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  1. Revöker

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    Admin boredom-abuse and non-strict admins are a problem (Although sometimes stricter admins can be a problem). I have grown annoyed of playing JB with just abuse and also don't enjoy the killjoys that come on and see a pop of 5 ppl and want to play seriously. JB needs about 8-10 people to play seriously; lower than that and you are just giving the same guy LR every round and he only has LR for 2 seconds (ppl need to use basic LR's more often in low pop server cases). The rules are structured pretty good imo, what you suggested just makes reading the rules longer Q1) "Reduce delay time from 5 to 3" (Because T's can get away with a lot in 5 seconds) A1) This isn't a bad suggestion, but what I think most people miss the most is that this is to START AN ORDER. This doesn't give T's free reign to do what they want in 5 seconds. If warden say "Shiftwalk to...." and is in the middle of giving his order the T's are not allowed to start shiftwalking just because warden start saying his order. Wait for the Warden to complete his order before you begin the order (Wait at least one mic press moment, if he just completely drops off then idc, just be reasonable) Q2) "Dong any of the following may result in a CT ban or Slay" A2) This is really dumb and unnecessary. It is already clarified that as a CT you cannot camp/bait why does it matter what the punishment is? THEY SHOULDN"T DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you really want to warn them about the punishment I would do it above the CT aren't allowed to section Q3) "Hacking/Scripting/Macros" A3) Are you joking. We have to tell people not to hack? Is that how we stop them? Q4) 3.Rapid fire macros (ex. pressing e at inhuman speeds) 4.spin bots/scripts/macros/binds A4) First off these aren't all the same and you cannot ban them (apart from spin botting). Saying you cannot bind the "use" command to the scroll wheel is ridiculous. Scripts and macros aren't really as scary as most people make them out to be. You can macro and script from inside of CSGO by using Alias and cfg files in CSGO dir. P.S. I wanted to quote but it was fucking up as always.
  2. Revöker

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Congrats @Hawk, @vexer, @Wolfshade, and other new staffers. I'm personally glad that your JB popping events has been rewarded and hope to see you guys improve JB in the future. @Mimic / JCS- I think you guys made the right decision on their staff positions
  3. Revöker

    Jailbreak Nade Crash

    Do you mean the /grenade command? The one that gives multiple grenades to players? The command is a little bugged but only if you don't use it correctly. To use /grenade you have to FIRST give players the grenade you want to give multiple of. For example first you do !give @me he then you do !grenade @me he 10 this will give you 10 grenades. If you do the grenade command first it won't do anything. It seems now though, the command will crash the server instead if you have no grenades to start with. @thorgot @fps_trucka @Moose @vexer @KiD Fearless
  4. Revöker

    Detours and Delays

    I never even listened for "Detours and delays" because I always thought it was a little bitch move to rebel on something so small. Even when I did pay attention there would always be retards who would claim warden didn't say it even when they did. It always made what happened muddy and unclear causing arguments over what happened, and then if admin wasn't paying super close attention then nothing would happen except a 3 min argument about some dumb order and a freekill. You could say that admins need to put their foot down and have what they say goes type deal for the sake of the server (I know I couldn't do that though if I wasn't 100% sure on what happened.) But I'd rather just not have the rule because it makes it easier for everyone and is pointless to really have. I think it's better served as a nostalgic memory. Also @vexer use the forum's poll function instead so the strawpoll can't be abused (Because then non-forum accounts can vote or VPN/cookie deletion voting)
  5. Revöker

    Beerman's 8-Ball Pool Tournament

    About 3 years ago, and I'm on my way back now. Just 2 more months
  6. Revöker

    Beerman's 8-Ball Pool Tournament

    17:30 CST on Saturday is 07:30 on Sunday for me. Maybe I can make it. I want that drawing
  7. Revöker

    Step Down

    Thanks for your service funger, you're my best meme to date.
  8. Revöker

    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    I mean it's kind of what I expect out of you at this point.