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  1. ..... I asked you to confirm that earlier in the thread and YOU SAID NOTHING!!. YOU NEVER SAID YOU GAINED AN ADDITIONAL POINT IF YOU GOT IT CORRECT!. Furthermore the negative points don't even make sense. "You will Lose a point if you predict White Walker status incorrectly" So if someone predicted WW wrong but also predicted they died its a +1 then -1 so you get 0 points. BUT!!!! If they predicted they died and turn into a WW but they lived THEN and ONLY THEN should they get a negative point. I made this picture months ago when this whole thing started and you said "ya thats right" but obviously it's wrong compared to your point counting. But IGNORING all that. Here is how everyone stands up with the "in use" counting system Interesting is what percentage of someone's status we got wrong. For instance Tormund was the most incorrectly guessed character (whether alive or dead) while everyone knew Melisandre and Euron were going to die. Finally Everyone's place EDIT: It seems I still failed at figuring out how the fuck you guys are counting up the score with your rules. IMO this is how it should be counted given the rules↓
  2. Can I change Everything? Lol Im at like 5 points
  3. I would like to award Beerman Dakota "Best shitposter of Syndicate Gamers" May he keep shitposting until his last breath.
  4. @Travesty so just to clear things up is this what you mean? Or is there like a +2 points or +1 then -1 to make 0?
  6. Thank you, Revöker for your donation of 50.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community EDIT: TAKE IT YOU FILTHY WHORES!
  7. Why not just have double XP everyday? I really don't understand how no one seems to understand sales and incentives. You want to bring people to the server during less pop days/hours so that it can continue onto the times that already have high pop. Saturday is the highest pop'd day so by giving double xp on that day you are punishing players for playing during low pop by giving them less XP. These players are already dealing with just a few people on the server and now you rubbing in their face that they get less XP? If you continue on to benefit players who were already going to play on the weekend you will see less players during the week. Less players during the week results in a more dead server causing less players to show up on the weekend. So just like any food restaurant you need to put the good deals on days the restaurant (server) is doing the worst.
  8. Ya sorry, I didn't really want to throw your name out there but, idk IT WAS SOMEONE! Reason I did think it was either you or vex is because I remember ppl more based on their profile picture and the accused person I believe had a gril profile pic (which im sure @vexer used to have, right?) NOTE: Since I remember ppl based more on their profile picture; that is the reason when you guys change your picture I forget who you are. Which is why @Beerman is one of the most memorable people on here because of his long standing steam profile pic and name. I guess what I'm more sure of is the person wanted me to vote yes on Nau, and when I said no they got all pissy Mimic: "I do not believe he has the capacity to not be an ass..."
  9. !!!MY ULTIMATE - WALL OF TEXT!!! Being able to vote NO gave interest in recruitment Giving community members the option to vote no/abstain/yes gave us more interest in who is trying to get into the community (which made us more active). I would casually read recruitment post just to see who was appling. A lot of the time it might have been a ZE/MG/War3 player who I had no idea about, but I would learn more about them through recruitment. Now since I have little power over whether they get in or not, I have little to no interest in looking at them (power tripping am i right?) Circle jerking Now I do hate this just like everyone else does or should. Everyone is talking about Nau's circle jerked app, but to bring another one up (in Trav's defense) @Cat-o's app was circle jerked until he decided to withdraw it because he thought his group of friends didn't like him or he just didn't like the circle jerk of his app. This really pissed me off because he was slated to get in but some people decided to fuck with him and make him sweat about whether he was going to get in or not. Everyone who voted no said they were going to change their vote back to yes at the last minute, but since he withdrew it was too late. Cat-O later did resubmitted his app and then got accepted, but that wasn't without a 2nd circle jerk/meme voting to pick on him. Having to give reasons for votes on recruits is pointless As Trav/eddy and others said, trying to moderate what is a "legit" reason is pointless, and would lead to even more drama about which reasons are legit/illegitimate. Receiving post count for reffing/voting on recruits No. Vote because you want to, not for a post count. I could go on about how many sections (like introductions) are there just for post count, but I've grown not to care about post count other then a really rough gauge on how active someone has been on the forums. Voting Bot / Public vs Private voting Like @zebra the voting bot was the worst voting method I think we ever had, which tbh is what turned me off of voting initially because of how fucked up that situation was. In that time frame there were 2 people I remember the most that applied who's apps were stupid. @slyfox and @krony. Slyfox was a huge fuck up on the servers. There were plenty of people that did vote "No" on him but it would have been better if they could speak their opinion directly on his app other than the TMS thread we had. I know I for one wanted to abstain (instead of "No" because he was getting better) but still wanted to make a comment about his past; the only real place I could do that was TMS though, so that's where I did it. I ended up getting really pissed at him after he got in because of the shit he got me into regarding "CT rape day", where he ask if it was still allowed on the server to which I replied "I mean if you can get a server vote to pass, i don't see why not". TO WHICH he decides to just have a CT rape day without any admin APPROVAL or SERVER VOTE and then THROW ME UNDER THE BUS. That is why slyfox is in a dumpster on my airforce map. Krony was dealing with a different problem. Krony had so much anti-furry hate on him because of the anonymous aspect of the comment section (which should have been known was going to happen). All of which could have really turned him off from the community kind of like Cat-O, but thankfully it didn't. Voting yes/no because someone else did I have a different opinion on this than most everyone else. I think it's understandable to vote yes/no on someone because your friend did. If I have a friend like @KiD Fearless who to me has a trustworthy type of character judgement then I can believe his opinion on a recruit is true. Now if someone like the people who circle jerked Cat-O's app tells me to vote yes/no on someone then I'm not going to listen to them because I can't trust they are not just memeing or have an overall terrible character judgement. People who get triggered over something so small and forever hate people are usually the ones I can't trust in their opinion. People who also have overly strong opinions on how great or bad someone is are generally not trusted by me either. For instance when I had someone steam message me about voting either yes/no on Nau's app back in 2016 and I said no im not going to listen to you, they got all pissy and neg rep'd me on my abstain post in Nau's app. So of course I'm not going to listen to their opinion anymore. Sad to see the rep from Nau's app are all gone so i can be sure but I think it was either @Swed or @vexer but I'm not really sure of either. I'll ask it again. What is wrong with this current system? @Travesty Everyone keeps saying it but I'll say it again. That we can't vote no or abstain. Saying "If not, then the system isn't broken and doesn't need fixing." is like saying since we haven't died from eating out of the dumpster then we don't have to try to eat somewhere else. The current system isn't horrible like the bot voting was, but that doesn't make it ideal or the best. Everyone is throwing arguments at you but you are ignoring them and saying they are invalid and then claiming "What is wrong with this current system?". Actually not being able to retract your vote isn't too much of a bad thing. Its like a real election per say. Once you throw your vote in the ballot its done, you voted. Poll vote (63% Yes / 36% No) @Rayne I think your vote is a little messed up tbh. Its a bit confusing with the many yes and no word usage, and given there isn't a "x" option (other than not voting) I think it needs to be redone. Have the vote with 3→5 options with one being a "i don't care what we do" so you can gauge how many people don't care on the outcome. Also possibly have a "leaning to yes/no vote" or "leaning to ref only" options. So it should look like this ↓ How should recruits enter the clan? With Yes/abstain/No voting Leaning to Yes/abstain/No voting I don't know/care/Other Leaning to ref only With Ref only CONCLUSION @Travesty's idea of recruitment is your welcomed if enough people like you (which allows more "guilty" people in). While @Rayne's idea is a more of you need enough people to like you and not that many that hate you (which bars "innocent" people from joining). This could be thought of like "you're innocent until proven guilty" vs "you're guilty until proven innocent". Because "you're innocent until proven guilty" allows more guilty people to go free (get into the community) where as "you're guilty until proven innocent" sends more innocent people to jail (not get into the community). Both have their ups and downs. I don't really have strong feelings for either one but I'd lean more with Rayne and have No/abstain voting. Here are my list points I'd like to make Private voting would be interesting but almost pointless with public comments hides brigades until the end of voting Doesn't inform the recruit if he needs to reach out to more people Public voting allows easy manipulation of the outcome aka "voting circle jerk" Comments Public comments makes the recruit less of a mystery and easier to learn more about Anonymous comments promotes bullying Private comments are pointless because PM/DM exist Reasons for voting can't be easily moderated Little power over the outcome of a recruit results in little interest in voting or reffing Would you have been happy if you could only vote for Trump or not at all?
  10. I'm not sure if it will induce a crash or not, but it's pointless to compile in both. LDR doesn't work anyways and you are just adding file size to your map for no reason. Also I forgot to link this thread from gflclan on the issue (edited into main post) https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/33504-the-cause-of-panorama-map-change-client-crashes/
  11. If what @KiD Fearless says is true and that maps not compiled with HDR are the cause of crashing clients then we have a big problem with JB. The following list are the only maps on the server that are compiled with HDR Any map that isn't one of those will crash player's clients after a number of map rotations. Ever notice on some map changes about half to majority of the server disappears only to later connect and say their client crashed? Apparently LDR is the cause of this and a majority of CUSTOM maps are compiled in LDR. EDIT: Read more on vauff's post at https://gflclan.com/forums/topic/33504-the-cause-of-panorama-map-change-client-crashes/ FIXING Fixing maps isn't really an easy solution because of the many bugs that arise from decompiling, plus trying to match the settings that the mapper had when he compiled is hard to get a hold of. Right now I can fix the maps that I have on file listed below. Hopefully this will hold off the crashes until we switch to a map not listed (like avalaunch, @thorgot plz fix). If we can get enough maps fixed though we can hope that it will lessen the amount of players that crash on our server so that it isn't impacted as much. jb_blackout_sg_v1-0 jb_tower_b8 jb_minecraft_beta_v4-2c jb_fail_jail_b5 jb_texture_jail @JFK plz fix dojo, or I can if ya want me to. @Mappers if you still want the LDR look you can compile with HDR ONLY!!! and add a `env_tonemap_controller` and output (SetTonemapRate → 0.25)(SetAutoExposureMax → 1)(SetAutoExposureMin → 1)(SetBloomScale -1) via a logic_auto on MapSpawn. NOTE: If you set BloomScale to 0 instead then you will get a flashing map that looks like disco shown here ↓EPILEPSY WARNING↓
  12. 1.) I think everyone tries to do this until it severely delays the round by trying to explain the whole game to the person. This also really depends on server pop; 20+ makes it really hard but less than 10 and it almost always happens. Honestly I've always seen sG as way more lenient than other servers. AFK freeze? Other servers see you accidentally tap your mouse and headshot you for "looking" 2) Ehhhhh, idk how I feel on the dumb queue plugin. I can see this easily pissing off many of the Vet members. But on the other hand I believe those plugins make CT more of a serious role so people play it better and take it more of a responsibility. CT queue wouldn't be all too bad, but god I hate warden queue. Getting warden when literally the last warden did everything I had planned out to do is really frustrating and turns my warden round into a boring and wasted one. 3) I'd like the server to have this but I can't argue sG to risk their account status for this plugin. 4) As hawk said inactive SO's are better than no SO's I made this awhile ago so the current stats are a bit old but its still pretty close. These are the other jailbreak servers and what general plugins they have. The colors on the left are my opinion of the server (Blue best, green acceptable, yellow "ok", and orange a no fun). Domination is a really interesting old style to jailbreak like the CSS days. I really enjoyed the players there. The only downside is their strict map rotation and the fact they have to edit everyone with their name in it and change the style of it to old CSS design. ↓ Here is the up to date version ↓ And btw yes I do have a lot of spreadsheets on various stats. They call me spreadsheet at work.
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