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  1. **** you, you ******* ******. I hope you ******* in a ********* **********.
  2. Congrats man! Best of luck to you, you deserve the best! I'll pitch in for her first session!
  3. Hola y bienvenido! Espero que te diviertas aqui!
  4. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE! Shout-out to @Destin, @Ruffles, and @Hawk; y'all will do great! MAKE JB GREAT AGAIN
  5. You ready, boiii? @spiderpigrider
  6. OHHHHHHHHHHHH I WON!!!!!!!! http://steamcommunity.com/id/kegan
  7. They aren't known to be the speediest.
  8. That's literately what I wrote when I reported the group. Lazy people at Valve couldn't type something else?
  9. This isn't a big surprise to me. I don't know what kind of assumptions people may create of me based from these results. I've never smoked weed. I don't come from a wealthy family, but nor do I come from an improvised family. I have lobbied for multiple issues at my state capital. I have worked my way through school (BA in English & PolySci) without the help of any loans or parent aid. I have never used any form of government aid. I did apply for FAFSA once but was denied as I never registered myself for the selective service.
  10. WELCOME! I think I've played with you before! Good luck and have fun!
  11. HMU for that raffle por favor
  12. I just want to say thank you to everyone! It's been really nice reading through these. I wish I got to play or talk with you all more. Even if I don't show it all the time, I do honestly care about everyone here. Thank you, everyone! Thank you so much, spiderpigriger. That very kind of you to make this post. Thank you, Don! It's been nice playing with you again. Thanks, Bite! Tell me something I don't know, gemma. Thank you!! Thanks for always being there for me through the years! Thank you, Joe! Thanks, Lindsey! Thank you, Jodas! Thanks, I'll get right on that. Any requests? Thank you!! Thanks for the well wishes, Dr. Pepper! Thank you, Rufus! Thank you so much, KiLLeR!! Thank you!! Thanks, Ironic! Thank you, Taz! Leeroy, thank you man!! Thanks man! Thanks! Get on the servers more! Thanks, Chowder! TRUCKA! Thank you!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, SWEETROCK! Tack så mycket, hök! THanks, Zip! Thank you, Apache! tyvm j That's so cool! Thank you, Karma! Thanks, Ples! And yes we soooo do! He needs to come back to the good side of the state. Thanks, Chaulklet! Hope on the servers more, it would be cool to play with you again! Thanks, Fearless! I don't know exactly what that is, but it's awesome. Thank you, Tyrone! Thanks a lot Zeroz! Thanks, AJ! Will do! I just wish I could give more then 25 reps to everyone who replied.
  13. You know you're not banned, right? Just hang out and play.
  14. Hello.