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  1. Yes. Same league as last year, you can log into NFL fantasy and you are ready
  2. I've done just about all of my Mock Drafts on mobile this year, the mobile apps have come a long way and the interfaces are good.
  3. Considering @Retuzy gave up, I feel inclined to replace them with sweetrock, don't know how others feel.
  4. The draft will be this sunday, August 25th at 8pm. Updating rules based on the other poll, results below.
  5. https://forms.gle/AGLUh14fCZGMD1iaA I've made a new form here, now people can put either day and what time is best to draft. The votes were pretty split on the last form for draft day and since I know some people can do either I remade the form. Will need email address to fill out form, I will send the league invites to the email address if you are not currently in the league. Plan to have all invites sent out this week in case we draft next sunday.
  6. I should have made either day an option, because I can do whenver. Wonder if others could do either day.
  7. Yeah, This will be just to get the ideas going, I will update this post after talking with whoever all joins and we can see where it goes. Added a survey to main post for suggested changes, had about 6 of us in there discussing these changes.
  8. We will shoot for 8pm tonight for those interested, to discuss the league this year. Hopping on discord now with Tubbles
  9. I would ideally like to talk tomorrow with people if that works, or we can schedule next weekend or a weeknight that isn't wednesday. Should really only take 30 minutes or so to go over all the details.
  10. PPR is the new standard on NFL.com, we will discuss changes at the meeting if it happens and on the forums. Last year we did the championship on Week 16 which is pretty standard. very few teams will be sitting players week 16.
  11. Probably just hop on the sG discord next weekend, sunday night or something when most people are home. EDIT: And that's if others want to. If for whatever reason people vote against it, we will sit on the forums hashing it out over time before the draft.
  12. Greetings Fans of Football, Preseason football begins this Thursday with the Hall of Fame game, which means it's time to start thinking about Fantasy again. I've added a Poll below to get to know people interested and if people are interested in meeting soon to discuss website, league rules, and draft date and other info this year. @ZachPL has pushed $25 of his steam game winnings I donated from last year to this year, I will still uphold this commitment and it will be on the prize list. If anyone else is interested in donating, let us know. https://forms.gle/JsJ4UQRk1NsaRK2b7 SURVEY FOR SUGGESTED CHANGES Prizes: 25$ Steam game/keys - Avery from ZachPL @ZachPL @Jeff The Flying Shark @chaos4499 @waffles @Tubbles @Ironic @Ivanns @Dakota @Chaulklet.Shake(Elmo) @Sportsteen583 Tried tagging most of the people from last year, we want to keep the league to 10-12 people.
  13. Do your farts still make noise?
  14. These are my "favorite" movies, doesn't mean I think these movies are the best 3 movies I've ever seen. 1: Guardians of the Galaxy - Really starting bringing the entire story line together with infinity stones, made me get into the marvel universe. scene - Ronan infusing the power stone to his hammer "YOU CALL ME BOI" 2: Star Wars I: The phantom menace - One of the few movies I had on DVD to watch on car rides as a kid. scene - duel of fates. 3: Spirited Away - watched the shit out of this in middle school and we even watched in an English class in high school. scene - the bath house
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