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  1. this was made with cgi... lol
  2. Congrats new staff. Farewell @Tristan. You were doing a solid with Climb.
  3. I completely agree. sG is unfortunately also not in the same place it once was. Here we have an individual who has "served" his time and we decided to give him another chance. I'd also like to mention that when Destin was back here before his ban, I considered him a friend, and when he was banned, I felt betrayed, yet I'm still willing to see that he's realized his mistake and clearly loves this place and the people in it... does that really make us idiots? Perhaps this is a circle jerk, but because this is sG, there will always be a circle jerk regardless of which recruitment system we move forward with. The anonymous system was perhaps our best and most polished system, but because the community can't see how people are voting, and how many, it simply was not as popular, which is why we had decided to move back to a simpler system, which relied on the recruit to gather a vouch/referral from their friends and community members are capable of providing thoughtful feedback, if they care enough to, which is actually exactly what is going on here. Destin is already on thin ice as it is. He's a decent kid who made a mistake. We've all made mistakes dumb mistakes. Hell, I was permabanned from sG for 2 years because of shit I did back then, and now I'm in a staff position, twice over. Also, I'd like to point out while the details of Destin's ban weren't really brought to light... the community was informed as to why he was banned in a broad sense when his previous application was denied.
  4. why are you guys roasting people for providing negative feedback???
  5. inb4 all the free posters come in thanks chet, haven't seen you around in a while
  6. been around forever, supports the community. heck ya 12/30
  7. In the past, votes that came in before applications were meant to be closed had been honoured, going late into the night, at times. It is clearly NOT Jeff’s fault for being a couple minutes late to the Polls and his vote should be honoured. I will not stand for this corruption within the RO ranks.
  8. Please remember to use spoiler tags [spoiler] text [/spoiler]
  9. Sean


    I'm sorry but do you remember the last time we had an RP server? That being said, I'd be willing to look into setup and pilot, couldn't hurt to try.
  10. Lets be real, the badge is all that matters.
  11. I've contacted Mimic to send out prizes, Kim and Krony have both received their prizes from me. I've also not taken the 1st place prize - it'll roll over towards the next tournament.
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