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  1. Hacking/Exploiting - Hacking will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance. We take pride in our new 0% tolerance hacking policy. Hacking includes, but is not limited to, the use of scripts, programs, or materials to unfairly tilt the game to your advantage. I will say it is a little annoying you have to click on the hyperlink in the Global General Rules (http://www.joinsg.net/page/motd/global) to get here, but if we posted the full list of rules on every server MOTD it would be a mile long.
  2. Hrmm, that's a tough one. I'd need to hear more about it...I have both and maybe interested depending on how long each match/battle takes. Another idea would be a FFA constant war Civ 5 or Civ 6 game, or maybe teams if ya'll prefer to be carried to victory.
  3. I have always considered dust a pretty even map, but these changes seem to all benefit the T's. I like making it possible for more smoke/flash bang lineups for B, but that really only favors Ts in his changes. Same for A Long, the change in coverage will benefit Ts far more than CTs. The only thing that seems to help cts is the mound of dirt on a long.
  4. That was pretty fucking funny. The chances of getting a Full House are around .1%. The chances of me tieing that hand was less than .5%, but of course Sean had to be riding the same hand I had.
  5. I'd leave it on as long as it doesn't pose a risk of cutting your finger. I chipped mine on the corner and the crack spread a bit, but wasn't raised to the point I'd cut myself during use. Leaving it on won't really put the phone itself at risk as far as I know.
  6. Lost 25 lbs since Jan 1st, hoping to lose another 25 before end of the year.
  7. Because your total points are still very high. You are fucked with PPR, Potential Points Remaining, though. Edit: Surprising to see 9 perfect brackets still.
  8. Crummy Craddle, at least that's what I'm assuming you are talking about. Nom Noms singing his bread making song sends chills down innocents spines.
  9. Damn I wish I didn't delete some of my old ones, clue was a goldmine for those pics
  10. Was referring to why chosen locked it, realized you might not follow that sentence logic so I edited it to clarify after I posted.
  11. Well...hopefully today goes better for me...luckily none of my later rounds are gone yet. I think chosen's issue is that you could have made multiple brackets before the tourney and pick your best one after a few games; not saying that's what you did or your intention, but it's likely the reason he locked it.
  12. Muting voice chat and ignoring chat? So basically you never hear or see callouts...yep that's real smart in TTT; basically means you are playing against bots since you don't communicate/listen to communication. Is the rule necessary? No, hell none of the rules are technically necessary if you just want chaos. The rule allows for a little fun and controlled chaos. "Because every other server works just fine" doesn't really fly as an argument, why just be like every other server with no variation?
  13. Holy shit congratulations man! Best of luck with the new position and try not to go too crazy when the baby keeps you up at night! Will always remember the fun times in JB back in '10-'11.
  14. Damn, some fine reading before bed in the CD tonight.