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  1. Revöker

    Step Down

    Thanks for your service funger, you're my best meme to date.
  2. Revöker

    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    I mean it's kind of what I expect out of you at this point.
  3. Revöker

    GCC PUBG Event Sign-ups

    STEAM_0:1:8930631 https://pubgtracker.com/profile/pc/Revokero?region=agg I don't drop school and don't have a team in the community.
  4. Revöker

    sG CS:GO Bunnyhop Server

    We are letting this scripting kid run our bhop server?
  5. Revöker

    Stepping down

    RIP, chill dude.
  6. Revöker

    Forum Update

    Can we get a better search cooldown, or make it so that switching pages on the search doesn't act like its a whole new search and give you a cooldown of like 20 seconds. Trying to search someone's name is really annoying when you cannot go to the 2nd page for a whole 20 seconds.
  7. Revöker

    Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    And get @Tubbles to do American Idol
  8. Revöker

    Anyone use Blender?

    3 D S Max
  9. Revöker

    Anyone use Blender?

    part 1 of 4
  10. Revöker

    Anyone use Blender?

    I have used blender, but that was only for a little bit and i still don't understand how to really use it. 3dsMax on the other hand I've used a lot more back in high school, and i believe it is much better and easier than blender. But using the "student version" is annoying and pirating it is also annoying. @xmen could help you more on blender use. He even made a tutorial for how to port things into hammer from blender which is why I think @KiD Fearless brought it up, because that is what I was using blender for.
  11. Revöker

    Jailbreak Rules Update (19/07/17)

    Thanks, I have been wanting to do this for years... Some stats that I noticed while making the changes old rules ~3,100 words (~14,400 characters) New rules ~2,800 words (~13,100 characters) While that difference may not seem like much, it does need to be noted that the Preface, Sec X, and XI are completely new. There were many redundant rules that were taken out and some added back to make sure they were followed. The changes that made the biggest difference was changing sentences to be statements rather than directive towards the player eq "To end a game, you must either specifically state that the game is over or that you are starting a new game." to "Games are ended when either warden specifically states that the game is over or starts a new game." Not the best example but you get the idea. I really hope this makes finding rules a lot easier for all players new and old. EDIT: I really do have to thank @Pike though for allowing me to make these changes to the rules as well with his suggestions and input on how sentences should be worded. I believe he also formatted it into the forums and added the cool links that go to the different sections for reference (I didn't think of that).
  12. Revöker

    Step down thread [Denied]

    Don't worry fearless I'm sure you'll have much better luck next month. You just gotta stop being the best Co-advisor and I think you'll make it . P.S. don't you dare fucking leave
  13. Revöker

    Transgender Community

    Just to preface I don't give a fuck what you do so long as it doesn't affect/hurt me. "Don't Tread On Me" Also I've been writing this for like the past week but I finally need to just submit it to turn off my computer so some parts might not be finished. Gender (him/her/zim/zher) For the most part I don't care what transgender people do, their business doesn't involve me so it isn't mine. Transgender people are just like gay people in my mind; go do your thing, IDGAF. The only problem I have is when arguments come into play about having to use someone else's pronouns. Its really frustrating when a conversation has to be put on hold to argue about what pronouns you should be using about someone else. Mostly because pronouns are usually used when the subject isn't around ["Did you see Kim's new fidget spinner?" "ya, he's been getting a lot lately"]. I personally believe pronouns should be used to refer to someone's sex and not their gender. There are masculine females, but that is what they are masculine females. In a conversation we wouldn't refer to them as him. Honestly I'd be for neutral pronouns, but have them used for all parties and not just the "3rd gender". Although I also think the current ones that are suggested "zim/zher" are kind of awkward to use. That may be because we aren't used to them, but I still think it would be nearly impossible to get Americans to change and use them; just look at how the metric conversion is going for a comparison of change. Evolution Sex is for reproduction, It provides us almost no benefit for survival other than reproduction. If sex wasn't pleasuring then we as a species probably would die out or be in fear of dieing out (See Pandas). In terms of evolution logically thinking transgender/homosexuallity could be seem as a degration. After all evolution just tries to throw everything it has to see what works, and natural selection does it's job and weeds out anything that failed. So in an older society transgender/homosexuallity would die out simpliy because they produce no offspring. In modern society however we don't require large numbers of people to survive so the few transgender/homosexual people we have don't affect us, what's more important now is the growth and development of children, not number of children. So with all of society's transgender/homosexual people they could be of help through adoption. Although at the end I think it is a bit of a tricky thing to claim that transgender/homosexuallity negatively or positively effect our evolution as a species. Restrooms I never understood this, you're going into the bathroom to take a shit/piss who cares if someone of another gender/sex is there? As others have said pervs will be pervs and if a coupe wants to have sex in the bathroom I don't think much is going to stop them. Locker/Changing rooms Something I think most people are missing here is the discussion about locker rooms. I think this is where the separation of genders for bathrooms really started. In a big locker/shower room there are going to be naked people changing or taking showers, so to reduce pervy looks and basic sexaul harrasment we seperate the genders. But with transgender and homosexual this has made the separation be less effective. What do we do in this situation? I remember in high school we had to change in an open locker room to get ready for PT. Should we just get rid of open locker rooms entirely? Should we just combined them like restrooms? I don't really have an opinion for this, I just see this as a bigger problem for the homosexal/transgender arguement.
  14. Revöker


    @ElectronicDrug, I Made some updates to jb_tower they include -fixed scar armory bug -fixed disco music spam bug -adjusted skiprope buttons -adjusted Last reaction -upgraded roulette wheel (shouldn't have to guess which color the ball is on anymore) -adjusted spleef to strip and give knives instead of using the ones on the wall thus losing your skin -changed some lighting in some areas -improved performance (by making areas that cannot be seen not render) -added armor in armory -added a minimap/radar -added screenshot and description for loading I've done minimal testing on this version but there shouldn't be any bugs. If there are any please let me know. This update was mainly for the disco spam bug, but I've thought about making more layout changes in the future for spleef and crazy asian driver because of those game's poor location, being near vent or too far away. DOWNLAOD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/87bldcmnda7z4nd/jb_tower_b8.7z