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  1. so are we actually going back to the old system? I'm honestly conflicted on the whole thing. Voting on new recruits was always a thing I enjoyed doing while I was still very active in the community. It made me feel like even as just an L1, it mattered what I thought of a specific person and if that person was a good fit for the community. That being said, the new system of essentially "yes" votes in the form of referrals is not a bad system, given that 30 is needed besides 3 staff. I honestly think that staff requirements should be doubled, but that's not the discussion. 30 referrals is, at least I think, a better system, because it prevents shitheads from vote-bombing someones app just because they wanted to be a cunt, and puts a bit of work on the recruit to go and make a positive impression on members. Case in point is a recent app i was looking at earlier. the guy is banned now, but no one wanted to ref him. Dude was a cunt, and he was summarily denied entry into the community. I'm certain he would have been denied in voting as well, but that's not really the point, nor was it necessary. I certainly agree with Rayne's OP that the community involvement on the forums has died away considerably, so maybe bringing back recruitment voting will boost forum usage, but I don't believe it is necessary in a recruitment standpoint. Either way, that's how I feel on the situation.
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