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  1. "Hello ISP? I would like your seedbox plan please"
  2. You were popular?
  3. The real truth of @Eddy stepping down is so he can go to all the weebs, furries, and bronies in the clan and force them to change their ways... .... or else. @KiD Fearless is entering a rehab program designed by eddy to cure him of his horrible ailment. So he needed to step down till he is better.
  4. do you not know how to search youtube? I'm sure there are videos to explain it better. Step 1) Start with 1 ball. Throw ball up to just above your head and catch in other hand. Seems stupid but what you need to work on here is not looking at the damned ball for it's full path. You need to look forward, know where the ball will land, and catch it without watching catch it. Seems simple and stupid but everyone naturally watches the ball which you need to train yourself not to do. Also helps you get the feel of the toss so you know how high to throw it. Step 2) Two balls in each hand! OMG! So you aren't gong to really juggle but do a toss, toss, catch, catch, STOP. What you are working on is getting that second ball throw up which is going to be on the inside arc of the first crossing the top of the arc of the first ball. How do you know the inside? Well that is what you are learning and also you don't toss the other ball till the first one is coming down. By then you should know the full arc its taking because you are looking forward and see the ball come up and over it's arc. You aren't juggling in a hurricane so you can figure out the full arc of the ball without watching it. So you are tossing the second ball a little inside and you catch it a little to the outside. While it may seem simple you need to focus on getting the whole movement down of tossing the other ball up as the on in the air starts to come down. That is the basic simple juggling movement and remember you have to do it without looking because how are you going to track 3 balls. This movement is all that juggling is because when you add a third ball it will be in the air so you do this to free up a hand to catch the one in the air. Step 3) THREE BALLS! NOE WE IS JUGGLERING... so you already have the toss and catch down from step 2. Just do that and start with whatever hand you have two balls in. Instead of stopping after the second toss try to keep going. Technically there will be two balls in the air for a short time as you toss one to free a hand but you can think of it as one ball in the air as you are just doing step 2 with two balls while the third one is in the air.
  5. even though paying people to love you might be illegal... THANKS!
  6. Pay attention boys and girls... this is how you make an introduction post! lol THANKS
  7. thanks. you are a great guy dog furbeast monstrosity person.
  8. what the hell? I don't know why you posted this but I'll bite... Did you look up how to juggle? It seriously should only take you less then half a day if you read/watch how to juggle. After that it is just practice which might take a couple days worth so you can juggle more then just a couple tosses. There are more complicated ways but the simple cascade juggling should not take you very long to learn.
  9. So this was for admin and not a donation to our pizza fund Guess I go hungry this weekend
  10. Yeah but it's always nice to feel an unfamiliar tongue on your taint
  11. Careful @Rune if he wins you'll have to lick his ass
  12. It's about time! Without your donations we where 1 month from going bankrupt. You have saved sG and now we can continue to operate for the next 4 years.
  13. I'm not sure. I just go to bed and wake up when told. I'll ask my mom and let you know later.
  14. What's with you and cumming on backs? Is that like your thing or something?
  15. Not true! It could be black desert