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  1. Sean

    Happy birthday Rootbeer!

    watching iceposeidon rn btw! xd
  2. Sean

    Happy birthday Rootbeer!

    SoMe PeOpLe CoMe To WiSh ThEiR fRiEnD hApPy BiRtHdAy
  3. Sean

    Happy birthday Rootbeer!

    tfw people come into the forums for freeposts on birthdays OMEGALUL
  4. Sean

    Newest addition to sG

  5. Sean

    Best Super Gay Member

    i was only pretending to be retarded - console 2018
  6. Sean

    Best Super Gay Member

    tfw youre not staff
  7. Sean

    Best Super Gay Member

    You are a walking contradiction.
  8. Sean

    Best Super Gay Member

    man i rly wish the forums had an OMEGALUL react for that one. isnt enough. care to explain why your previous application was declined?
  9. Sean

    Best Super Gay Member

    This isnt about *judging* sweetrock, which is exactly what you just did. Not only do you come on the forums acting like a cunt making this place look like a circus, but you also are encourging that same behaviour. Please, grow the fuck up lol Kinda ironic that you made a thread full of insults and you call me an asshole tho also, how the fuck do you know what goes on in sG? You are never around, you just decided to come back because you finally figured out how to be edgy lmao
  10. Sean

    Best Super Gay Member

    maybe if sweetrock stopped talking about smoking weed, having sex with her husband, and masturbating at noon on a monday, we'd have more members. but hey, that's just me.
  11. Sean

    Best Super Gay Member

    cant believe im saying this but this idiot has a point people should stop posting birthday threads in pub its literally just for freeposts lol.
  12. Can a competent staff member please deny this application? He's clearly trolling.
  13. Why would anyone even refer this guy? He clearly wrote that he's toxic as fuck, and he even got a staff member to refer him. Sad.
  14. Sean


    That wasn't there before, retard.