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  1. Brofest 10/28

    I demand costumes.
  2. Brofest 10/28

    Grayson this was poorly handled and planned. Should give people notice for maximum attendance. Also a Sunday? People work. I am disappoint.
  3. The New Mutants Trailer

    Looks like a generic insane asylum horror movie...but with mutants.
  4. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    WE OUT HERE @Swed
  5. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    Regardless, the 2nd amendment is an insurance policy for a tyrannical government. You got any more of them primary documents?
  6. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    The US military would easily overpower the people if it came down to it. The point is that it would be significantly harder when the people have ways go protect themselves. No team had ever won the NBA finals when they are down 1-3, yet LeBron got his ring. Your argument that it has never happened means nothing.
  7. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    Are you suggesting that a CCW holder would have stood a chance against the shooter, with basically automatic rifles, who had cameras rigged in the halls so he could wall bang approaching people, if he so happened to rambo into the hotel room, without breaching charges, and got into a shootout in the room? I assume you know the answer but lets be redundant. Our country was founded on a massive rebellion from a country seen as tyrannical. It lead to a war, you've probably heard about it. Written into our wholesome Constitution is the provision that would limit the government from restricting our access to firearms, which were and still are the best personal weapon for defense. This is necessary in the event that the United States does a heel turn and the citizens need to protect themselves. I could draw parallels to what is happening in Spain. If Texas wanted to seceded from the union, which they commonly threaten, the federal government will have a tougher time preventing that. I would never feel the need to carry a pistol on me at all times. That's a bit paranoid. But you damn well bet I want a 12 gauge sawed off by my night stand so when I hear my dog barking I know full well I'm gonna protect my shit. I'm too small to rely on my using a club or bat better than the other guy.
  8. Free Speech

    I forgot about this thread and the uneducated shit @vexer posted.
  9. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Which is it are you apathetic or a pussy who cares?
  10. Looking at Our Reactions: A Discussion.

    Yeah. I used it to laugh at posts aimed at me in TMS. I don't wanna give them karma though. I use it more as me laughing that they are salty or baited.
  11. Looking at Our Reactions: A Discussion.

    Should have put it in the CD for an actual complaint. You've lost your touch.
  12. leaving sg

    Right? It's not like we enforce playtime or clan tags. You can ghost and join a seperate community and I doubt we'd ever rescind membership.
  13. Racism

    I've always said soft a. Sure go for it. But dropping hard R is over the line because it's never used in a positive context in america. People don't go up to people calling it other hard R n word. That's what the argument was @water.exe.
  14. Big Brother 19 Contestant Draft

    Lol I forgot about this. Didn't totes leave?