maps will be reorganized, and this server will only have easy tier maps, while the second will have the harder tier maps. The server is mostly complete, but there are some things that are still being worked out. The biggest thing that is to be noted, map start and end zones for the timer have to be manually added. As we add new maps if you see any that do not have zones, please contact an SO or Staff and they can set it up. On that note, if you are interested please send in your SO applications for these new servers. Multi 1 vs 1 For those of you who haven't played in a 1v1 server before, this is quite a simple game mode. It rotates through different aim maps, and each round you are matched up against another opponent in the server. If you win, you advance, if you lose you drop. The goal is to try and be in arena #1 being the best of the best, proving you can win any 1v1 duel. Try it out here: Retakes Look for an announcement in the coming weeks as this server gets setup. This is another simple gamemode to practice your competitive strategies. Two or three terrorists will spawn in a bombsite, plant the bomb, and hold it from the soon coming CT's (typically 2x more than the number of T's). 24/7 Dust2 Deathmatch We will also be introducing a standard 24/7 dust2 deathmatch server that will be up shortly as well. Look for an announcement soon. Existing Servers: Jailbreak JB has had its ups and downs throughout the last year. Through continuous effort, it has continued to get a decent population pretty consistently. Many issues have been fixed, a couple of rules have been changed (mainly no detours and delays being implied) making it easier for new players to follow and give orders more quickly, and a few new plugins have been added over the past few months making things generally more simple (ie last CT plugin to notify users when it's last CT). A special shout out to Trucka for his work and dedication in learning to help improve the server. Zombie Escape Zombie Escape has been struggling to gain/keep population in June due to final exams and the Hydra update breaking most of our plugins. Due to this, we removed the Crobot plugin along with Text-To-Speech. If you have purchased Text-To-Speech, please contact @Lv. 100 Crobat to have your credits refunded. Since the server is in constant development, you can check the server changelogs here. As we continue to work on fixing and improving the server if you have any feedback, suggestions, or find any bugs, please post in the Zombie Escape forum or bug section. RPG Surf Surf has had a long history with sG, and we're excited to announce that we'll still be keeping RPG Surf for the moment. The server has recently had some resurgence thanks to MistaChang and a few others. We hope to see this server revitalized and running along side our Skill Surf! Minigames Minigames has been focused on adding better Quality of Life improvements to it's server. Through some trial and error we've been able to solve the issues with elevators on maps like br_flood and mg_jacs_multigames. Grenades Also properly collide with players on dodge ball game modes. Vehicle physics have been tweaked so that players are not likely to fall through them. We've added some admin tools to better help our SO's and players catch hackers on the server. Course maps now have more styles for players to mess around with such as: Autostrafe, lowgrav, and slowmotion. Thanks to everyone that played during the minigame event. Warcraft 3 War3 has undergone some pretty major changes in the past couple of months. We experienced some downtime after the last major CSGO update, which pushed us to make some very exciting changes. Moving War3 off of sharing a box with other major servers such as ZE allowed us to increase it to a 128 tick server. Since then we've seen better stability and an overall healthier server. Additionally many long standing bugs have been fixed, and War3 supporter has been updated (to no longer permit the same map being played over and over again). If you haven't been around the server in a while, hop in and check it out! Trouble in Terrorist Town: Global Offensive TTTGO is still steadily being worked on by @bulletford almost daily. The server has been improving tremendously thanks to his efforts as well. We have dealt with many bugs and the server crashing due to recent updates from Valve. These have mostly been fixed and we're looking to add new features onto the server this summer. I won't reveal these new features, but when they happen you can view them at our change log topic for TTTGO here: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/66498-tttgo-change-log-3202017/?page=3#comment-1027694). We also have an upcoming event planned for this summer so I hope to see you all there then. Stay frosty traitors. Trouble in Terrorist Town (GMOD) GMOD TTT's population has been booming since the addition of Vanilla Central. We have been getting requests from players to add more maps to our otherwise small map rotation. We are open to suggestions, which can be made here. We've had issues in the past with getting a reliable reading of your total time spent on the servers, usually requiring players to get a vouch for rank apps, so @ZachPL is currently working on a new player time tracker. Events Heroes Never Die! Congratulations to Team#69 for winning the first Overwatch event. Thank you for all participants, I personally had a blast, and being my first event, I learned quite a bit, and have plans to revisit an Overwatch event in a later date, and taking in a lot more of the community input. Spring Poker Tournament It ended up coming down to a battle of attrition between ZachPL and Elmo, but ZachPL came out on top this time around in the Poker Tournament. Had a lot of fun playing in this event and thanks to @Reaper0470 for organizing it! TTTGO Spring Event This event was a huge success in revitalizing the TTTGO server. Thanks to donations we had a huge prize pool to reward as many people as we could who participated! Big shoutouts to @bulletford, @Ruffles, and @Jeff The Flying Shark for organizing/running this event and for the work they do on the server. Hope we continue to see you all on the server! ZE Challenge Event Vol. 2 During this period, ZE had a great playerbase and frequent players trying to get the daily achievements, congratulations to @_Ice_ @MidKnight and @Jake From State Farm❤™ for getting the highest points during the event. Also thanks to everyone who participated during the event. Next event will have a follow up team competiotion like in 2016, dont miss it! Jailbreak Event Grats to Leeroy, Sponsored, lvl4rock, Booch, Noah, Wolfshade, and TheOrangeGrape for winning prizes this time around and thanks to everyone who participated. We had a great turnout for a majority of this event, and jb has since seen a steady growth in population! Hope to see you all again for the next event. Summertime Vanilla Madness The SUMMERTIME VANILLA MADNESS Event was a blast! I'd like to thank everyone who participated. It was a fun event and we haven't had a GMOD event in the last two years. So we'd like to give a big shout out to the players, members, SO's, and staff who helped participate and play in the event. This being my second event running, it was cool to have a more challenging event planned and having so much help to create it. A big shout goes out to @Avenger for taking his time to play and donate to the event. As well as being there when I had to go LOA. Another shout out to @ZachPL for creating a plugin for the event. Even though there were some mishaps with it, it was awesome having his support and contribution throughout the event. Also to the SO's who monitored the server and enforcing the rules during this time. Without you guys the server would be a hellhole. To those who donated and for sG donating, I'd like to say thank you! I cannot wait to run another event like this in the future. Now to the winners! Congratulations to October, ADA, Asarolol, Taz, and Sith! School's out Summer CSGO Tournament CSGO Tournaments the name, attendance issues is the meme. All memes aside I personally still had fun running this event, I think some people might've taken it a bit too seriously, but hopefully everyone had atleast some fun. Grats to Alcyone for taking 1st place. Minigames Summer Congrats to Imperium, Mr.Kon, TheOrangeGrape, Tyrone, tazmanianxdude and FreeLancer! Seems like people enjoyed the event. Would like to see some more players next time though, I hope to see you all in the next event! Ranks and Recruitment New members: Level 2: Level 3: Level 4: Level 5: Veteran: Donations October - $100.70 Mimic - $55.00 chaos4499 - $45.00 Destin - $30.00 IPlaySparks - $30.00 Krony - $30.00 darfrywarrior - $20.00 fps_trucka - $15.00 JWB10 - $10.00 Dakka - $5.00 iafunky - $5.00 Dawn - $3.00
  13. Step Down

    Sad to see you go. Thanks for taking time out of your life to help the community!
  14. New donation from Mimic

    This was from the CSGO tourney stream. spspspspspspspspsp
  15. New donation from Mimic

    Thank you, Mimic for your donation of 5.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community