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  1. 5 years out of high school :|
  2. Link?
  3. its out of stock now, thanks to people like lvl4rock
  4. i remember when this community wasnt full of children
  5. happy birthday swed!
  6. I'll be home 9PM EST.
  7. You're a cunt chang. Staff should ban you for flaming
  8. I'm sorry that you're being treated so poorly on our public discord. I hope you plan to stay in give it another chance. PM me on discord/forums if you would like to chat, I can tell you who to avoid here.
  9. Tobi back
  10. no season pass..... single player STORY FROM BAD GUYS SIDE... YES.
  11. kk
  12. wtf thats horrible
  13. LOL wat Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk