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  1. Who the fuck is this guy?
  2. Careful there Junzou. We don't want to have to restrict ya permissions. Ayyyy
  3. Just like when the Russians would bomb houses where kidnappers were holding hostages. It meant nobody took hostages because it was a useless tactic.
  4. Whose kid is this?
  5. Whoa it's your birthday? Happy birthday dude
  6. Will we be able to see how much money has been generated through the program? What types of information will you be able to see when one of us uses it?
  7. Yeah man more than once a week is rough. And it sucks when fights take up a good portion of an entire night, but that's just a hard-to-avoid aspect of DND. I'm in it way more for the RP.
  8. If people are blocking the highway, I'm going to try to pass on the shoulder. I'm throwing my baby in drive, foot off the pedal. The second they start beating my car the foot is coming down. I don't give a shit about your protest, I have work.
  9. Once Summer hits I'm down for more DND. Bard play all the way. I have a consistent schedule. No curve balls.
  10. Whoa happy birthday SWED
  11. Sick freestyle.
  12. Sign me up for rap battle. Me and trav will bring dome Kris Kross level rhymes
  13. Fox is reporting that Russia knew about the gas attack a week before it happened.
  14. Deep down inside I pray that you are just the most elaborate long conning troll. I prefer discore over teamk speak