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  1. Mr. Big Shot


    Hey and welcome!
  2. I didn't even think about this. I feel like the Knicks most definitely won the trade then.
  3. It's definitely weird. Seems almost identical to a Kawhi situation but it won't last as long. Sounds like LA and New Orleans will strike a deal before the deadline. I don't think AD will play again in a Pelicans uniform. I really don't understand how Aldridge made it over Rudy. Also, I would be excited for DLo to be injury replacement but for my predictions' sake, I hope it's Jimmy Butler so then I would have gotten the players correct. Honestly I like the trade for the Knicks. Porzingis can sometimes be very one dimensional and they got 3 dang good players in return. It definitely seems like a short term move that they made though.
  4. Looks like fun. I'll be there next week!
  5. Attack of La Niña is a really good one! Here's a few that I found that you may have already stumbled across. Matchstick Productions makes some good ones too but you would have to pay as you may know. I couldn't find these online for free:
  6. Mr. Big Shot


    It sounds like you're good at surf. Teach me de way.
  7. Guess who's back? Back again.
  8. Wassup! I feel you on the internet part. I look forward to meeting you on the servers!
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