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  1. centran

    Holiday Picture (2018)

    This year we are all going to a cabin in the woods for our annual get together and picture. Please join us. https://pixlr.com/editor https://imgur.com/ right-click -> copy link address -> pixlr -> save as -> imgur
  2. centran

    Holiday Cards 2018

    She'll send you a card. It might contain some glitter but you'll get one.
  3. centran

    Holiday Cards 2018!!!

    Why is this in spam?
  4. centran

    Post a picture of yourself

    almost didn't recognize him without seeing him through the splodge on his mirror
  5. centran

    Business name suggestions?

    That's called a brothel you dumb dumb
  6. centran

    The Sweetrock Academy for the Gifted

    "...goes on racist tirade"
  7. centran

    Newest addition to sG

    What's her gamertag going to be? Clowd
  8. centran

    Thoughts on the new Kamikaze album?

    Like the CD? Cause I think the vinyl record would be too big.
  9. centran

    Networking Patch Panel vs Switch

    You use a patch panel so things look pretty. It's basically used to terminate networking cable. So an example is an office. The office has a bunch of network jacks and it's all wired up to a networking closet or server room. Some of those are not going to be used. In fact some places one of them isn't meant to be used at all but ran as a spare in case one of the cables is bad. So you aren't going to crimp the ends of all those cables with RJ45 and just have them dangling there. You wouldn't even know what went where. Instead you terminate them to a patch panel that you can mark where each goes. Everything is neat and tidy and you know where things go. In a server room or datacenter they are mainly used to connect racks and for the same reason as an office. You can pre-run all your cables to the racks designated for your telecom and networking needs. Some places might just put a switch at the top of each rack and run fiber to their routers. Then you only need one or two runs for each rack and you aren't overflowing the networking channel or top of the racks with cables. Many people just use the words switch and router interchangeably. There are technical differences and I'm not an expert so maybe ask the expert @driz
  10. centran

    Happy Birthday, Lindsay!

    but make sure to get fucked
  11. centran

    Happy birthday Nicol3

    Let's get you smashed
  12. centran

    Lets make a story only two words!

    brides father
  13. centran

    Lets make a story only two words!

    lit farts