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  1. oh my god. That dude "Thats my friend" *wasted gta screen*
  2. If Anyone played this gem of a mmo back in 2004 you will remember this is the mmo that DC comics tried to sue because people were making heroes based off not only Marvel comic heroes but DC comic heroes as well. Back in 2012 City of Heroes was shutdown by NCSoft Korea its publisher at the time due to rumors of mismanagement of funds provided NCSoft and while the game had a great community everyone that was active at the time didn't want to see it go away. During the last 2 weeks a private community with complete access to the i24(issue 24) code base was discovered and completely flooded by the fans of this game and the community has gone wild for it. Nearly 40k accounts have been made with close to 100k heroes/villians with 4 servers now from this private community that is now public. Anyone who previously played hit me up cause im playing on Torchbearer. But the 2 new servers they posted up (indomitable and everlasting) are having double xp turned on for 72 hours(sometime Wednesday it gets turned off)
  3. Wont happen as long as epic keeps throwing money at devs. look at deep silver they bent the knee for that epic cash(no pun intended)
  4. water.exe


    I've played it in multiplayer and it gets interesting especially when people have multiple thoughts on how the base should be laid out and it results in hilarious formations.
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