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  1. leaving sg

    going to cry myself to sleep tonight over this loss
  2. I love you man!

  3. rip daca (not dakka)

    LOL. flippity floppity However, he did say congress would get 6 months to figure this shit out. Now it sounds like someone was finally able to sit down with the president and explain clearly enough to him how fucked up the situation is and now he understands and is like yeah that's pretty fucked up. I will say what I said with the transgender in military issue... Someone in the pentagon obviously knows how to communicate and get through to the President. They wanted to increase federal law enforcement budget but they know democrats would not be on board with that. Therefore they throw the Dems a bone by saving the dreamers but increasing border patrol. Then they know how to manipulate Trump to get him to agree.
  4. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    Which is why private insurance won't go away just like in UK. Sure I can go into the hospital for that stab wound and wait 4 hours. It wasn't life threatening but just hurts like a bitch.... or I can use my insurance and get treated immediately. (rich people problems)
  5. Custom TTT Feedback

    Yeah the media player doesn't work for youtube anymore. Only direct mp3 links. Still works for round end but another issue is the sound no longer carries over to the next round. It was nicer when we could carry the music into the next round and fade out nicely. I might have trainfuck somewhere. I didn't look at my ULX modules when I was checking for the old custom stuff. I only looked in the ttt folder stuff not the addons, I can double check but I think the train model was removed so might have to find a different one to ram into people.
  6. happy 9/11

    Nah, Tell her she was born at 8:46am EDT.
  7. They are kinda cool?

    documenting commercial aircraft are you? ... now you are on a list
  8. As a casual gaming community I feel like we should ban professional gamers. You guys are too scary. Or maybe @Fugner, we can expand the PvE area as no one will venture out to the PvP area in fear of being destroyed by the memelord.
  9. Yeah, that rule isn't to disallow 1x1 all together. The rule is there for people like @ThatOllieWhoDies who would litter 100s of 1x1 all over the place to grief and see how much they can get away with before they get banned so that they can learn the fine line and tip toe next to it as close as possible because lolz or something.
  10. rip daca (not dakka)

  11. rip daca (not dakka)

    It may be impossible. DACA gave them a green card but I'm not sure they have a Passport from their home country or documents to actually get one. This means they couldn't even travel back to their country if they wanted to. Parts of a memo were just leaked that advised expiring DACA recipients to leave the country or turn themselves in for deportation. The latter is probably what they will have to do and in doing so will mean they have to wait at least 5 years for any kind of visa to re-enter(assuming they can get a passport in their home country). This can be waived if they can get a H1B1 but there are no rules for a waiver and would be if the judge feels to allow it or not. So basically these people have to go back to a country that they may not even have rights in and are completely unfamiliar with. Then they will have wait for the proper legal process which might be impossible. The immigration could mark their removal order as permanent which means they are never coming back. I think they are all really fucked given the memo leaked and also the fact that Trump wants to expand the deportation power of Department of Homeland Security. This administration is not going to allow any of them back in and I wouldn't be surprised if legal work visa's become few and far between. First step was getting rid of the Muslims. Next step is getting rid of the Mexicans. What's the next step? get rid of H1B1 completely. Then what? End immigration?
  12. rip daca (not dakka)

    So serious talk, can these dreamers get regular visa or do they not have proper documents from their home country? And then if not what happens when they go back? Who the fuck came up with the stupid dreamers name? Did daca avoid them having to follow the h1b1 requirements and companies the rules for hiring h1b1? If they have proper documentation from their home country couldn't they get a h1b1? Man this is all fucked. They are bitching about Obama over stepping with an executive order but this was probably a good reason given how complicated the situation is. Simplifies things.
  13. rip daca (not dakka)

    Wait... I thought many of them had jobs and that was the point to get a work visa??? At least the couple stories I've heard but maybe that is just the fake news lying and most are no good moochers. Whatever the case it is sad but a weird funny that this is how it basically played out... Oh you where brought here as kids illegal and not citizens? Yeah that is kind of fucked up. So, here register for this program so you can be semi-legal. Everyone signed up? Good. PSYCH! Now we got all your information and locations you dumb bastards. Back to Mexican Land for you and now we can find you easy.
  14. Those in the northeast be prepared

    Most prediction treks have it going at Florida. They have already issued a warning of mass evacuations might be coming at end of week and to start preparing.
  15. Motherboard with max USB ports

    Have you tried moving one of your sensors to a 2.0 port? Granted you probably still should look into a new PC but that could keep you chugging along for the time being