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  1. Damn, some fine reading before bed in the CD tonight.
  2. @Iherdcows @Absolute_Zero Maybe you should get your story straight before filing a complaint. I'm going to take a wild guess and say these are the times that you were kicked and what you said. Sure the restriction part makes sense why you would want to file a complaint, but you clearly were trying to antagonize him. He obviously didn't kick you for saying "ahhahahahaha" like you claim, considering you followed it up with "cry more." And of course you lie later saying you only said he sucks/ahahahah. If anything you were the one crying more about it. Do I think Nixon should have thicker skin? Sure, it's the internet and people are going to be little shits. But it is within his right to warn/punish you under our guidelines if you are going to sit there and try and antagonize him. You could have simply made a complaint regarding the restriction, but nope you baited him and pushed him to kick/ban you.
  3. Oh looky what I found under the Global Guidelines on the forums... O. Bullying / Cyber Bullying - Harassing someone with the intent to make them leave the community, or organizing groups to do the like, will not be tolerated. Members are encouraged to report bullying and other harassment, and to stay clear of any groups encouraging it. Seriously if you all see someone abusing take a screenshot or demo. It isn't hard. But if all you are capable of doing is harassing them in game, well that makes you just as much of a little shit as the abuser.
  4. Actually has shit stamina. Only good for short distance running.
  5. It's a cool mod, though I wonder the amount of resources it would eat on the server box. My guess is an assload.
  6. C. When you are banned, you are not allowed to return under a new user name unless you have a legit reason. Such action could result in an IP ban and a 5 day extension of your ban. Do not use multiple accounts to appear to be more than one person. This will result in a 5 day ban.
  7. Jesus the TMS thread is spreading.
  8. Soul Silver
  9. That rule you want is solely for a super specific situation, someone killing you who witnessed you kill a inno randomly shooting. That makes it far harder for admins to actually manage the server though. They are already punished with a karma loss for killing an inno. Again there is nothing saying you have to kill the guy baiting, that is your own decision to risk that karma loss. I'm going to go a step further with an example. Let's say the baiting Inno shot you and you killed him. You could still be killed by someone who watched you get shot and kill the inno. We can punish the guy who was randomly shooting and damaging you, but not the guy who killed you for killing an inno. Why? He doesn't know if the guy who shot you had DNA evidence on you, saw you commit a traitorous act, ect. All he knows is that someone shot you, and you killed an inno. Now if he's cautious and perhaps smart he won't straight up kill you because he'll more than likely end up dead, but as far as he's seen you have committed a traitorous act so he could risk it and kill you. Everyone has a different point that they decide to kill someone based on traitorous behaviors. That is the beauty of TTT, or at least the beauty that I think blob and I wanted back in the old days when we were making those rules. TTT is not meant to be like JB with a 10 page rule set that breaks down each scenario and what is acceptable. It's meant to be a simple list of 'do this and you can be killed.' The fun comes from the variety of rounds caused by this. Maybe one round ends up a hilarious 'RDM' Chain because I killed a baiting inno, or I knife/bat a detective in a room full of people and laugh as they end up killing each other, or maybe as a Traitor I say "______ is random shooting KOS" just to cause trouble. Setting up strict rules that govern when a situation is RDM not only makes it a nightmare for admins, but impossible given how many different situations TTT creates.
  10. Not really a conflicting rule because those fall under the 'Reason you may Kill someone,' doesn't mean that if someone sudden started shooting that you have to kill them. You take the risk of using that as your evidence that they are a traitor. Just as the person who killed you is taking a risk by assuming since you killed an Inno that you are a traitor. Not only that but you are completely ignoring that just because you say he was shooting makes it so you are unkillable for that action, which as Yunki pointed out is unfairly overpowered for T's. They can claim someone randomly was shooting then cry RDM when they are killed. We've had this brought up in the past regarding traitor weapons, just because you were 'confirmed' inno did not mean you could go running around with traitor weapons out, they were taking the risk of having a weapon that was KOSable. Now most intelligent people wouldn't kill them, but if they did die it wasn't RDM. If someone is constantly baiting to get killed I'd recommend pointing it out to admins or recording the continued baiting and report it on our forums. Then they may be punished for intentionally griefing on the server.
  11. I'd suggest utilizing the forums search function for finding topics that may already have been done.
  12. Can we please kill it with fire, we must prevent the future that Idiocracy foretold.
  13. Best of luck, too bad I have to work 2/3 days or else I would have signed up...
  14. Psssssssshhhh, nothing wrong with setting a 10 min c4 as an inno...
  15. Honestly doesn't matter, shared account doesn't mean because one person gets banned that the others are allowed to play on alt accounts.