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  1. Will there be a Dynamic map?
  2. Fantasy Football League

    Fuck my season
  3. Sportsteen Whitelist[Approved]

    In-game Name:Faded583 How did you find sG?: been a member 7 years Have you read, and do you understand the rules?: yes
  4. Mods are nice, though I just wanna build! edit: Can't post in whitelist application subform yet it seems.
  5. Foxhole - What is it and how to play it

    I've been playing it a little, hit me up it you wanna play/squad up.
  6. Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    Sure, if I've got nothing going on that night. Would love a classic TTT night to be a thing...
  7. Fantasy Football League

    Yo I'll play. Sportsteen583
  8. Hey + Fantasy Football

    Holy shit, hey Tubbles. And you can count me in as well for Fantasy Football.
  9. Belated 4th of July Poker Tourney

    Turning point. http://imgur.com/a/iolRT Good game though everyone. Proud no one went all in first hand.
  10. Hoping staff keep a list of all the players who signed up, but failed to even show up for one match. Currently UPS is being screwed by @The Impenetrable Wall, first person to sign up and hasn't even read any of our PMs.
  11. How to start and event.

    So the first thing you need to realize is that if you are running an event it's up to you to decide the rules. I'm not sure if you are intending for this to be an sG sponsored event, i.e. sG pays/donates prizes, or if you are just looking for this to be a for fun event that is advertised on our forums/for our members. If it's the former I highly doubt that will happen without an RO or higher being in charge of the event, it's events with prizes that you generally see rules regarding activity added to prevent randoms from popping in and winning the prize. If it's the latter, then it really doesn't matter what you decide to do rule wise regarding activity or being in the clan. As long as the tournament isn't advertising for another clan/server on our forums it should be fine. (Staff should correct me here if I'm wrong.)
  12. Can we get karma power already

    Nipperhouse, can't believe I forgot that. putting C4 in laundry shoot OP
  13. Can we get karma power already

    Yes, with all the classic maps, even if they require Cs:S. Like clue, crummycraddle, Roy the ship, rooftops, mansion, And the Christmas cabin one (forgot the name rip)
  14. Can we get karma power already

    Pretty sure I was the ballsy inno that tried to defuse that. Last time I remember it happening was in the minecraft mineshaft map.
  15. Can we get karma power already

    Eh, back in the old day it was more just a funny thing that happened. Centran getting karma banned because I try defusing a 10 min C4 was hilarious. From my experience, it wasn't necessary to have access to resetting karma, and usually I'd get people bitching about wanting their karma reset and being able to tell them you didn't have access to it made it easy enough to deal with. Getting karma banned was at that time really hard, usually the person causing the you to get low karma was banned before it got that bad. Not saying that you shouldn't have access to it since times do change, but with my admin experience I never got to a point having that command was needed to do my job.