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  1. Matty

    Custom TTT Feedback

    You da man.
  2. Matty

    Custom TTT Feedback

    Can we get a buff on the newton launcher? I miss the days where that weapon actually launched people.
  3. Matty

    Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    I'll be there.
  4. The only critique I have of Viss is that he can be a little too aggro sometimes(he pushes alone quite often). Viss, SmaK and BreaK are unreal at combat though. BreaK is probably my favourite to watch.
  5. Matty

    When do you normally go to bed ?

    Uh.. I must be a really boring old fart because I go to bed at 8:00pm.... I do wake up at 3:00am though to go to the gym before work. Sleeping in on weekends means 6:00am.