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  1. Custom TTT Feedback

    You da man.
  2. Custom TTT Feedback

    Can we get a buff on the newton launcher? I miss the days where that weapon actually launched people.
  3. Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    I'll be there.
  4. The only critique I have of Viss is that he can be a little too aggro sometimes(he pushes alone quite often). Viss, SmaK and BreaK are unreal at combat though. BreaK is probably my favourite to watch.
  5. When do you normally go to bed ?

    Uh.. I must be a really boring old fart because I go to bed at 8:00pm.... I do wake up at 3:00am though to go to the gym before work. Sleeping in on weekends means 6:00am.
  6. GOT Season 7

  7. GOT Season 7

    Just started my re-watch of all 6 seasons. Should be able to get er done in time.
  8. Can we get karma power already

    Man, your contradiction is out of this world. Agreed.
  9. Can we get karma power already

    So what you are saying is because you kill anyone who throws a discombob, you should have the right to adjust your karma back to full because what you did was right?
  10. Can we get karma power already

    Apparently to Sith, they didn't. "If you are an innocent and witness another terrorist committing traitorous acts, and you do not act on it if he/she was a traitor, that is KOSable. Guilty by association. So in a sense, you would be punished for not actively participating in the killing of a traitor (or a suspected one)." - Sith I am saying by Sith's definition^, if I don't kill the person who threw the discombob - I should be killed.
  11. Can we get karma power already

    Again, I never stated that innocents don't need to play the game/follow the rules, I stated they aren't forced to kill people. If the innocent sees someone kill multiple people, not id bodies and sees said killer run away without KOS'ing/killing them, they fit into the bad player/troll/"trucer". But if an innocent calls said player out, id's the bodies and helps find the killer, I see no issue in that. If you have low karma, it's because you are too quick to the trigger, killing people t-baiting or you are bad/trolling/rdming. If you see someone throw a discombob randomly, are you saying you are forced to KILL them due to it being something traitorous?
  12. Can we get karma power already

    So you have to be killing people to be participating? I never once said you don't have to act, I said you don't have to kill... Me calling said person out and not killing them, that's a valid option. I wouldn't lose any karma and still would be participating. I think you need to check yourself, bruh.
  13. Can we get karma power already

    Implying you have to be active to understand how the game works. The only role in TTT that is forced to kill anyone is a traitor. Whether it be a t-baiter or an accident, no one is forcing innocents to kill anyone. Low karma = bad player/troll/rdmer/over-aggro player/"killing too many t-baiters"
  14. It's so..... pretty!