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  1. Hereditary A Star is Born Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse I, Tonya Realized this one came out in 2017
  2. Sean

    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    when did r&r become x/40 guys??? referral count is at 42 out of 20 required.
  3. Sean

    Six Months

    i had a dream
  4. Sean

    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    The rest of his post reflects our clan perfectly. You only quoted the one part that is incorrect.
  5. Sean

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    Simple solution: Create plugin that detects number of CTs on round start and provide armor depending on that number.
  6. Sean

    PC Build

    Do you need to purchase peripherals? This is a decent build to get started on with a $1200 budget, assuming you don't need pripherals: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/xnjVP3
  7. Sean

    What do you use to jump?

    Mix of both, like others. But mouse wheel is superior in most tasks.
  8. Sean

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    Do you always parrot what other people say or can you come up with your own conclusions?
  9. Sean

    Jailbreak is great!

    Buddy, this isn't a thread for calling people out for their statements, there are already countless of posts, including one from Hawk stating he agrees. I'm well aware that there are maps that have an armor button, in fact I brought it up when there was a discussion in admin chat. I'm sure some maps have armor for a reason in CT spawn, but I can bet your ass not everybody uses it. My statement still stands: CTs never spawned into maps with armor.
  10. Sean

    Jailbreak is great!

    you have 675 posts but ok
  11. Sean

    Jailbreak is great!

    Thanks Hawk!