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  1. well gather and loot are kind of tied together unless you want to try and make the server more build friendly as in harder to raid (since you need components) or more raid friendly. Right now I think it needs to be toned down. A better question might just be do people want levels so they get a little boost for playing more. I like the idea of ZLevels but think we should drop them for a wipe or two and just concentrate on the gather rate. Then use that as the basis for our "max" and add zlevels back and adjust the gather rate and zlevels so when maxed out you would hit the magic gather rate number we come up with.
  2. lou malnatis cheese deep dish
  3. huh? I just write lyrics. can't rap for shit
  4. we started on WoW and we will end on WoW god damnit. THE END IS NEAR! REPENT!!!!!!!!
  5. Just do what I do and tell them your name is Greg Mabry before you fuck them and then never see them again after
  6. sG used to talk shit privately and work in secret groups trying to undermine each other and destroy itself from within. now we are more open about it. progress?
  7. can't talk about it when you are around
  8. stop pining me! I changed my damned sig. don't make me change it back... or maybe I should just delete it. to many of you idiots are getting JPed.
  9. bake it in the oven! but if you can wait then pop off all the keys(except shift and space bar unless you know what you are doing) and leave it alone for a week. Oh, and I wasn't kidding about baking it. I have sent keyboard through the dishwasher before and then baked them @ 150 for an hour or two. let set for a day or two. then nice clean keyboard! I'm not sure about mechanical keyboards but there isn't much electronics going on with a keyboard unless it has a display or something. you can seriously send that fucker through a dishwater. just don't set it to high heat or have the dishwasher dry it as it gets too hot and might warp some parts. ~150 F should be fine and thus putting it in the oven to help the drying time. either that or leave it for a week.
  10. should have just swen a tail on the back or something. then you would totally get used to it
  11. For everyone pinging me on a daily basis... read the title.
  12. remove gather rate. there now we can finally be true vanilla!
  13. uhh, not browser favorites. steam. I recommend using the legacy browser by clicking view servers in your steam client. It is much easier to add favorites there and then they should show up in games. While running rust you can press F1 for console and then type\ connect rust.joinsg.net:28015 We also have a live map which you can access by going to that same address... rust.joinsg.net:28015 If you sign into steam you will see your position on the map and also can add friends. If they share back with you they will appear on the map as well. People with 2 monitors seem to prefer the web map but not everyone has a second monitor so that is why we have the in-game map which is a different system.
  14. Yeah, the photography class would probably be basic stuff but hey, you do other courses other then tech if you go to a proper university... in fact in the USA a school can not be called a university if they don't have those other classes. So a photo class may fulfill your Art credits. But yeaaaah, you should also be talking to a adviser. Most colleges should have a general one for picking a degree and then once you are working on that you will be assigned a facility adviser in that particular school. Some just blow those people away and figure everything out themselves but they could be a valuable resource.
  15. suck it @Yunki