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  1. Mr. Big Shot

    sG | OSCARS Nominations 2018/2019

    It broke box office records and racial boundaries so because of that, it was a shoo in.
  2. Mr. Big Shot

    NBA Award Predictions

    I'm definitely in! I only had one team that I don't even set my lineup for this year.
  3. Mr. Big Shot

    NBA Award Predictions

    Where are my hoops fans at? Here is my mid season award predictions: MVP: Giannis Antetokounmpo. Despite Harden killing it lately, the Bucks are doing better than the Rockets. ROY: Ben Simmons.. But no, seriously, Luka Doncic DPOY: Rudy Gobert. I'm biased. 6th Man: Domantas Sabonis Most Improved: De'Aaron Fox Coach: Coach Bud
  4. Mr. Big Shot

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I do also have a PS4 so I'll definitely check it out.
  5. Mr. Big Shot

    XBox 360 Gamertag List (OFFICIAL)

    UtahJazzFamily is the gamertag. Been playing RDR2.
  6. Mr. Big Shot

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm playing on Xbox. Has online been good?
  7. Mr. Big Shot

    Jailbreak is great!

    I've been thoroughly enjoying Jailbreak lately. It's been reminiscent of how it was 5-6 years ago before CS:GO came out. Thanks to those who have contributed to its success and enjoyment it's provided everyone!
  8. Mr. Big Shot

    Incredibles 2

    Seamless transition from the first Incredibles. Had a talk about this movie with my barber today and we talked about how while The Incredibles was really good, movie producers are running out of original ideas for movies. Therefore we are getting live action dubs, sequels and spin offs of classic movies. Incredibles 2 wasn't any different but it was extremely good.
  9. Mr. Big Shot

    Christmas Nightmare

    I'm bummed that I missed this. Not for the giveaways but for the game mode itself. That'd be awesome if there were more modifications to JB like this in the future.
  10. Mr. Big Shot

    sG | Sunday Funday

    This sounds like fun. I'll definitely try to be there. Online card/board games would be a good way for everyone to get to know each other better.
  11. Mr. Big Shot

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    -Bump- Jailbreak is making a comeback in my opinion. It's just as fun as the CS:S days. You'll have to give it another try.
  12. Mr. Big Shot

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I'm definitely loving it so far. I just made it to chapter 2 and the cinematic aspect is what has me hooked. It's as if I'm playing through a movie. The first chapter was a little slow just because there was less to actually play through. It definitely set the scene for the rest of the campaign which I have yet to get to but I'm excited to. It's definitely a game that you have to set aside 1 or 2 hours at a time to play through. I'm a big fan of Rockstar games and so far, this one has been my favorite story since GTA: San Andreas. The graphics are definitely a lot better too. I will come back to this spoiler after I've completed the campaign.
  13. Mr. Big Shot

    Shoe Annoyances

    I wasn't even aware it had a name. This happened to one of my favorite pair of J's when I was trying to quickly leave one day and it hasn't been the same since. The part that has slipped down slightly is the cushion on the inside. From the outside it looks fine. It almost seems like it's rolled down because it's bunched up and now sitting on a different park of my Achilles than the other. They've lasted me a good 3 years with almost daily wear so they might be making it to the end of the line.