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  1. Free Speech

    Jesus you know what I mean fatboy. Im being hyperbolic. The United States wouldn't have been what it is today had they tried to destroy the fabric of the United States.
  2. Free Speech

    In relation to his effort to overthrow the United States I lean towards putting it in a museum, but he was more than just a general. In regards to the statue that this whole thing started from, I am unaware of the dedication or intent behind the statue anything further than "Confederate General Robert E Lee" statue. I have no idea who that second person is. My ignorance. Edit: Wait is Lee Barracks just a fucking barracks named after him? That makes more sense. Leaving the words so people can laugh at me.
  3. Free Speech

    I assume you can't understand it because you've never lived it. Believe it or not people do have these experiences. You can chalk it up to you having some privileges where you'll never have to see a statue and think about how it affected multiple generations of your family.
  4. Free Speech

    What are you talking about @SpartanSakaro? You don't have to have personally experienced to be hurt by a symbol. Oral history passed down through a family can be powerful. My grandfather talks about the harshness of Vietnam all the time so whenever the subject comes up in pretty quick to side with the anti-war side. Just as a decedent of a slave who knows about his family history night be a bit salty about people defending a statue of a man who led the rebellion to keep slavery, but using the excuse of " it's bout my southern heritage!"
  5. Free Speech

    These Nazis fought hard to keep the statues up. The people took matters into their own hands. You can actually blame the lack of security on that one, but it was going to come down regardless. And Germany took down all the Nazi statues and propaganda after the war, would you have rather they stayed up to remember the countries history? The United States as we know it would not exist had the south won. They wanted to destroy the United States. I don't celebrate that, I'm confused why you want to honor that agenda.
  6. Free Speech

    @Jodas they were for permits at differing parks though. They technically were not allowed to protest at the emancipation park
  7. Free Speech

    It's not our history though. It's the confederate history. They weren't Americans. They were not the United States. We have moved passed it.
  8. Free Speech

    Proud of their ancestors for What? Trying to literally tear the nation apart? Fighting for the right to own slaves? It doesn't make sense. Also you don't know why somebody playing the confederate flag would poss somebody off? Really? Fuck the fact that they ignorantly use the wrong one because they saw it in dukes of hazards pissed me off. Because of the first amendment you fucking commie. I don't care if somebody rises a fucking Nazi flag on the flagpole in front of a house. But I also won't care when that house gets fucking shot up. The government has no place saying what flag you're allowed to own.
  9. Free Speech

    Pretty sure everybody knows that. Regardless, when you show up to a protest strapped with a knife, 2 handguns, and 2 rifles, you're looking for a fight or a chance to use it.
  10. Free Speech

    @Ironic Define "Southern Pride" and how it relates to the confederate flag.
  11. Free Speech

  12. Free Speech

    You are the worst commincator because you literally just posted a shitty meme with no explanation. What else are people suppose to think when it comes from somebody like you.
  13. Free Speech

    I can respect that.
  14. Free Speech

    Sorry @Gashbell your posts from brietbart must have confused me. Every time a political topic gets posted, people who are never party of the community(not just one server) hop on to only talk about politics like arctic for example.
  15. Free Speech

    That's completely different than promoting for the government to restrict free speech, which nobody has said. The whole group was chanting fuck you faggot and it's a shock when somebody gets rocked in the jaw? Please. Don't use the police like your mother preventing you from being beat up