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  1. Does anyone have CS:S version of ba_fail_jail? I'm fixing up fail_jail real quick and want to reference things from the CS:S version to see how they compare. I cannot find the map anywhere on the forums or on gamebanana since I'm guessing @fontaine just uploaded the map directly to the server when he made it. ppl who I think might have it for some reason: @JFK @fps_trucka The things im looking for are original textures, spritetrail configurations, and general feeling of the map from CS:S.
  2. Revöker

    Nau's Application. [PENDING]

    Abstain: current vote- 41/20 I literally stopped voting because of the new system. Not being able to really do anything to stop someone getting into the clan gives me no motivation to do anything other than to vote on people I like and know. You guys act like anyone is going to listen to our pleas of the recruit being toxic. Do you remember how that turned out 2-3 years ago? and why the new system was put in place????? I'll let you guess, but here is a hint. It might be related to this recruitment thread. IMO, I think giving yourself 4 years is a bit generous. Considering the JP was in JUL2015 after which you reapplied in MAY2016; and we just barely got into 2019. I went back and dug this up This is the shitshow that nau caused in 2016. I remember it really clearly. Nau (and his clique) were spam messaging everyone, ANYONE fucking alive in sG. People came from out of nowhere and voted yes on Nau. It later turned into a fuck @Junzou vote, where people were just voting "yes" on Nau to get at Junzo. It was all pretty fucking stupid. But because of all that chaos it was decided that we needed to change the voting system to prevent that fuckery of chaos we had going on. So then we went through like 2-3 systems before we landed on the one we have now. But most if not all of this came because of Nau. MY REAL THOUGHTS: IDGAF. You probably saw that's kind of the way I am now on the servers. I don't really have the time to put into the servers or community like I used to. I agree with @Rayne, I don't think you've changed all that much but I hope I'm wrong. The clan really has changed in the last few years since you've been gone. Your coming back has bumped the servers up a bit and if Nau coming back brings back Jailbreak then I'm all for it. I just want to make my maps and have them played on sG servers. While I do want my maps on other servers and played there, it's just not the same if the servers here aren't played. Nau even got me and some others to come back to the forums to discuss shit. That I cannot deny. But to sum it all up again IDGAF, you can join the clan. With the way shit is now I don't think it matters anymore TBH. Just for reference Here is the "JP" thread and the final vote on Nau's last sG application. OLD VOTE SYS: 33/50 Yes [Community] + 1: chris, Killer, Ollie, TCUFROGS, Rune, Renegade, HotSauce, Jodas, Tacky, Gary, Dreamhack, Minjou, Leeroy, Jiffy, Im not gay, Dogu, Dette, Destin, Jewinator, Demon, cookie, DJD, Shiro, Xlite, kevinbotz, Latias, Mr.Panda lvl 315, Meomix, Youngz, Sack, Eeiu, King Arthur, Lux, Tuxedo, RandySavage, B-cock #1, Zed, Mata, Mark, Tyrone, ven [+41] Yes [SO/VET] + 2: Ted, Howard, El_Patron, Avery, Nothing_but_fail, PeeWee, Attg, Cman, Zip, Chowder, fps_trucka, Prosak, Triv, Papyrus, Bluestreak, Towelie, Rootbeer, Rayne, Matty, iCop, Sandy [+42] Yes [Staff/LEG] + 3: Bulldog, Pike, Kordless, fontaine, Fugner, Tristan, Bite, Karma, Marine Putin, c12k, Travesty, driz, Wave, Gerald, [+42] Abstain: Jeff, Risto, Yunki, Darren, MisterTurkes, Autstin88Fan, Crobat, Jason, Vege, Reaper, scrub, Ian Kinsler, beerman, duex No [Community] - 1: Ordinary, NARWHALS, YORK, vexer, Musicfreak, Sakaro, Mofl, Ghost_a2w, Coldfuse, Cubix, Chewy, Okami, Velo, Tonee, Blue, Joscal, Piero, Water.exe, BananaPee, JOCKE, Cat-o, Freekiller #3, funky, Poseidon, dakka, sean, Mickeyy, knox [-28] No [SO/VET] - 2: Princess, xmen, Sith, Libreals, Hornycat, Swed, Taboob, ex0, Groot, lnternet., Pepper, Elmo, Sports, Revoker [-28] No [Staff/LEG] - 3: Clamps, Mimic, Face, Moose, Zach, bulletford, Eaglewonj, Crobat, AntiTeal, Eddy, Iherdcows, Junzou [-36]
  3. Revöker

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    So now take this with a grain of salt but I looked into the bias of this vote. Using GameMe I look at the percentage of players on different teams (NOTE: GameMe isn't perfect because they use how often you select the team you want to play and not how long you played on that team). I could try to calculate the total time spent on each team, but even that isn't perfect because it still doesn't total to the amount of time people have on the server (Although I guess those are AFK spectator hours). So once again take this with a grain of salt . The further red the percentage is the more that player plays on T. The further blue a player is the more they play CT (with about +/-10% error) What I do find interesting here is that Imperium has apparently never played CT so clearly he doesn't have a vote in balance. Props to Sweetrock and Mistachang for almost always playing CT. 7 of 9 (78%) players that voted 0 armor/helmet were somewhat CT biased 5 of 11 (45%) players that voted 0 armor were somewhat T biased Finally, I wouldn't mind 0 armor + helmet because as I said I hate the one headshot pistols, having to shot 20 more times at the chest with armor is a bit unnecessary. The only problem is coding this, I know for one mappers would always have a hard time doing this without vscript; but idk how @KiD Fearless would stand up to it.
  4. Revöker

    Jailbreak is great!

    Yes they do have helmets. When CT's didn't have helmets they get one dinked after the round starts because of the usps inside of the cells. CS:S Glock did 98 headshot dmg while CS:GO does 118 unarmored (armored both do 55) Even the Five-Seven did 99 headshot dmg while in CS:GO its 126 (armored is 74 for CS:S and 115 for CS:GO) I think these figures don't even tell the full story. Because the damage falloff between CS:GO and CS:S are completely different. CS:S has huge pistol damage falloff compared to the super buffed pistols of CS:GO. I'm really surprised Oldfags are the ones complaining that they want it to "be the way it used to be"; but maybe they are referring to 2014/2015 time frame instead of 2008→2012 CS:S days. While I do favor armor for cell pistols and for rebel guns in general, I do dislike it for T knifing and LR's like s4s and knife fight getting affected. Every time I have to rush to lower CT's armor when the T request s4s for LR. Tragically I've even seen the T lose s4s because of CT's armor. T's knifing CT's because they are baiting or the T wants to rebel is a lesser issue IMO but is still annoying. But this is all fucking stupid because many maps already offer helmet/armor inside or armory. So your point of CT's never having armor before is bullshit @Sean. But to be fair it isn't as widespread as I had thought or hoped it to be. Roughly 10→13 out of 28 maps have armor for CT's. The maps I checked so far that have armor are: ba_jail_new_uprise_v2 ba_jail_soar_beta2 ba_jail_spyder_csgo_v1 jb_airforce_basic_v0-1b jb_airship_r1-4 jb_arcade jb_avalanche_csgo_b6 jb_blackout_sg_v1-0 jb_tensu_v4-2 jb_undertale_v1 Interesting that most of those maps (6/10) are made by 3 sG mappers @Revöker @xmen @thorgot. Lastly, if you want to rebel every round so much just fight the CT's then why aren't you guys just playing comp? In the conversation in game you guys said "ya like anyone wants to play JB for LR", I don't understand that. LR is the core of Jailbreak, and secondly I think the interaction between T's is the other strong core of JB. Backstabbing your teammates for a 1 up to get LR or just for lul's is just great. Tossing guns to T's to rebel or just creating ridiculous situations is the fun of JB. I think people forget that T's can be creative too; it doesn't have to just be CT's that are creative in their games. This is help by having T's unmuted now after the first 30 seconds. I think I almost died when Nau was captain and had to pick his teammate but instead did trivia to pick his teammate. But really it just sounds like you guys just want an easy out to rebel at any time, I mean don't you guys like a challenge? Having armor doesn't make it impossible to rebel but just slightly harder. And to the "CT's are just bad and need to get good." This is fucking JB we are talking about. Everyone sucks at everything. Just look at Surf, Bhop, and Kz on JB maps, they all suck compared to servers that host them. JB players are mediocre in every category. TL:DR- Wall of words that says you're wrong.
  5. Revöker

    Jailbreak is great!

    @Nau STOP SPREADING FALSE RUMORS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! This same shit happened with minecraft, my map, and many others. IT'S NEVER WHAT YOU GUYS THINK IT IS! I had some dumbass think that knifing the plane in my map was crashing the server because it was what he was doing at the time it crashed. It was actually the displacements that were powers of 4 crashing it when a player died on it. BUT WHO THE FUCK WOULD KNOW THAT?!?! Its probably not the map and instead the shitty spaghetti code that is the server. Just because it crashed once loading blackout doesn't make it the problem. I've had the server crash on many map loads but it was never because of the map. @Hawk @Beerman Why is Blackout not on the map rotation? Is it because of this dumbass rumor? I tried to nominate it when I saw Nau's comment but I found it not there and had we had to force change the map. /rant
  6. Revöker

    Can I get an Staff approval?

    Vote passed 71% clearly higher than the 66% needed. Just waiting of staff approval @Papyrus @Face (Cause papy though he is sG owner) @Hawk @Sakarra @bulletford @Mimic
  7. Revöker

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    Admin boredom-abuse and non-strict admins are a problem (Although sometimes stricter admins can be a problem). I have grown annoyed of playing JB with just abuse and also don't enjoy the killjoys that come on and see a pop of 5 ppl and want to play seriously. JB needs about 8-10 people to play seriously; lower than that and you are just giving the same guy LR every round and he only has LR for 2 seconds (ppl need to use basic LR's more often in low pop server cases). The rules are structured pretty good imo, what you suggested just makes reading the rules longer Q1) "Reduce delay time from 5 to 3" (Because T's can get away with a lot in 5 seconds) A1) This isn't a bad suggestion, but what I think most people miss the most is that this is to START AN ORDER. This doesn't give T's free reign to do what they want in 5 seconds. If warden say "Shiftwalk to...." and is in the middle of giving his order the T's are not allowed to start shiftwalking just because warden start saying his order. Wait for the Warden to complete his order before you begin the order (Wait at least one mic press moment, if he just completely drops off then idc, just be reasonable) Q2) "Dong any of the following may result in a CT ban or Slay" A2) This is really dumb and unnecessary. It is already clarified that as a CT you cannot camp/bait why does it matter what the punishment is? THEY SHOULDN"T DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. If you really want to warn them about the punishment I would do it above the CT aren't allowed to section Q3) "Hacking/Scripting/Macros" A3) Are you joking. We have to tell people not to hack? Is that how we stop them? Q4) 3.Rapid fire macros (ex. pressing e at inhuman speeds) 4.spin bots/scripts/macros/binds A4) First off these aren't all the same and you cannot ban them (apart from spin botting). Saying you cannot bind the "use" command to the scroll wheel is ridiculous. Scripts and macros aren't really as scary as most people make them out to be. You can macro and script from inside of CSGO by using Alias and cfg files in CSGO dir. P.S. I wanted to quote but it was fucking up as always.
  8. Revöker

    Staff Changes - 10/1/18

    Congrats @Hawk, @vexer, @Wolfshade, and other new staffers. I'm personally glad that your JB popping events has been rewarded and hope to see you guys improve JB in the future. @Mimic / JCS- I think you guys made the right decision on their staff positions
  9. Revöker

    Jailbreak Nade Crash

    Do you mean the /grenade command? The one that gives multiple grenades to players? The command is a little bugged but only if you don't use it correctly. To use /grenade you have to FIRST give players the grenade you want to give multiple of. For example first you do !give @me he then you do !grenade @me he 10 this will give you 10 grenades. If you do the grenade command first it won't do anything. It seems now though, the command will crash the server instead if you have no grenades to start with. @thorgot @fps_trucka @Moose @vexer @KiD Fearless
  10. Revöker

    Detours and Delays

    I never even listened for "Detours and delays" because I always thought it was a little bitch move to rebel on something so small. Even when I did pay attention there would always be retards who would claim warden didn't say it even when they did. It always made what happened muddy and unclear causing arguments over what happened, and then if admin wasn't paying super close attention then nothing would happen except a 3 min argument about some dumb order and a freekill. You could say that admins need to put their foot down and have what they say goes type deal for the sake of the server (I know I couldn't do that though if I wasn't 100% sure on what happened.) But I'd rather just not have the rule because it makes it easier for everyone and is pointless to really have. I think it's better served as a nostalgic memory. Also @vexer use the forum's poll function instead so the strawpoll can't be abused (Because then non-forum accounts can vote or VPN/cookie deletion voting)
  11. Revöker

    Beerman's 8-Ball Pool Tournament

    About 3 years ago, and I'm on my way back now. Just 2 more months
  12. Revöker

    Beerman's 8-Ball Pool Tournament

    17:30 CST on Saturday is 07:30 on Sunday for me. Maybe I can make it. I want that drawing
  13. Revöker

    Step Down

    Thanks for your service funger, you're my best meme to date.
  14. Revöker

    What's that? A Connect 4 tournament??

    I mean it's kind of what I expect out of you at this point.