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  1. CENTRAN I'd like to register for the 2x5x6 base category
  2. so what you are saying is that if you remain 2nd the dick pics will keep flowing?
  3. He pisses off you guys... and that's good enough for me
  4. Clyde bot is a discord bot not ours. I think they put servers into read only mode while they rebooted some hardware
  5. keeps going up and down. sometimes you can post once connected. sometimes you cant. tl;dr: shit is jacked yo
  6. The 32bit and 64bit system folders got out of sync. Sometimes 32bit DLLs are still used for 64bit operation. You can correct this by making sure the files are mirrored (MIR) robocopy /Mir C:\Windows\System C:\Windows\System32 PS... that command is only for the homework assignment. DO NOT run it on a home computer.
  7. Really.... I think it might have been something else according to their twitter.
  8. Has to be your connection. Discord has multiple servers across the world. It is incredibly redundant and can never go down. Also that makes it so everyone has crazy good ping which is vital for that type of service.
  9. You do!? ... Then get on your knees and show me the love
  10. Cause ROs are worthless without having to dangle shiny things above their heads. Also I might not have or had you on my friends list.
  11. Wasn't much of a fight but I think it showed how it is really a fight of the mind with the force. The changing of their stances wasn't posturing or showing off but changing their style before the other even made a move. Like a chess game trying to play out ever possible scenario. There was an epic battle going on but one the audience never saw.
  12. We should have a brofest to celebrate
  13. Hey at least it wasn't while he was flying which seems to happen a lot over seas. just because someone has "problems" doesn't mean they should have all the passengers down with them.
  14. Are you sure?