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  1. He is Coming...

    Maybe a reference to Freddy coming to DBD
  2. It's A Spooky Poker Table!!!!

    Can't wait for the poker tourny.
  3. Brofest 10/28

    This is probably not @Howard Dean approved Brofest as he is the Brofest manager.
  4. i love the sg war3 server.

    Jah screencap this because I will refer you when you apply and will likely forget to conf my referral
  5. Monitors for a 1080Ti

    sean already hit the nail on the head 1440@144hz.
  6. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    They envisioned a time when the primary weapon of the miltia was the same one people used when hunting AKA muskets so yes I do believe that the founding fathers had a pretty clear vision when they wrote it.
  7. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    The fact you don't believe in what the founding fathers envisioned makes me gag.
  8. Rust Guitar God

    @Karma this is what @centran was trying todo all those times
  9. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    Ben Shapiro didn't even vote Trump.....
  10. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    They might be magicians but they can be serious when its required. Since you really love leaving words out here we go and I'll break it into bullet points this time. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State ,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The 2nd Amendment as read has 2 main parts to it the 1st A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State This is pretty self explanatory the founding fathers wanted to maintain a trained Militia at all times to keep what we spent 2 years fighting for our freedom. The 2nd part is the absolute key to this amendment in how it was worded ,the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Now this part is because the founding fathers didn't want a Britain 2: Electric Bugaloo to happen were the government is the only one with the guns and what they say goes. Now recap time Well relegated Militia(US Armed Forces) The people having the right to keep and bear arms Now if you still don't understand or want to leave out words I can find a completely serious diagram of why you are an absolute tool and complete moron
  11. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    The only loophole to buying a gun without a background check is at a gun show others wise you are are wrong You give little credit to the founding fathers because they wrote the constitution with such precision that the grammar and language seem to say otherwise but I'll let Pen and Teller explain that
  12. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    Not to belittle you or your argument or anyone elses argument but the guns laws we have now prevent guns being bought legally from convicted felons, people with a poor background(as in domestic battery and such), the mentally incompetent & Seperated military with a dishonorable discharge. I'm saying a kneejerk reaction to use this to strengthen how hard it is to obtain a gun isn't the solution. Backgrounds checks are already federally required to purchase a gun in any state and if a yellow flag comes up on the background check you must fill out additional information in order to obtain a firearm. Also for certain types of guns to be owned you do need a license in order to possess it or even fire it. To clarify my statement A knee-jerk reaction to limit good people from owning guns is a terrible solution to this all. Yes what has happened with the shooting is terrible and I have personally already donated to some funds that will benefit the families. The easiest way to put this is bad guys that want to bad things will always do it by whatever way possible. Could a CCW have stopped all the people from dying probably if he was in the hotel at the time the shooting started. I am simply asking for everyone that is advocating for stronger guns laws to think critically about this. Like I said I would like to see more people in America as whole obtain a CCW permit.
  13. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    I don't think a knee jerk reaction to this is the exact way laws should be passed. The real problem was this was just an average dude that did this and none of the checks in place were going to stop it. To add on to this statement look at Chicago it is the epitome of what democats want as gun laws and control and it averages the highest killing by guns because bad people will always get guns to break laws. If anything comes from this I hope it is more people willing to get a CCW license and actively carry.
  14. Las Vegas Shooting Massacre

    I mean most states have similar laws and depending on the firearm you will have to wait 1-3 days before you are able to legally receive it after purchase.