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  1. Fantasy Football League

    Playoff time boys. Me and @Sportsteen583 are gonna relax and enjoy our Sunday.
  2. Real Life Jailbreak

    And OJ didnt kill his wife. We get it.
  3. Real Life Jailbreak

    Well that definitely isn't it.
  4. Real Life Jailbreak

    Nah your view point is exactly what's wrong with the police right now. A me VS Them mentality. The fact that you couldn't possibly think of both people making it out alive is wild.
  5. Real Life Jailbreak

    He said that phrase in discord too. For @Battlemech7 there is no happy ending. He's just gonna try to kill the other person.
  6. Real Life Jailbreak

    There ya go. A rational(though clear holes in logic), compromising response that doesn't turn this into a liberal vs conservative fight. We have enough of those around here.
  7. Real Life Jailbreak

    Other countries versions of SWAT pride themselves on non-lethal tactics and de-escalation. By militarizing our police it becomes a concept of always shoot and not caring about human life. This drunk american was crying and fearing death and a trigger happy cop didn't care. Can we take a moment to realize what a fun job he had too? He got to go into stores with a pellet gun to shoot birds. Living the dream.
  8. Real Life Jailbreak

    yes it was.
  9. Real Life Jailbreak

    I can agree with that, though that reason wasn't cited in the news reports I've read. I'm wondering if that was presented in the trial opposed to "that's how we were trained"
  10. Real Life Jailbreak

    Yeah because when I reach back for a gun to John wick a 1v6 I reach as slowly as possible. Execution of a drunk American plain and simple. If you trip while crawling in an awkward manner you better fall on your face instead of instinctively putting your hands down or you die.
  11. Real Life Jailbreak

    Now I'm confused. What are you comparing between the ruby ridge standoff to the original video?
  12. Real Life Jailbreak

    You're a dumb piece of a shit. 1. It's taser not tazer, the guys i know who wear blue can't fuck up that simple branding. 2. They did have a taser and chose not to use it during the 5 minute encounter. Why didn't they cuff him when he has his hands pointed straight up at the ceiling. Or when he was laying flat with his hands stretched as far as way as possible? Because they wanted to make him crawl and give him chances to fuck up. It wasnt a one second decision. This was a 5 minute encounter that could have ended by caring about human life. When you have an gun that says You're Fucked on it, your plausible excuse that you signed up to protect and serve go out the window. And because you turned this into a political left vs right argument instead of caring about human life argument you can go kill yourself and satisfy the rest of your family and unit.
  13. Real Life Jailbreak

    I haven't read much of the thread but you're a fucking retard if you think you can crawl on your knees with your legs crossed let alone preventing loose basketball shorts from falling down It is worth mentioning that the voice in the video is not of the person who was on trial for killing him apparently And they shoot you when you get to sign to them
  14. PUBG's new map is on the Test Servers!

    If you don't get yourself a scope you're fucked. RIP 8x on m16