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  1. Shadow

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    Well going back and forth we both have our opinions and we both are right in some way. I don’t get how you think being a rebeller with a rifle is easy when you are a CT with a gun vs a no armored knife isn’t? It be interesting to see full armor for both, but pretty sure it would be OP for Ts and also cause more accidental freekills. I think it is broken which is why so many T mains who rebel are complaining and CT mains are saying nah it’s fine. The server partially died because JB became too CT sided when clouds and the other cancerous big maps became popular. That is why I stopped playing and I know many others agreed.
  2. Shadow

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    I typically play when the pop is around 10. So I wasn't providing examples for only large pop, but small pop as well as that is what I am use to when I have been playing for the last few weeks. With small amount of people it is just as hard to rebel because you cannot blend in and if you are missing it is obvious. As far as the "that is the way sG has always been" argument, I agree that we need to adapt, but I disagree that we become cookie cutter with other successful servers that have an established population. Why would anyone choose our cookie cutter server over theirs when they have over 40 pop on at all times? Now you are describing how it is to rebel on the already popular servers by waiting forever until you can pick off a CT and grab a rifle. We might as well add the color rebeller plugin too. No detours and delays I agree with since we lost so many of the regular wardens to help new wardens/CTs. The LR plugin is only because we don't have as many active admins, so that when admins are lacking there is a way to honor LR. I could just as easily go CT and warden like Beerman and kill the server or just sit on CT like Will while Nau wardens and murder everyone who flinches and make anyone who not a kid who wants to follow orders leave. I always liked that our server was more T sided and allowed for more then just sit and do what the warden says and play a bunch of MGs, which is what most people who play JB want. It also makes CT more interesting. The reason I don't play CT is because it is boring being so easy now a days. The issue is when there are no component CTs it doesn't matter if you rebel or not the rounds either a) take too long, which kills pop or b) rebellers derail them and the CTs leave and then everyone follows. Rebelling isn't what kills the server, it is incompetent CTs and lack of admins IMO. By your argument about not having a steady pop obviously the 100 armor and helmet didn't help since the server has stayed dead majority of the time that plugin was added, so the change should be irrelevant.
  3. Shadow

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    @Travesty The server shouldn't become like eGo and the other JB servers where rebelling is extremely difficult or you have to time it perfectly. It has never been like that here. If I have a glock and you have a helmet and armor I am going to have to hit you three times with 2 being in the face at the minimum unless you are standing right next to me, which doesn't happen often. After hitting those shots if I step out of the stack I will be dead by the 5 AWPs trained on the stack. CSGO is not CSS. Killing CTs in a stack is much harder in CSGO because teammates absorb the bullets instead of going through like in CSS. If that was still the case I could see the argument, but most of the time shooting in a stack unless you have a armor pen pistol, isn't going to down more than 1 or 2 CTs(if you can aim, which most Ts cannot) and you are going to die by strafing out of the stack. In this new gen of JB most the JB maps that are popular (map games only, huge maps) are very difficult to rebel on anyway due to the distance you have to travel and lack of armory access, elaborate secrets and no random pistols in cells. It is very easy to play CT now compared to before, so no I do not think that 100% of the time that CTs should have full armor and helmet. On the maps that give armor that is fine because a few CTs do not grab it and it is only about half the maps. This is all my opinion, but when I do play CT it is extremely easy because I can tank shots and just wait for a rebellers to stutter step or strafe outside the stack and dome them.
  4. Shadow

    Poll: Armor on JB?

    You definitely didn’t get one tapped with a glock on JB unless you took damage already unless you are taking about prearmor JB. It previously was always one taps and better rebellers were able to derail a round with a pistol unless better CTs and wardens were around once the killing started. That might be too much to expect now, so as long as you can 2 tap that’s not bad. But having to hit 4 HS in a row against one CT is too much. I am still bias toward no helmet no armor because that is how most of us played Ct and it was still easy, but we could experiment with helmet no armor and see how it feels.
  5. $25 steam card. Thank you.
  6. Hotsauce is still around. Not with CSGO though. I don't think sweetrock even knows who you are if this is the original Karma. Now where is Church?
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