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  1. Bruh imma need a slave Leia imported asap.
  2. Wow! JCS ABUSE?? why it happen inside?

    It's a masterpiece. The flavor is lost on mobile.
  3. Wow! JCS ABUSE?? why it happen inside?

    Women are smart. You are smart. Boom. Proven. Women are smart.
  4. Wow! JCS ABUSE?? why it happen inside?

    I'm more well liked than you. Women are smart. Get over it.
  5. Moments ago, on the talk of racism rule, @Sean pointed out the rule: To which I agreed and said any racial slur used against a person or object is racist in terms of our rules. So I said: the resulting fallout lead @bulletford or @Moose to put me in a special role for discord that would only allow me to type in shitposts A channel waaay below my caliber of quality posts. So I contested. I said the sky is not an object THUS not breaking the rule. TO WHICH HE SAID: but as we all know, the song is spoken from the perspective of an unreliable narrator who is mentally ill. and lead to jeering and even snickering in the discord. Obviously the sky isn't a person. But does it qualify as an object?? This is the recommended reading, I expect all to thoroughly read it as it is the crux of my argument: http://www.bkent.net/Doc/whatis.htm I didn't understand much but it did ask if the sky is an object, and then a lotta big words so I assume they figure it out. Now lets dive deep into what the sky actually is: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/sky from this we can gather : weather in the upper atmosphere. Hmmm.....weather. Can you touch weather? Can I walk up to a bar, order a weather? I do not think so. THEREFORE: I called the sky a C*****R, (censored as the rule has been updated), which did not violate the current rule at the time. I was retroactively punished and then paraded around in a manner that would easily violate our 8th amendment. As we can see this makes Moose, and everybody else in discord, look like a bitch. (I was about halfway done with this bullshit when Moose lifted the ban, so I'm just gonna post it in spam.)
  6. Jailbreak: A Star Wars Story

    Stormtrooper fd fa nr
  7. ashleyann23

    First sam now Ashley. We got thots bruh.
  8. Jailbreak: A Star Wars Story

    Now we have teasers for events Which one of you are jerking off and edging until the announcement, @Travesty or @Sean?
  9. The type of person to specialize in solos is the same person who wonders why his friends never seem to invite them to things.
  10. ashleyann23

    lol we dodged a bullet boys.
  11. I'm glad I came back to bury you in our second meet up. Check that bracket.
  12. I realize he already replied but I woulda said fuck his rules. I won't have time to make it so imma be home promptly 15 minutes after the hour so be prepared to get jizzed on by my el Diablo coche.
  13. @Dr. NarwhalsNumbNuts IV I'll be getting home almost exactly at 3:15. Get everything ready.