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  1. Happy Birthday Docy Peppy

    @Dr Pepper you were born. hurrah
  2. Happy birthday rune!

    Stop trying to steal Rune's thunder. If you want a birthday thread then make one because it is obvious no one will do it for you. Happy B-Day Rune. You are so great and liked that other people remember the day of your birth. You are just the greatest unlike some other people.
  3. Over 680k and gilded 74 times. I wonder if the people giving gold also up-voted the comment and thought they had to pay gold to upvote because that is what EA has taught them.
  4. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Please feel free to file your complaint.
  5. complain about your complaints in this complaint forum
  6. Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    Don't we have several sG members that are experts at moving online flirting to real world dating?
  7. Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    Not to mention online. If the internet has taught us anything it's that chicks like dick pics
  8. Prop Town: The Fake Rooftop Suburb that Hid a Whole WWII Airplane Factory

    DAMNIT TURN OFF PROP TOWN I'M LEAVING NEXT ROUND. THIS IS BULL SHIT. (is inno next round, dies at start of round, possess prop and doesn't leave as promised) but yeah... the copypasta makes your post look like a spambot. good job!
  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! who hasn't gotten on the hype train yet? Get your asses on it NOW!
  10. Seems counter to the not destroying your house but for wall penetration probably they best you could use is a shotgun with bird shot. It'll really screw up the wall and the next wall on the other side but after that fewer and fewer pellets get through 3 and 4. The other thing people use is a 9mm with hallow point. That will still get through several walls so family members or in a apartment you could be putting people in danger but that ammo shouldn't exit your house with much energy left in it if at all.
  11. Study tips

    That quote for the extension.... "It has all the good effects of Adderall without the methiness." - GFW User
  12. Happy birthday, Noms!!

    Why let that limit you? Don't let your dreams be dreams!
  13. hello there bbs

    Your welcoming is pending approval from our head of weeb eradication officer @Eddy