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  1. Brofest 10/28

    Sunday? these "brofests" aren't even brofests anymore
  2. Tips on buying my first car.

    Find a 4 door truck you like in the mid 2000s like Papa said. Unless you plan to tow some heavy ass shit, there's no reason to go with a diesel engine and you will save some money.
  3. How the fuck did something this trivial end up in a debate on the 2nd amendment? I do agree that "thoughts and prayers" are useless in a sense, but some people feel supported knowing others are thinking of them.
  4. Skill Surf Ideas/Complaints

    So you wanted more ponies is what you're saying?
  5. In-game Name:Naughtypie How did you find sG?: no clue Have you read, and do you understand the rules? yes
  6. Fantasy Football League

    No problem
  7. Conor McGregor VS. Mayweather

    looking for a stream too
  8. sup sG

  9. Fantasy Football League

    still looks like 6-6 for votes taking out non league people, but if it will make you stop bugging me, I'll set it to standard. @Jeff The Flying Shark
  10. Fantasy Football League

    going by votes from league members, PPR still is ahead by 1 vote I believe. those posting about the rule are against it, so if people who voted for it and are in the league post support im open to keeping it. Otherwise I will adjust to standard rules before the draft.
  11. Fantasy Football League

    As of right now it seems like 14 teams PPR, drafting sunday the 3rd. GoT ends the week before so I can draft whenever. Sorry for not being on recently, been doin a bunch of stuff IRL. Theres a Poll on the league page at the bottom for start time. This way only the invited teams can vote to avoid the normies from voting. EDIT: 3 spots left If you haven't been invited yet to the league and wish to ACTIVELY participate, PM me on the forums.
  12. Fantasy Football League

    If you guys want standard, no problem. I thought we'd suggest it because we have done standard for the past 4 years, didn't know if we wanted to mix it up. But we will go with the poll results, 14 teams starts to get to territory where the knowledge of a good PPR back/receiver helps overcome the gap in the the flex position.
  13. Fantasy Football League

    This leaves 6 open spots. feel free to make an account on nfl.com/fantasy and leave your team name here and I will contact you with the link to join the league via forum PM
  14. Hey + Fantasy Football

    I've been a fan of PPR because is really allows people who put the time into their picks to show their research. I'll put it to a vote before we do the draft to mix things up, I think we've done like 5 years now of a standard league. I'll probably limit the league to 16 max, 12 preferred. I really want to have a group of active members who are willing to actively trade and won't give up halfway through the season. I'll get with Jeff to discuss who will have priority for invites to the league.