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  1. Since @Pike posted, can we get more details on how we got into this contest and the results that would stem from a victory? Were we approached by the sponsor or another community in order to join in? Is the top-prize server given to the map creator or the clan? If given to the clan will it be used to support already existing servers or will we get another 6-month dark RP? Etc and shit ya know?
  2. Llethander is simply showing a scenario where a slippery slope may occur. JFK I think you're focusing in the holocaust bit a little too much.
  3. Considering it's a contest between 9 clans I would shy away from your gay weaboo palace gimmicks
  4. Holy shit an actual sponsored event. This looks sick.
  5. In chimps sex is used for pleasure breeding and literal prostitution.
  6. My complaints regarding rep are always jokes with a legitimate reason to file a CD. The only real CD I've ever made is when eddy made it so I can't access the recruitment subforum. When he took the rep from my leaving thread I knew it'd be funny enough for a CD thread. Fake outrage for legitimate wrong doings.
  7. I am secretly a good looking Canadian dating a thick black woman. For the record: we turned rep into an amazing meme. The only one who takes serious is staff now. Mimic literally said we use rep to make us seem popular. My lord. For the memes: Rep is what gives this forum life. Not tms, not the CD, but rep. The top ten members of this forum sit atop a mountain of rightfully earned rep through dank posts and dedicated members. Staff doesn't want rep because they don't have to earn it. They simply make a post talking about a new staff member for an easy 20 rep. it's an easy injustice.
  8. What a bullshit stat. Don't ever say stupid shit like 100% chance like that.
  9. lol bye habitual bickering and conflict aside, you were my favorite staff. Hopefully whatever you're dealing with can get resolved. And I'll be the first to call you hypocrite and deserter if I see you playing wow every day.
  10. Rep

    Eddy removed it once again after jokes being said on discord.
  11. Nobody should be allowed to cut off their dick and tits until the brain is fully developed or until they are 21. Discuss.
  12. Hahaha wow. I'd ban him again.
  13. Who the fuck is this guy?
  14. Careful there Junzou. We don't want to have to restrict ya permissions. Ayyyy
  15. Just like when the Russians would bomb houses where kidnappers were holding hostages. It meant nobody took hostages because it was a useless tactic.