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  1. Sean

    TotalBiscuit Passed Away

  2. Sean

    TotalBiscuit Passed Away

    He was more known for his unbiased game critique. He constantly devoted hours on end into providing quality content to ensure consumer protection.
  3. Hey all - I’m going to unfortunately have to postpone this until next Friday. Sorry!
  4. Sean

    How has sG affected your life?

    My dude, we can go back and forth all day about our differences. I apologize if I took you seriously, it's hard to detect sarcasm, even with a winky face In regards to berating someone during brofest, I apologized afterwards, it was really rude of me - totally agreed. Its hard to draw the line when you're usually acting aggressive, by the way.
  5. Sean

    How has sG affected your life?

    "I did not ragequit the clan" Yes - I never and will never have anything against you my dude, but sometimes you make EXTREMELY questionable decisions that I am not a fan of, you are incredibly aggressive and usually a true asshole. While I might be usually joking around in discord, I never mean anything I say unless someone is hostile towards me. Need I remind you of our PMs where you were spamming the N-word and yelling at me because I thought your discord spam was inappropriate? I'm not a cold ruthless asshole, but if you act hostile towards me, I will do the same in return. Needless to say, thank you for derailing the thread.
  6. Sean

    How has sG affected your life?

    I mean, I was assuming that you were referring to the time where I was deleting your discord messages because you were being a complete idiot, no nerve was struck - I don't know where you got that we were getting along though... xd
  7. I'll be hosting our 2nd Movie Night tomorrow, May 25th. We will be watching The Dark Knight, meet on teamspeak in the Movie Channel at 10PM EST. Feel free to suggest movies you'd like to watch below after we complete the Chris Nolan Batman Trilogy.
  8. Sean

    How has sG affected your life?

    Said the crybaby who has ragequit the community multiple times. Nobody asked for you to derail the thread
  9. Sean

    How has sG affected your life?

    Wow thanks for sharing. I joined the servers back when I was 14... I didn’t really know anyone, and first only discovered minigames. It’s funny, I don’t think I would have ever found jailbreak if it wasn’t for me getting banned by some false positive anti cheat on minigames. I had joined the forums (on a different now lost account) and found the jailbreak server. I don’t really have too many memories of my first moments on Jailbreak since most of them were built around when I started becoming friends with some of the guys that played the server. It was pretty chill since all of us were young back then with 0 responsibilities, and we also had some European dudes playing so jailbreak would be popping even in the Morning. I get that the above people are talking about their jailbreak memories, but this thread is about how sG has affected your life. I'd like to think I learned to be mature way earlier in life due to hanging around older people, and my independent mentality also sprung from this community. I didn't really have too many friends till closer to the end of high school, and sG was the only thing that helped me not feel lonely, and was something to look forward to everytime I came home from school. There are a lot of really great people with really great personalities that come and go through this community and it definitely shows how unique we are and how we are separated from other gaming communities.
  10. Sean

    Step Down

    10 years? Bruh sweetrock, Fugners been here since 2014. Thanks Fug been a pleasure bothering you for money the past bit.
  11. Sean

    Impromptu Movie Night!

    10 PM EST 9 PM CST 8 PM MST 7 PM PST
  12. Sean

    Impromptu Movie Night!

    Ah sorry - shoulda mentioned that. 10PM EST
  13. Sean

    Impromptu Movie Night!

    Hello friends! I'll be hosting a movie night tonight at rabb.it/joinsg @ 10PM EST. We will be in Teamspeak! We're gonna start with Batman Begins tonight, and continue on with the trilogy either every friday, or every other friday. Let me know if there is interest to watch it tonight, since it's sorta last minute
  14. Speedrunners Mount your friends 8 ball pool
  15. Sean

    Sith Stepdown Thread

    left>right Avenger | Nom Noms | camelFun Gerald | Lindsay | Beerman Ruffles | Jeff | Noah