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  1. centran

    Centran conspiracy theory

    He's saving the N for when he finds out I'm black
  2. centran

    happy valentines day!

    Love ya!
  3. centran

    Centran conspiracy theory

  4. centran

    happy valentines day!

    Was everybody able to get the deed done yesterday?
  5. centran

    happy valentines day!

    Hello darkness my old friend
  6. centran

    Give Away

    Maybe he typed a lowercase l when he meant to type an uppercase L and now I'm the only one entered for noticing this oversight. Ever think of that smart guy? Huh?
  7. centran

    Give Away

    was that not right? You know what, just to be sure I'll cover all my bases.... i Ị ı I İ l L | ℹ ℓ ị ı
  8. centran

    Give Away

  9. centran

    Give Away

    Does the letter need to be upper case? Can one merely have the letter anywhere among the words typed? Does the letter need to be enclosed by quotes? Can someone just post a photo of the letter? What are the exact rules to the contest? Do we need to type on a new paragraph? Does the token you want to be typed for the contest need to appear alone?
  10. centran

    Thanks guys!

    That was thanks to my youth ministry group
  11. centran

    Thanks guys!

    I guess trucka just doesn't have a funny... ... wait for it... BONE
  12. centran

    Thanks guys!

    OMG! can we ban people making jokes. This is serious business. sG | serious Gamers Where gamers come together for one another
  13. centran

    Thanks guys!

    We should make a WCS race in Beermans honor.
  14. centran

    Can we fix this?

    Donate for higher T chance!!!
  15. centran


    Welcome. This is a good community and you should like it.... As long as you stay from from @Hawk the party pooper