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  1. Revöker

    Jailbreak Nade Crash

    Do you mean the /grenade command? The one that gives multiple grenades to players? The command is a little bugged but only if you don't use it correctly. To use /grenade you have to FIRST give players the grenade you want to give multiple of. For example first you do !give @me he then you do !grenade @me he 10 this will give you 10 grenades. If you do the grenade command first it won't do anything. It seems now though, the command will crash the server instead if you have no grenades to start with. @thorgot @fps_trucka @Moose @vexer @KiD Fearless
  2. Revöker

    Detours and Delays

    I never even listened for "Detours and delays" because I always thought it was a little bitch move to rebel on something so small. Even when I did pay attention there would always be retards who would claim warden didn't say it even when they did. It always made what happened muddy and unclear causing arguments over what happened, and then if admin wasn't paying super close attention then nothing would happen except a 3 min argument about some dumb order and a freekill. You could say that admins need to put their foot down and have what they say goes type deal for the sake of the server (I know I couldn't do that though if I wasn't 100% sure on what happened.) But I'd rather just not have the rule because it makes it easier for everyone and is pointless to really have. I think it's better served as a nostalgic memory. Also @vexer use the forum's poll function instead so the strawpoll can't be abused (Because then non-forum accounts can vote or VPN/cookie deletion voting)
  3. Revöker

    Beerman's 8-Ball Pool Tournament

    About 3 years ago, and I'm on my way back now. Just 2 more months
  4. Revöker

    Beerman's 8-Ball Pool Tournament

    17:30 CST on Saturday is 07:30 on Sunday for me. Maybe I can make it. I want that drawing
  5. Revöker

    Step Down

    Thanks for your service funger, you're my best meme to date.
  6. Revöker

    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    I mean it's kind of what I expect out of you at this point.
  7. Revöker

    GCC PUBG Event Sign-ups

    STEAM_0:1:8930631 https://pubgtracker.com/profile/pc/Revokero?region=agg I don't drop school and don't have a team in the community.
  8. Revöker

    sG CS:GO Bunnyhop Server

    We are letting this scripting kid run our bhop server?
  9. Revöker

    Stepping down

    RIP, chill dude.