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  1. centran

    Endgame avengers

    Those where scenes from previous movies. I don't think it means who is going to die. My theory
  2. centran

    Endgame avengers

    Some of the bigger theaters will sometimes open more screens when it gets closer.
  3. centran

    What the hell happened?

    Don't worry guys. @Face has got this in a month! Just sit back, relax, and let him do his magic.
  4. centran


    As dead as DarkRP
  5. centran

    Steak and Blowjob day

    you have to wait till you flip the steak so during that down time you get some "up and down, up and down" time
  6. centran

    Steak and Blowjob day

    blowjob while she is cooking me my steak
  7. centran

    Post a picture of yourself

    Why aren't the other utensils used? Did you just ask the waitress to take a picture of your lonely ass?
  8. Don't forget to tell us about your hilarious adventures!
  9. centran

    Happy Birthday

    Can we get rid of this stupid bot! No one is going to pay for FFA
  10. centran

    Happy Birthday

    Was looking at that picture weren't you. Go a little too excited. Blew your load early? ?
  11. centran

    Obligatory Check-in

    Don't forget about the furries.... never forget
  12. centran

    who is the best smash bros character

    he knows the way to beat yo ass
  13. centran

    Centran conspiracy theory

    He's saving the N for when he finds out I'm black
  14. centran

    happy valentines day!

    Love ya!
  15. centran

    Centran conspiracy theory

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