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  1. Hello recruiters of top elite teams, I am a professional CS:GO player that was previously SMFC (!!!!!!!!!). Since I stopped playing, I had deranked to the depths of Silver. I am still an incredibly good player and will top frag any noobs in this community. Please choose me for your carry spot. Here is my frag video: Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Jailbreak: A Starwars Story

  3. A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY... It is a period of civil war. The Imperials have The Rebels hostage and are asserting their dominance and control in an intergalactic prison. Darth Vader has captured Luke Skywalker and Han Solo forcing them to do ridiculous games for his pleasure. There looks to be no hope for The Rebels as The Imperials seem to have full control. Will the Rebels ever break free from their cuffs or will the Imperials finally have total power?... FIND OUT ON OUR FIRST EVER STAR WARS JAILBREAK EVENT!!! Starting FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd at 5:00 p.m. CST to SATURDAY, MARCH 3rd at 10:00 p.m. CST... Every round a random Imperial Guard (Counter-Terrorist) will be assigned as DARTH VADER and a random Rebel (Terrorist) will be assigned as HAN SOLO. As well once per map, a Rebel (T) will be assigned as LUKE SKYWALKER to save The Rebels from the tyranny and rule of The Imperials! Note: If you are a member of sG with your tags on, you will have a 25% higher chance to be Vader, Han Solo or Luke. REBELS (T) IMPERIALS (CT) HERO ABILITIES DARTH VADER (CT): Low Gravity Able to Grab Rebels (use your inspect weapon bind) 300 Health Points HAN SOLO (T): Spawn with Deagle, Smoke Grenade and Flashbang Note: Han Solo does not drop his deagle or nades if he doesn't want to. You are rebelling if you shoot your weapon. LUKE SKYWALKER (T): Low Gravity Able to Grab Imperials (use your inspect weapon bind) Note: If you grab an Imperial, you are rebelling. POINTS AND SCORING During the event, we will be tracking points to your SteamID. You will get points for being a Rebel and an Imperial. REBEL (T) POINTS: Killing Vader = 3 Points Killing Warden = 2 Points Killing any Imperial Guards = 1 Point HAN SOLO and LUKE SKYWALKER (T) POINTS: Killing Vader = 10 Points Killing the Warden = 5 Points Killing any Imperial Guards = 2 Points IMPERIAL (CT) POINTS: Winning Round = 10 Points DARTH VADER (CT) POINTS: Winning Round = 20 Points PRIZES FOR TOTAL POINTS OVERALL The Top 3 Players with the Most Points Overall will be awarded prizes. 1st - $75 Steam Card 2nd - $50 Steam Card 3rd - $25 Steam Card As well all three winners will receive this badge! During this event every three maps the server will switch to STARWARS_HOTH for 5 Rounds. This will be an all out war between The Rebels and The Imperials! Choose your faction and try to defeat the other side. (Heroes will still spawn each round to give your team the advantage). The Player who has the Best Score on the Winning Team will get a ticket to enter a raffle for a sG Custom SteelSeries QcK+ 17" Cloth Mousepad! If you can accomplish this, you must take a screenshot and send it to Sean in a Private Message on the forums. After that your name will be entered into the raffle. The more times you succeed in Star Wars, the more of a chance you'll have to win! Note: There must be at least 8 people on the server for your ticket to be valid. Points and Scoring will not be tallied when on STARWARS_HOTH MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU... A special thank you to Moose, Bulletford, Pike, Swed and Travesty for assisting in making this incredible event happen....
  4. GCC BHOP Event

    You simply need to set a time and then you’re done, realistically.
  5. Do you have the hops? Gaming Community Central is hosting a 7 day bhop event, open for all members! The GCC Bhop Event will contain 7 different maps, playing one map per day. This event will determine the best bhoppers of GCC. Played on a 128 tick server, no stamina, and with bTimes 2.0 ranking, From March 11th to 18th, the bhoppers will compete in various maps chosen prior to the game. The participants will not be notified of the map list. The match will go throughout the entire day, with breaks in between. Random prize of $10 for a random person who competes on atleast one map. The winning prize will be $15, and every 50 members registered it will rise by $5, capping at $40. After you have registered, the server will be open for 24 hours for all registered members to play in. They will be able to play as much / as little as they want. The player that has the shortest time wins. Every 6 hours, the current standing record will be broadcasted over twitter. How to join Join the discord below, and run the command !whitelist (Your STEAMID here). You will be entered into the competition! https://discord.gg/eWya9A3 As a reminder our global and server rules (as well as theirs) are to be respected at all times in their discord, forums, etc. Breaking rules, excessive trolling, cheating, etc. in any of GCC's or other communities can also result in a punishment here.
  6. Wow! JCS ABUSE?? why it happen inside?

    Sweetrock, stop PIPing yourself.
  7. Wow! JCS ABUSE?? why it happen inside?

    prove it
  8. Jailbreak: A Star Wars Story

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  10. Staff Leaks

    It was Clamps’ fault all along.
  11. Zombie Escape Suggestion Thread