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  1. Too much work. I'm lazy asf. What about unmuting dead players so they can talk with each other? That makes sense.
  2. Can't disable voice in JB, need to be able to hear those orders so I can disobey them.
  3. Maybe that's where I miss this concept as I don't like talking, nor do I really like to hear people talk. I'm just picturing my experience with War3... there are so many unneeded conversations all the time.
  4. But it also works having the Ts muted. And thanks.
  5. I think 10 or less is too many. I could see 6, and maybeeeeeeeee 8. Maybe..
  6. It was getting pretty bad here, but the city I'm in made it illegal. It still happens on the off ramps, but that's about it. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  7. Nice to hear from you! Congrats on living life!!
  8. I want to preface this by saying I'm nothing close to an artist. Just wanted to share something I took way too long to create.
  9. Am I allowed to enter the drawing? If so, I'd like to enter the drawing as I'm a cheap-ass mofo.
  10. whatup
  11. I AM SORRY. I WANTED TO SHARE MY LOVE OF POTATOES WITH YOU. @October Also I ordered that like two weeks ago. Phhsshhh
  12. Everything makes so much sense now..
  13. I'd love a story mode.