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  1. Mr. Big Shot


    Hey and welcome!
  2. Mr. Big Shot


  3. Mr. Big Shot

    Old guy from way back

    What's up Bob!
  4. Mr. Big Shot


  5. Mr. Big Shot

    NBA Award Predictions

    I didn't even think about this. I feel like the Knicks most definitely won the trade then.
  6. Mr. Big Shot

    NBA Award Predictions

    It's definitely weird. Seems almost identical to a Kawhi situation but it won't last as long. Sounds like LA and New Orleans will strike a deal before the deadline. I don't think AD will play again in a Pelicans uniform. I really don't understand how Aldridge made it over Rudy. Also, I would be excited for DLo to be injury replacement but for my predictions' sake, I hope it's Jimmy Butler so then I would have gotten the players correct. Honestly I like the trade for the Knicks. Porzingis can sometimes be very one dimensional and they got 3 dang good players in return. It definitely seems like a short term move that they made though.
  7. Mr. Big Shot


    Is this thing on?
  8. Mr. Big Shot

    sG | Sunday Funday

    Looks like fun. I'll be there next week!
  9. Mr. Big Shot

    A List of Good Ski Movies

    Attack of La Niña is a really good one! Here's a few that I found that you may have already stumbled across. Matchstick Productions makes some good ones too but you would have to pay as you may know. I couldn't find these online for free:
  10. Mr. Big Shot

    sG | OSCARS Nominations 2018/2019

    16th is cool with me
  11. Mr. Big Shot


    It sounds like you're good at surf. Teach me de way.
  12. Mr. Big Shot

    im alive

    Guess who's back? Back again.
  13. Mr. Big Shot


    Wassup! I feel you on the internet part. I look forward to meeting you on the servers!
  14. Mr. Big Shot

    Happy Birthday Sponsored!

    Happy Bornday!
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