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  1. Finally someone posts the Tristan edition of Jizz in my Pants. I always lose it after he reports it.
  2. Hey Everyone, as summer is rolling around quick it’s time for another round of Staff changes! Since summer is coming around, we were looking to substantially increase the number of Recruitment Officers to be active on both the servers and help with events. This time around we’re pleased to announce the addition of four new Recruitment Officers and one new Engineer. All of these members have been actively contributing toward creating and managing events or contributing toward the development and/or progression of our servers for quite some time while in the community as either a Server Officer or a Community Member. Due to this, we are glad to welcome the following members on to Staff: Destin - Recruitment Officer Ruffles - Recruitment Officer Crobat - Recruitment Officer Hawk - Recruitment Officer Nuggetthenoble - General Engineer As always, if you are interested in a Server Officer or a Staff position follow these links: Server Officers: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/73418-server-officer-applications Staff: http://www.joinsg.net/staff-application/ - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS
  3. I did give away a graphics card this year though. Ask @Daileyyy.
  4. RIP
  5. You aren't banned and you are welcome to play on our servers and still be a member of the community. In addition, you are free to re-apply in the future. Show us you can change and we'll be glad to welcome you back. Until then, best of luck.
  6. Jurassic Park 2: Electric Boogaloo or Great Crate Escape.
  7. Another month for me.
  8. We kept the original ads as homage to the original map maker, and to keep the theme of the map. I'm okay with fixing the bugs with the porting to CSGO, but I am not okay with removing the credits for the community and players that made the map possible in the first place. This would be like editting one of the LotR maps to not have credits or shout-outs...
  9. That necro...
  10. Hey guys, it’s time for a small community update regarding a few staff changes as well as some significant changes to our Surf RPG server that have been long awaited. This time around we were looking to add members to Staff dedicated on working Minigames, Surf RPG, and Warcraft 3. That being said, I would like to welcome the following people on to Staff: Paul_Waffle - Minigames Advisor KiD Fearless - Minigames Advisor Reaper0470 - Recruitment Officer In addition, I would like to also announce the promotion of the following Staff members: ATTG Agent - Warcraft 3 Advisor Iafunky - Surf Advisor That about wraps it up regarding Staff changes. Next, I am pleased to announce the overhaul of our Surf RPG server. Bulletford has been working on bettering our Surf RPG System. Our current system is no longer supported, buggy and outdated due to the THC RPG plugin being made prior to the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Keeping this in mind, it is in the server’s best interest to use a newer and more manageable system. In order to accomplish this, unfortunately levels will need to be reset. We are planning to swap over the database and the plugin on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 (2/7/17) at 11 AM CST. So please get your last game in, and don’t forget your screenshots while you still can! The new system allows us to create custom upgrades (feel free to suggest upgrades) as well as remove the level cap on the server. Due to this, we have included five new upgrades along with the base plugin so far. Below, you will find a list of the old plugin skills, and the new plugin skills: Old Plugin Skills: Speed Adrenaline Health+ Medic RegenerateHP Vampire Damage+ FirePistol FrostPistol Gravity- IceStab LongJump New Plugin Skills: Antidote (Reduce duration of bad effects against you like burning, freezing, or slow down) Armor+ (Increases your maximum armor) Armor Helmet (Gives players a chance to receive a helmet on spawn) Damage+ Fall Damage (Reduces the damage you take from falling from great heights) Fire Pistol Frost Pistol Gravity+ Health+ Hp Regeneration Ice Stab Impulse [Adrenaline] (Gain speed for a short time when being shot) Long Jump Medic Speed Stealth (Renders yourself more and more invisible) Vampire To get started, please find a few useful commands below which are implemented in the new plugin: rpg rpgrank rpgtop10 rpginfo rpgmenu rpgexp rpghelp rpgnext rpgsession A completed list of descriptions of the skills will be added to the rules/MOTD page, along with chat commands. Finally, as a very important note, if you are not active on the server within 90 days (approx. 3 months) of your last connection your RPG mod experience and levels will be reset/deleted. In addition, the rate of experience gains and the upgradable stats are subject to change in the future. - Mimic, Chairman of the JCS
  11. Added de_westwood_07, ported by KiD Fearless.
  12. Why do they always start it on a Sunday? I'm at work for most of the good runs.
  13. As an aside, you can use http://www.pcpartpicker.com to help you pick parts that are compatible.
  14. You smell funny.

  15. IIRC the choke was the reason we ran the server at 33 tick for the longest time.