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  1. Sportsteen583

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Sure I’m in, maybe I can pick the RB who’s gonna miss half the season for the 5th season in a row.
  2. Sportsteen583

    GTA V - Racing Event

    I would be interested, however iirc GTA V is shit when it comes to actually getting everyone into a race together.
  3. Sportsteen583

    RE:The Final Chapter.

    I personally didn't enjoy it. The transition from how the previous movie ended to this one is non-existent except for some narration and is more of a weird twist. They try to throw some other plot twists throughout that didn't really work and the ending was pretty meh. Action scenes are on par with the previous installations. Still consider the first movie the only worth a watch.
  4. Sportsteen583

    sG Summer Poker Tournament

    Man table 2 to start was the table of death. Too many patient players who've tasted victory in sG Poker before. Was fun though short for me, couldn't get anything going this time.
  5. Sportsteen583

    Dead By Daylight Tourney Idea

    Was gonna say you might have to make it perkless and limit the killer choice to vanilla set.
  6. Sportsteen583

    Dead By Daylight Tourney Idea

    Would definitely do it.
  7. Sportsteen583

    sG March Madness Bracket Challenge - 2018

    To be fair I went with what I wanted to see, a 4th Duke vs UNC matchup in the finals, but had at least hoped UVA would get a shot to crush them again.
  8. Sportsteen583

    sG March Madness Bracket Challenge - 2018

    Fuck, UNCs road to the finals just got a lot easier.
  9. PM if someone needs a fifth member. Would be cool if we did a 1 on 1 aim map tournament for those spots to be honest.
  10. Sportsteen583

    GCC is hosting an Overwatch Tournament

    Won 2 iirc, but didn't do overall great as I think outside winning top finishes were 7-10 at best.
  11. Sportsteen583

    Fantasy Football League

    I don't know how I fumbled my way into winning the conference. Hell, my Points Against are higher than my Points For...
  12. Sportsteen583

    Fantasy Football League

    Welcome to the club, I lost David Johnson game 1, goodbye 1st overall pick. 4th year in a row my 1st running back I picked goes down with a serious injury and becomes worthless.
  13. Sportsteen583

    GCC PUBG Event Sign-ups

    SteamID:STEAM_0:0:5893045 Don't have a team, but willing to fill in/play on one. Not too bad at PUBG: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197972051818/screenshots/
  14. Sportsteen583

    It's A Spooky Poker Table!!!!

    Thanks everyone who showed up to the 8 AM Est Tournament, was a tough fight but glad to have come out on top. Now were's my badge? https://imgur.com/a/q7ZNE @Reaper0470 Perhaps a rematch tonight at 8 PM est is in order?
  15. Sportsteen583

    sG Vanilla Minecraft Server! 7PM CST Monday!

    Will there be a Dynamic map?