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  1. is eugenics a good thing?

    Yeah use the place you already have! When I have someone PM me about "u gotta check dem titties in NSFW!" but I'm at work and can't look. Then I get home, get some kleenex, and lotion all prepared and sit down for a session only to have to scroll up in a discord channel desperately trying to find dem tittties. The forums are much easier to navigate. So for faps sake lets just use the forums so we have a good historical record of dem titties!
  2. sG | Rust has gone full Vanilla!

    but I prefer chocolate
  3. Thanks Rootbeer

    How does it feel to get roofied?
  4. Trump double downs on the 80's business man mentality of having to dominate over everyone. Be aggressive, assertive, posture, and make "power moves" to win any situation and run a company well. Pai has doubled down on the late 90s early 00s business man mentality of you have to be the "cool ceo". Make jokes and stay up with pop culture so you can seem relatable and likable to your subordinates and appear weak to your opponents so that you have the element of surprise with negotiations.
  5. Crypto Currency Mining Guide

    That is the issue with mining and buying hardware to try and make a profit. One thing people do is also resell their GPU so they make back some of the costs. BTW, these cards often flood the market so its a good way to get a GPU for cheap but just keep in mind they have been running for 24/7 so might not have much life left. Now, if you just have a PC lying around like say your gaming rig and you don't use it half the day then it might be worth while to mine. You are just competing against energy costs then for profitability.
  6. Black Friday

    Did @ChosenOne2000 not create a post with his black friday recommendations this year? How will I know what to buy!
  7. Happy Birthday Docy Peppy

    @Dr Pepper you were born. hurrah
  8. Happy birthday rune!

    Stop trying to steal Rune's thunder. If you want a birthday thread then make one because it is obvious no one will do it for you. Happy B-Day Rune. You are so great and liked that other people remember the day of your birth. You are just the greatest unlike some other people.
  9. Over 680k and gilded 74 times. I wonder if the people giving gold also up-voted the comment and thought they had to pay gold to upvote because that is what EA has taught them.
  10. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Please feel free to file your complaint.
  11. Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    Don't we have several sG members that are experts at moving online flirting to real world dating?