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  1. On this special day I hope someone sparkles your twilight
  2. Turn on 2-Factor if the site has it. That and unique passwords and you are getting real real close to problem solved.
  3. To further on this... never mix real life with your internet life. Now social media sites like Facebook are a grey area. They are "you" in real life(or supposed to be). As such I can't believe some of you share that info. Keep your online persona and real life separate! There are a few smart cookies that could track me down but you shouldn't be making that easy for people. I shouldn't say "track down" like someone is going to stalk you cause that is on the extreme side but there are other reasons you may want the separation. That separation also applies and helps to your "emotional" separation as well. Don't let internet problems become real life problems.
  4. Ahhhh... see something good has come of all this. We are learning valuable life lessons. Good job everyone!
  5. I suggest we all dog pile on @MistaChang to make @Lazzercat feel better. Can we line up someone next in case @MistaChang then makes one of these after we attack him? I suggest @fatb0y
  6. You never complain about having a nice fresh pot of coffee in the morning since I make one before you get up and I leave. What do you think the magic coffee fairy was making that for you?
  7. Don't you mean "thank you"?
  8. Don't you mean yes?
  9. Don't you mean discore?
  10. Is anyone surprised. They already said dude was homicidal and suicidal. But this is good news. Now @Karma can leave her doors unlocked again at night while she sleeps
  11. How long did you last till your jerked it?
  12. NO! Don't lock your doors. How am I to sneak in at night and watch you sleep? It has been really easy lately since you don't have the dog anymore but now you gotta go make things tough.
  13. https://youtu.be/ZQ7oqmikZDQ?t=48s
  14. seagull flew the coop. deals off
  15. but we did have small nukes that where 10 ton which is around what the MOAB does. however, they were stupid when you can get that yield with carpet bombing or now with just 1 MOAB. So I see what you mean as nukes are typically thought of in the megaton range.