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  1. Sportsteen583

    :YeahBoi: - Battleship Tournament.

    sure, sign me up for tomorrow
  2. For those of you who were not present. This man, who had the second highest chip stack and within 1-2k of Sean, the chip leader, went all-in and lost. Leaving only poor Zach and I left to face Sean, who now had a 21k chip stack...with only 3k on zach and 1.5k on me...
  3. Sportsteen583

    sG | CS:GO Prop Hunt - March 2nd to March 3rd

    Event has been fun so far! Really like the banhammer mechanic, got two staff banished to the shadow realm under my belt
  4. Sportsteen583

    Thanks guys!

    Guess I’m just too much of an oldfag now. Soon as I saw the first line I was like “Oh this is a Konah joke” and moved on without a second thought. Didn’t even think people would actually believe it...10/10 Beerman.
  5. Sportsteen583

    Any other good anime's out there?

    I mean Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is another good one to roll with overall. It isn't necessarily as dark, though it gets fairly heavy at times. A few other options might be Monster, Deadman Wonderland and Elfen Lied.
  6. Sportsteen583

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    He did try to do a trade with me for him, I just don't have confidence in him coming back till midway through the season. And even then, I'm already imagining the OL just lying down and letting his bell get rung on the first play back XD
  7. Sportsteen583

    PUBG Tournament - GCC - Saturday, October 6th

    I'm gonna have to pull out actually. Hurricane has thrown off a lot of stuff with home/work. Sorry.
  8. Sportsteen583

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Ooooohhh shit he did, Beerman called it.
  9. Sportsteen583

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Yeaaa, it may not have made a difference in the final result, still woulda won by about 20 points, but that's a little ridiculous. Doesn't even have a backup QB and Rogers was questionable up until game time.
  10. Sportsteen583

    PUBG Tournament - GCC - Saturday, October 6th

    Yo I"m up for it! @Piplup Wanna help carry me to a win again?
  11. Sportsteen583

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Got an A- grade, supposedly going 13-0... It said that last year too before Johnson fucked me over.
  12. Sportsteen583

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Sure I’m in, maybe I can pick the RB who’s gonna miss half the season for the 5th season in a row.
  13. Sportsteen583

    GTA V - Racing Event

    I would be interested, however iirc GTA V is shit when it comes to actually getting everyone into a race together.
  14. Sportsteen583

    RE:The Final Chapter.

    I personally didn't enjoy it. The transition from how the previous movie ended to this one is non-existent except for some narration and is more of a weird twist. They try to throw some other plot twists throughout that didn't really work and the ending was pretty meh. Action scenes are on par with the previous installations. Still consider the first movie the only worth a watch.
  15. Sportsteen583

    sG Summer Poker Tournament

    Man table 2 to start was the table of death. Too many patient players who've tasted victory in sG Poker before. Was fun though short for me, couldn't get anything going this time.
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